The Meatless Version of This Famous Chicken Sandwich Is a Scam


Chicken Sandwich
PHOTO BY Facebook/Fowlbread, Eat Lowbrow ILLUSTRATION Warren Espejo

( By now, Fowlbread's O.G. Fried Chicken Sandwich hardly needs any introduction. It's a winning choice among fried-bird fans for its consistently moist chicken, blend of savory and tangy flavors, and the kicker—that thin and crisp sheet of fried-chicken skin placed right below the bun. But perhaps you're looking to lessen your meat intake—or just want to have the flavors of the said dish with an alternative protein. Either way, you'll be happy to know that Fowlbread's recently launched a variation of their famous sandwich that's made with tofu!

Chicken Sandwich

Chicken Sandwich
This meatless variation of the O.G. is made with tofu!
PHOTO BY Eat Lowbrow

Cheekily dubbed the Scam Chicken Sandwich (P260), this version is similar to the O.G. Fried Chicken Sandwich that Fowlbread's known for—but with a fried tofu patty instead of chicken, and a tofu cracker in place of the chicken skin. It delivers a flavorful bite that's totally drool-worthy in its own right: The tofu is dried in a long process then brined for a dense, meaty texture that does bring to mind chicken, while the tofu cracker delivers the same crackly crunch of the chicken-skin version. Name aside, there are no scams here—it's good stuff.

Chicken Sandwich
The tofu has a wonderful meaty texture, thanks to being dried and brined.
PHOTO BY Facebook/Fowlbread
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Fowlbread does note that this isn't exactly vegetarian or vegan as they use the same oil they use to fry their chicken, and the bread and sauce contain dairy—but if you're just looking to dip your toes into the meatless world without sacrificing on taste, then this is totally for you. If you're ready to order, you can easily head over to the Fowlbread section of Lowbrow Casual Resturants' delivery website, Eat Lowbrow.


For orders, visit Eat Lowbrow's website. For more information, check out Fowlbread's Facebook page.

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