We Found Locally Made Oat-Milk Ice Cream and We're Stocking Up

Alt Scoops
PHOTO BY Facebook/Alt Scoops, Ashley Martelino ILLUSTRATION Warren Espejo

(SPOT.ph) Oat milk is gradually making its way to the top of the ranks of the non-dairy milk alternatives, and for good reason. It's got a mild, nutty taste and creamy consistency that makes it ultra-versatile—whether for drinking straight up, using for your a.m. cereal, or even in dessert. Yup, one local brand is whipping up what's sure to be an instant fave: Meet Alt Scoops, your next go-to for oat-milk ice cream that also happens to be vegan and completely dairy-free!

Alt Scoops

Alt Scoops
You need to check out this dairy-free brand of ice cream—even if you do eat dairy! 
PHOTO BY Facebook/Alt Scoops

Alt Scoops was launched in March by Hygge Beverage Co.—a homegrown company that sells popular Swedish oat-milk brand, Oatly. "We believe we have provided everyone a sustainable alternative that doesn’t compromise on quality and taste, which makes it accessible and friendly for all," says Hygge Beverage Co.'s Jefferson Ong. "For us, this is the sustainable way of raising awareness [about] plant based products."

Alt Scoops
It sure doesn't hurt that the packaging's hella #aesthetic, too.
PHOTO BY Ashley Martelino

With Oatly oat milk in the mix, Alt Scoops has a lush, silky texture that's a touch lighter than regular ice cream—but no less dreamy. Their flavor range is relatively short, but all executed well—from the truly dark Dark Chocolate (P350) made with 77% Auro couverture chocolate, the nutty and Nutella-esque Choco Hazelnut (P350), the deep, toffee-like Burnt Caramel with Roasted Pecans (P375), and the fruity Strawberry (P375) made with berries from Baguio.

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Alt Scoops
Choose your flavor—or do like we would and get all four!
PHOTO BY Ashley Martelino

If you're ready to order, you can head over to Hygge Beverage Co.'s website, which delivers around the Metro. They accept payments made via credit or debit card, bank deposit (BDO, BPI, and Unionbank), and GCash.

For orders and more information, visit Hygge Beverage Co.'s website. You can also check out Alt Scoops' Facebook page.

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