10 Under-the-Radar Food Finds in Cebu You Should Know About

food delivery in cebu

(SPOT.ph) Discovering new restaurants in the midst of the quarantine can be quite tricky, especially if you haven't really gone out in the past couple of months. Thankfully, a lot of virtual kitchens have popped up recently, so you don't have to step out to taste new dishes. Unlike traditional restaurants, these concepts don’t have a physical space where you can dine; all orders are solely for pick-up or delivery. Here’s a list of  food finds from virtual kitchens in Metro Cebu that you can have right at home.


You won't run out of options for food delivery in Cebu with these virtual kitchens:

Nomnom Desserts Cebu

food delivery in cebu
PHOTO BY Facebook/Nomnom Desserts Cebu

Nomnom Desserts Cebu features a premium selection of creamy desserts that'll satisfy anyone's sweet tooth. The star of their menu is the decadent Ube Cream Mousse (P200)—which features springy, mouthwatering layers of ube and cream panna cotta. If you prefer a rich dose of chocolate, there’s also the Chocolate Pannacotta (P200), a Pinoy favorite that’s also known as Black Zambo—a sweet creamy base layer topped with rich chocolate gelatin.

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Aside from that, Nomnom Desserts Cebu also has sumptuous Belgian chocolate treats, like the Nama Chocolate Original (P355) and its more zesty variant, the Nama Chocolate with Liquor (P395).

Nomnom Desserts Cebu is at Echavez, Cebu City. For more information, contact 0977-824-9000 or visit their Facebook or Instagram.

Esquina Pasta Bar

food delivery in cebu
PHOTO BY Facebook/Esquina Pasta Bar

If you’re after some carby goodness, then you might want to take a look at Esquina Pasta Bar's menu. It is full of crowd-pleasers, like the earthy and butter-rich Esquina Truffle Pasta (P450/medium, P1,200/large), the Spanish-style Sardines Pasta (P450/medium, P1,000/large), and the classic Spaghetti Marinara with Meatball Pasta (P400/medium, P1,000/large). 

Esquina has also partnered with sister-restaurant Yin & Yum Cebu for the Italian-Chinese crossover of your dreams. Get the Colossal Chicken (P800/4 pieces), which is their take on the humongous Taiwanese chicken chop. You can choose to have it served in Original, Sour Cream, or Spicy. It also comes with a choice of four homemade dips—Gravy, Garlic Aioli, Buffalo Ranch, and Honey Mustard! 

Esquina Pasta Bar is at 39C President Laurel Street, Villa Aurora, Kasambagan, Cebu City. For more information, contact 0945-965-1850 or visit their Facebook or Instagram.

Below Zero Gelato

food delivery in cebu
PHOTO BY Facebook/Below Zero Gelato

Below Zero Gelato makes the best Roasted Black Sesame gelato in Cebu. They go the extra mile by sourcing all-natural ingredients instead of buying pre-mixed ones. Contrary to popular belief, gelato is not ice cream. It has a denser texture and contains much less fat than ice cream. It’s also cooled at precise temperatures to seal in the flavor.

Speaking of flavors, Below Zero Gelato offers a variety of them—from the low-sugar Matcha Mania (P375) to their all-new, locally sourced Auro Chocolate gelato pint (P375). There's also the crunchy Cereal Killer (P360), the Oreo-smashed Cookies & Cream (P360), the classic French Vanilla Lite (P395), and the lusciously creamy and vegan Tropicoco coconut-gelato pint (P375). Some flavors, like the Auro Chocolate and Matcha Mania contain chunky bites, which is perfect if you're after some textures.

Below Zero Gelato is at Meerea High Street, Ouano Avenue, North Reclamation Area, Subangdaku, Mandaue City, Cebu. For more information, contact 0917-887-8773 or visit their Facebook or Instagram.


Food Platters Cebu

food delivery in cebu
PHOTO BY Facebook/Food Platters Cebu

From trays of Liempo Kare-Kare (P450) and Roast Brisket (P999), Food Platters Cebu has a slew of dishes that’ll leave you going back for seconds. Their 3-Cheese Beef Lasagna (P499/half-tray, P999/full tray), in particular, is slow-cooked for four hours and uses three kinds of cheeses—mozzarella, cheddar, and parmesan. Don’t miss out on their bestseller, their tender Chicken Cordon Bleu (P450), which sandwiches choice ham and gooey melted cheese, with a heavenly crunch in every bite. 


Food Platters Cebu is at Hope Street, Belmont Village, Minglanilla. For more information, contact 0945-598-4607 or visit their Facebook or Instagram.

Sweet Kreations

food delivery in cebu
PHOTO BY Facebook/Sweet Kreation

Just like many online food ventures, Sweet Kreation was formed during the early days of the lockdown by mother-and-daughter duo Marie Kate Ceballos and Kay Chauntelle Ruiz. One of their notable products is their Yakult Cheesecake (P380/small, P550/medium, P1,050/large), a tangy and dense cheesecake sandwiched between layers of corn flakes. Their Milo Cheesecake (P285/small, 400/medium, P750/large) is equally decadent yet nostalgic. No gelatin here!


They also have a generous catalog of baked pastries like Coco Sugar Brownies (P620/box), Double Chocolate Cookies (P470/box), and Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake (P400/medium, P680/large).

Sweet Kreations is at Don Julio Llorente Street, Cebu City. For more information, contact 0926 728 4394 or visit their Facebook or Instagram.

Pad Thai Goong PH

food delivery in cebu
PHOTO BY Facebook/Pad Thai Goong PH

True to its name, Pad Thai Goong serves, well, pad thai. They serve four kinds: Tofu Pad Thai (P140), Shrimp Pad Thai (P180), Pork Pad Thai (P180), and Chicken Pad Thai (P180). The menu is pretty straightforward and you can choose to get extras of protein or whatever herb you fancy. Another crowd-favorite is the Tom Yum Rice (P170), a zingy, flavorful, and herbaceous take on the popular Thai soup.

Pad Thai Goong PH is at N. Escario Street, Cebu City. For more information, contact 0919-004-4742 or visit their Facebook or Instagram.

Mameng's Kitchenette

food delivery in cebu
PHOTO BY Facebook/Mameng's Kitchenette

If you are hankering for home-cooked Chinese grub, go and give Mameng’s Kitchenette and their Fookien favorites a try. The dish that put Mameng's Kitchenette on the map is the classic Chinese Lumpia, which they’ve perfected the preparation down to muscle memory. Their Regular Lumpia (P70/piece) is rolled with shredded bean curd, carrots, shrimps, and a sweet soy-based sauce. They also elevate the spiciness and textures of their Chinese lumpia with more cilantro and peanuts plus a signature spicy sauce in their Special (P80/piece) and Spicy (P80/piece) variants.

There’s also the Stir-Fried Misua (P400) with pork and mushrooms, chicken, shrimp, and eggs, and Pe Bok Ni (P90), which is a delicately sweet dessert that’s usually enjoyed warm. It’s made with snow fungus and goji berries.

Mameng's Kitchenette is at 41 Almendras Street, Mabolo, Cebu City. For more information, contact 0917-313-1202 or visit their Facebook or Instagram.


Sourdough Cebu Co.

food delivery in cebu

Sourdough, unlike commercially available bread, contains less gluten and helps introduce bacteria to your gut—the healthy kind! Sourdough Cebu Co.'s take has a mild sour flavor profile, which pairs well with cured meats and tart-and-sweet fruits in charcuterie platters. They only make small batches, using traditional baking methods, to give the bread its signature, crusty texture. You can order the mild-flavored White Sourdough Boule from this home business for P200.


Sourdough Cebu Co. also managed to create their own special twist to the local favorite—shakoy (bicho-bicho). The Milky Cheese Sourshak (P385) is generously filled with mozzarella and cheddar cheese, then drizzled with powdered milk, while the Plain Sourshak (P300) is braided and tossed with cinnamon sugar. Fun fact: It takes them 16 hours to make a batch!

Sourdough Cebu Co. is in Mandaue City. For more information, visit their Facebook or Instagram.

Say Sushi Cebu

food delivery in cebu
PHOTO BY Facebook/Say Sushi Cebu

While the sushi bake craze may be slowing down, Say Sushi has ridden the wave and looks like it’s here to stay. Pick from over seven choices and six sizes of this deconstructed dish. From the best-selling Salmon Kani Sushi Bake (P300/small) to their latest and most innovative Takoyaki Sushi Bake (P300/small), you’re brimming with the savory, palatable, and vinegary kick that Sushi Bake is well-known for. There’s also the Crunchy Kani (P300/small) with tempura flakes, tuna, and crabsticks; the Beef Teriyaki (P300/small) with beef strips, spring onions, and tempura flakes; and the must-try Dragon Kani (P300/small) with crabsticks, shrimp, and tempura flakes. They achieve just the right balance to bring out the umami flavors of the seafood with the combination of Japanese rice, julienned cucumbers, and mayo.

Once you’re done with the Sushi Bake, try out their 11-piece Oreo Manju (P200) to round off your meal with a dash of a soft, delightful, and chewy sweetness.


Say Sushi Cebu at Banilad, Cebu City. For more information, visit their Facebook or Instagram.


food delivery in cebu

Tacodon features a rich, saucy, and meaty assortment of soft-shell tacos that all pull their weight—from the original and savory Pork Belly Taco (P220) that has pico de gallo, pickled onions, and peppers, to the Fil-Mex fusion Sisig Taco (P240) with marinated pork mask, sliced red chilies, shredded cabbage, and quail egg. They also offer Shrimp Tacos (P250) with blackened shrimp and Veggie Tacos (P220) with crisp battered cauliflower, for their vegetarian and vegan-friendly offers.


Many fans rave about Tacodon’s signature sauce, and good news! You can buy their homemade signature red and green sauces at P25 each. The all-too-essential guacamole is available too at P60. On Tuesdays, Tacodon also offers free delivery for orders of at least three tacos for those residing in Cebu City. But we wouldn’t blame you if you’d get these tacos any time of the week.

Tacodon at El Dorado Subdivision, Banilad, Cebu City. For more information, contact 0917-709-5777 or visit their Facebook or Instagram.

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