Buffalo Wings Ice Cream Exists and We Have Questions

In today's news you probably weren't anticipating.

buffalo wings ice cream
PHOTO BY The Lost Bread

(SPOT.ph) Well, you read the title right: Buffalo Wings Ice Cream is a thing. Before you click away, here's what you need to know—and why you should probably give it a chance... or at least keep an open mind.

buffalo wings ice cream
No, really.
PHOTO BY The Lost Bread

Yummy buffalo wings ice cream

Wait...what? Yep, Buffalo Wings Ice Cream. This collaboration between The Lost Bread and Frankie's goes for P349 a pint, and is available at selected Frankie's and The Lost Bread branches, as well as through Frankie's and The Lost Bread's websites, for a limited time.

Why? The Lost Bread and Frankie's share that the buffalo chicken-inspired frozen dessert that was made with the goal of "creating unique dessert experiences [for] our customers". Plus, you could say that people dip French fries in ice cream, right? So savory-sweet ice cream isn't that radical an idea. (Then again, buffalo wings—known for their punchy-spicy taste—are of an entirely different flavor profile from that of fried potatoes, so... *shrug*)

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What the heck does it taste like? Better than it sounds: it's got a creamy milk-based ice cream base, given a touch of heat from Frankie's signature buffalo sauce. It's also got what they call "sweet fried crisps", which add pops of crunchy texture. If we were to close our eyes and guess the flavor, we wouldn't necessarily say it tasted like buffalo wings, but it kind of works.

Who is it for? Anyone who's come to realize that food rules—like main dishes being separate from dessert—are just social conventions that are worth breaking. Or heck, just anyone tired of the usual ice cream flavors. Why go for chocolate or vanilla when you can have, erm, buffalo wing.

buffalo wings ice cream
Do you dare try it? 
PHOTO BY Patricia Baes

For orders, visit the delivery websites of Frankie's or The Lost Bread.

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