So Cacao Juice Exists and We're as Intrigued as You Are

Today we learned there's more to cacao than chocolate!

Cacao Juice
PHOTO BY Facebook/Malagos Chocolate ILLUSTRATION Warren Espejo

( When you think of cacao, you probably think of the obvious—by which we mean chocolate. But as local bean-to-bar chocolate makers Malagos Chocolate teaches us, there's more to the fruit (yes, it's a fruit) than just the said confection. The company recently introduced their own Cacao Juice, available in Davao, and we Metro Manila dwellers will be able to try it soon too.

Cacao Juice
Believe it or not, this juice is made with cacao!
PHOTO BY Facebook/Malagos Chocolate

Unique Cacao Juice

The Cacao Juice (currently selling for P125/250 ml at the Malagos Garden Resort in Davao City) is freshly made in Malagos Chocolate's factory by collecting the juices that come out during the breaking of cacao pods. The scooped-out beans are then placed in a special container and allowed to drip naturally, and the collected juices are then pasteurized and bottled. Definitely intriguing stuff—and Malagos Chocolate recommends adding it to iced cocktails, food dishes or desserts!

While we can't confirm how it tastes yet, the cacao fruit is said to have a complex, sweet and tart flavor comparable to mango, pineapple, or mangosteen when eaten fresh—so we're betting the juice tastes similar to that! The drink will be available in Manila starting February 1.

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Malagos Chocolate is a local tree-to-bar chocolate brand—that means they make their chocolate all from scratch, using local cacao that comes right from their farm in Davao. They've been recognized internationally with numerous global awards, such as the International Chocolate Awards and the Academy of Chocolate Awards.

For more information, check out Malagos Chocolate's Facebook page.

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