Your Go-To Shops in Cebu for Great Milk Tea and Bottled Coffee

No need to step out the house because these places deliver!

Milk tea in Cebu
PHOTO Courtesy of The Coffee Mobile, Courtesy of YELO ILLUSTRATION War Espejo

( Caffeine is vital, but we’re not going to be sipping hot coffee in this scorching weather. It’s definitely a good thing that bottled coffee and milk tea delivery are now available in most places around Cebu for that much-needed caffeine boost. Power through your day with these drinks from these cafés and milk-tea shops that deliver.

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These shops in Cebu have coffee and milk tea delivery for your caffeine fix:

The Good Cup Coffee Company


As champions of the Philippine National Brewers Cup in 2019 and 2020, The Good Cup may be the most easily recognizable on this list. Apart from having its own café, academy, and roastery, the brand prides itself on the traceability across its supply chain—each bag states the name of the farm where the beans are from, the harvest date, and the processing method. 

The Cold Black (P150/250 ml, P250/500 ml) is made with their Ethiopia Killenso Washed and has an easily detectable berry flavor. The Cold White (P150/250 ml, P250/500 ml), on the other hand, uses Brazil Cerrado and is on another level of creaminess so rich that you’re lulled into a false sense of calm until the caffeine kicks in. The Cold White can last for two weeks, while the Cold Black can last for two months.

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The Good Cup Coffee Company is at F. Ramos Street corner V. Ranudo Street, Cebu City. Order online through their website. For more information, contact their Facebook page or Instagram page. The Good Cup Coffee Company also ships internationally.

Drip and Draft Specialty Brews

Drip and Draft Specialty Brews
PHOTO Courtesy of Drip and Draft Specialty Brews

Who hasn’t gone to Drip and Draft for their coffee but ended up staying for the craft beer on tap? Or in pre-COVID times, quickly popped by for a bottle of cold brew before heading to one of the nearby bars? The good news is you can now get their cold brew in a bottle, available in Black (P120), White (P140), and Mocha (P160). According to Catherine Khan Ong, the managing partner of Drip and Draft Specialty Brews, their coffee is “slowly extracted over a 24-hour period in cold water to reduce the coffee’s acidity by 70%, only bringing out the natural sweet notes of the coffee beans." 

Drip and Draft is at Streetscape, Ma. Luisa Road, Banilad, Cebu City. For orders, call (032) 564-9375 or 0932-113-2820, or message their Facebook page or Instagram page. For more information, check their website. Drip and Draft ships selected products nationwide.


Mucho Milk Tea
PHOTO Courtesy of Mucho

Although best known for their horchata and coffee, Anna Maglasang, Mucho chief marketing officer shares how they “advocate a pure farm-to-cup experience. Our coffee beans are grown in Amadeo, Cavite by Lokal Ground Coffee, [by] our friends Roden and Marian Lim. We want to uplift the lives of our local farmers.”

For starters, you can go with the bestselling White Cold Brew (P120), which tastes like liquid coffee ice cream. Also available are Black Brew (P100), Vanilla Cold Brew (P120), and Caramel Cold Brew (P120). The Horchata (starts at P120), just like the syrups, are all homemade by chief operating officer and horchata master Nevin Bigornia.

Mucho is at E-Zone, F. Cabahug Street, Kasambagan, Cebu City. For orders, contact 0915-858-3312, their Facebook page or their Instagram page. They are also found on Foodpanda.

Lieutenant Bara Coffee Company

Lieutenant Bara Coffee Company
PHOTO Courtesy of Lieutenant Bara Coffee Company

For Lieutenant Bara, its brigade branding is more than a schtick. Comprised of first responders and frontliners who wish to remain “unnamed for now,” this coffee brand only uses graded coffee beans sans syrups or artificial flavorings. This means that the beans need to stand on their own usually fruity flavors. To ensure freshness, the delivery schedule depends on the brewing schedule. 


The owners recommend their Black Smoke cold brew coffee (P130/280 ml, P230/500 ml), but if you want your coffee on the creamy side, they also have White Smoke (P150/280 ml, P250/500 ml), made with dairy milk, and Under Control (P130/250 ml, P250/500 ml), made with plant-based milk. As of writing, only oat milk is the alternative milk on the menu, but others are in the works. They also have the General Alarm (P160) for those who like their coffee with a bit of liquor. Be sure to ask about their secret menu, too. Order at least a day in advance, since the coffee is steeped for a minimum of 16 hours.

Lieutenant Bara Coffee Company has pick-up points at Banilad, Cebu City; Capitol Site, Cebu City; and North Reclamation Area, Mandaue City. Order through their Facebook page or Instagram page. 

The Coffee Mobile

The Coffee Mobile
PHOTO Courtesy of The Coffee Mobile

The Coffee Mobile was founded at the height of lockdown in May 2020. Owner Paul Anzano, a barista of almost seven years, found a way to bring his love for coffee around the Metro—on a retro cart attached to a brat-style motorcycle. The location changes frequently, so you’ll have to check their social media accounts to know where they’ll be holding shop next.


The bestsellers are the bottled cold brew, which Anzano has dubbed the “Elixers”. The brand's white chocolate flavors are among the most popular. The White Elixer (P110) is a cold brew-based drink that he describes as "bold," while the Secret Elixer (P110) is for those who want an espresso-based beverage. They also have the Dark Elixer (P100) black coffee; the Gold Elixer (P140), a rum-infused cold brew; and the Green Elixer (P100) for matcha lovers. The standard bottles are 330 ml, but 500-ml bottles are available for pre-order for the White Elixer (P150), the Dark Elixer (P120), and the Green Elixer (P130).

For orders, visit their Facebook page or their Instagram page.

Commonly Uncommon Coffee

Commonly Uncommon Coffee
PHOTO Courtesy of Commonly Uncommon Coffee

What’s interesting about Commonly Uncommon Coffee is that it didn’t start out as a business, but rather, a blog on Instagram in November 2018. They only began selling coffee in May 2020. The Facebook page still even has the “personal blog” category, and its owner John still updates it with his experiments with other beans, grind sizes, and brewing times. 


Commonly Uncommon offers Cold Brew in Can (P510/six cans, P880/11 cans, PP1,650/22 cans), which can stay fresh up to 30 days, as well as Cold Brew Concentrate (P470/500 ml), both with choices of single-origin beans or coffee blends: Colombia Nicolas Delgado, Colombia Nariño, Dark Matter Theory, and Purple Haze. They also bottle Iced Latte (P150/250 ml), Iced Mocha (P160/250 ml), and Chocolate Milk (P150/250 ml). The chocolate base and syrups are made in-house. 

Commonly Uncommon Coffee is at N. Escario Street, Kamputhaw, Cebu City. Order online through their website  or their Instagram page. Commonly Uncommon Coffee ships nationwide.

Tightrope Coffee

Tightrope Coffee
PHOTO Courtesy of Tightrope Coffee

Who can imagine pre-pandemic life before Tightrope? It’s like it popped up one day and instantly became everyone’s go-to. Every detail of his cute little café is Instagrammable, down to its earthenware cups and Brooklyn loft-vibe interiors. Needless to say, the food and the coffee are as good as they look.


The beans they use for their Cold Brew (P130) constantly changes, but they’re always from their partners La Cabra in Denmark and Yardstick in Manila. They also offer bottles of their White (P150), White Oatly (P185), and Mocha (P160).

Tightrope Coffee is at M. L. Quezon Avenue corner F. Cabahug Street, Kasambagan, Cebu City. For orders, download the Tightrope Coffee app or log on to Foodpanda. For more information, contact their Facebook page or their Instagram page.


MooLeaf Milk Tea
PHOTO Courtesy of MooLeaf

MooLeaf is quickly becoming a local favorite thanks to its novel flavors in both its drinks and desserts, and its efforts to minimize its environmental impact by using locally purchased materials, recycled to-go boxes, and bamboo straws.

The Blush Series (P160) is spiked with alcohol, while the MooLeaf Mixes (P145) are signature blends. According to co-owners Baudric Casey Gothong, Beverly Amanda Gothong, and Mark Anthony Artaba, the bestsellers are the Chai Milktea (P145); the Midnight Haze (P145), which has roasted black sesame caramel with activated charcoal; and the Moca Picante (P145), a combination of coffee, milk, and tea with a bit of heat.


MooLeaf is at YelloCube Food Hub, 2 Wilson Street, Lahug, Cebu City. Order direct through 0998-958-4462, their Facebook page, or their Instagram page, or through apps Grab, Foodpanda, Couch Potato, or Expree. 

Mega Milk

Mega Milk Tea
PHOTO Courtesy of Mega Milk

Mega Milk is a staple when it comes to Cebuano milk-tea brands. What sets this small milk-tea shop apart is its fresh milk and the softness of its pearls. Plus, virtually all of its ingredients are from Taiwan. Their menu is pretty straightforward, and the only confusion may come from “Fresh Milk” versus “Speciality” Milk Teas, which use the powdered stuff. Shawn, the Taiwanese man behind Mega Milk recommends the Cheese Cake Milk Tea with Pearls (P120) and Black Sugar Pearl Milk Tea (P120), although any of the Fresh Milk options are worth a try. 

Mega Milk has branches at A.S. Fortuna Street, Banilad, Mandaue City and GAGFA Building, F. Cabahug Street, Kasambagan, Cebu City. Order direct through 0927-271-1918 (Banilad) or 0956-877-3427 (Kasambagan). Mega Milk is also found on Grab, Foodpanda, and Foodtrek. For more information, visit their website or their Facebook page .


ITealicious Milktea and Coffee

Taiwan-born owner Yuwen Chiu sought to bring the flavors of her home-country to Cebu. She even taught her team at ITealicious how to make milk tea “the Taiwanese way.” As most of their ingredients are imported, they choose to keep their menu tightly edited and faithful to—you guessed it—Taiwanese tastes, and so opt out of trendy flavors that don’t fit this profile. That doesn’t mean the flavors are boring though, as lots of loyal customers choose this brand for their creamy blends. The bestsellers are Okinawa Milk Tea (P90/regular, P100/large), Wintermelon Milk Tea (P90/regular, P100/large), and Thai Milk Tea.

ITealicious Milktea and Coffee has branches at San Miguel Road, Apas, Cebu City and 39A Congressman Noel Street, Mabolo, Cebu City. For orders, contact (032) 4120-0065, 0917-774-3055, their Facebook page, or their Instagram page. It is also available on Grab and Foodpanda.


YELO Milk Tea
PHOTO Courtesy of YELO

YELO was born in a kitchen in the U.S.'s Bay Area, before it found its roots in Cebu. If you’re looking for “healthy” or “clean” milk tea, this is the one. “You can never find pre-mixed artificial powders and syrups in our stores. Our ingredients are either from our local farmers and or from neighboring Asian countries. We make our own toppings in-house except for the boba,” declared the owner. 

The bestsellers are the Classic Black Milk Tea (P105), which combines 3 kinds of black tea, Strawberry Matcha (P110), and Dark Cacao Thai Tea (P125). These are made with your choice of milk: whole milk, almond milk, or Oatly. The drinks are layered to ensure peak #aesthetic. 

YELO has branches at Gaisano Island Mall, Mactan, Lapu-Lapu City and One Pavilion Place, Banawa, Cebu City. For orders, call (032) 410-4159 (Mactan) or (032) 410-2436 (Banawa). You can also find it on Foodpanda. For more information, visit their Facebook page  or their Instagram page.

Bubble Tea Station

Bubble Tea Station Milk Tea
PHOTO Courtesy of Bubble Tea Station

BTS is easily top-of-mind for starting it all in Cebu—way back in 2012. Now it’s a chain with multiple locations with some branches even serving soft serve milk-tea ice cream, but the drinks are still affordable. The Specialty Milk Teas like Hokkaido, Okinawa, and Thai Milk Tea; Flavored Milk Teas, like Taro, Matcha, and Honeydew; and Yakult Series are all priced at P110 for a regular and P125 for a large.

Their Head of Business Development, Monica Lim revealed that the all-time favorite drink is the Wintermelon Special (P135/regular, P155/large), Wintermelon Milk Tea with two scoops of Creamy Rock Salt and Cheese. Another must-try is the Wintermelon Supreme (P120/regular, P135/large), which is Wintermelon Milk Tea sweetened with black sugar instead of the regular syrup. “Both are best paired with Black Pearls,” she quipped.

Bubble Tea Station has branches all over Metro Cebu. For more information, check their Facebook page  or their Instagram page. For orders, log on to Grab or Foodpanda.

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