The Best Coffee- and Mocha-Flavored Cakes in Manila Right Now

Coffee's not just for drinking.

coffee cakes
PHOTO BY Kumori, Sucre PH ILLUSTRATION Warren Espejo

( More than being a caffeinated beverage we sip on to wake us up in the morning, coffee also has a trademark robust flavor that’s crave-worthy in its own right—and it makes for some truly stellar desserts. Yup, coffee-flavored desserts are well-loved here in Manila, with one popular form being cake—whether it’s as simple as a straightforward icing-plus-sponge affair or complex as a multi-layered torte of different textures and components. We round up some of our favorite versions in Manila, so you can end any meal or celebration on the bittersweet note you can only get from coffee.

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These are the coffee and mocha cakes to buy in Manila:

Mocha Chiffon Cake with French Buttercream by Butternut Bakery

coffee cakes
PHOTO BY Butternut Bakery

Butternut Bakery’s Mocha Chiffon Cake with French Buttercream (P1,250) draws you in with its picturesque rose piping decoration, but what will definitely make you stay is its silky-smooth French-buttercream frosting, bouncy chiffon, and lush coffee-yema filling. This is available for orders via Butternut Bakery’s website.

For orders, visit Butternut Bakery’s website. You can also check out their Facebook page.

Espresso Honeycomb Cake by Sucre PH

coffee cakes
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Like your coffee strong? This Quezon City-based seller’s Espresso Honeycomb Cake (P2,250/eight inches) is for you, as it delivers real-deal, robust coffee flavor sans too much sweetness. You get a great melange of textures too, as the layers of espresso-soaked mocha chiffon and espresso buttercream are feather-light, while the layer of feuilletine at the bottom contributes a welcome crunch and caramel note. Just send them a message on social media to try it for yourself.

For orders, send a message to Sucre PH on Facebook or Instagram.


Kahlua Olive Oil Cake by Drunk Baker

coffee cakes
PHOTO BY Facebook/Drunk Baker

Drunk Baker’s Kahlua Cake (starts at P790/six by nine inches) might look simple—too simple—at first glance, coming as a relatively bare-bones, single- or two-layer cake with a Kahlua buttercream frosting. But if you can look past that, you’ll be rewarded with a truly moist cake (thanks to the use of olive oil!) with a tight but tender crumb, and the complex depth of flavor you can only get from the coffee liqueur known as Kahlua. You can message them on social media to try the cake for yourself.

For orders, send a message to Drunk Baker on Facebook or Instagram.

Coffee and Cream Cake by Cupcakes by Sonja

coffee cakes
PHOTO BY Cupcakes by Sonja

There’s a reason coffee and dairy are often paired together—the creaminess of the dairy helps round out the coffee’s more bold and brazen profile, while still letting its signature flavor shine through. That’s pretty much the idea at play in Cupcakes by Sonja’s Coffee and Cream Cake (P1,300/six inches, P1,700/eight inches), a fluffy and creamy dessert that stacks together coffee cake, coffee ganache, coffee custard, coffee Chantilly cream, and a dusting of cocoa powder on top. You can head to their website for orders.

For orders, visit Cupcakes by Sonja’s website. You can also check out their Facebook page.

Ultimate Mocha Symphony Cake by Goldilocks

coffee cakes
PHOTO BY Goldilocks

Chances are, it was through one of Goldilocks’ mocha cakes (there are different versions on their lineup) that you first got introduced to the idea of coffee desserts growing up; they remain well-loved classics to this day. In celebration of their 55th anniversary in May, they introduced what might be their most premium version yet: The Ultimate Mocha Symphony Cake (P680), which has—get ready—mocha and chocolate sponge-cake layers, a Dutch caramel icing, crunchy cashew bits, mocha buttercream, coffee ganache, coffee crumbles, and its crowning glory: chocolate and mocha French macarons that make it all the more gorgeous to look at. You can get hold of this cake through their website.


For orders, visit Goldilocks’ delivery website. You can also check out their Facebook page.

Mocha Torte by House of Sansrival

coffee cakes
PHOTO BY Facebook/House Of Sansrival PH

House of Sansrival extends their sans-rival making expertise to the Mocha Torte (P700/six by eight inches, P1,350/12 by eight inches). You get the same melange of crisp and airy meringue layers, creamy buttercream, and crunchy nut topping here—but with the bittersweet and robust profile of coffee and chocolate that make it all the more crave-worthy. You can send them a message on social media to get your fix.

For orders, send a message to House of Sansrival on Facebook or Instagram.

Coffee Cashew Cake by Fraiche Patisserie

coffee cakes
PHOTO BY Cake Rush

A smattering of cashews on the edges add a buttery crunch to the triple-layer Coffee Cashew Cake (P980), which also features chocolate ganache and a coffee buttercream frosting. You can reach out directly to Fraiche Patisserie on social media, or place your orders via cake-delivery website, Cake Rush.

For orders, send a message to Fraiche Patisserie on Facebook or Instagram. You can also find them on Cake Rush’s website.

Dalgona Basque Cheesecake by Basque Manila

coffee cakes
PHOTO BY Facebook/Basque Manila

Can you believe it’s been practically a year since the dalgona-coffee trend took over social media? We have mixed feelings about the coffee drink ourselves, but it’s always uber-cool to see spinoff desserts based on it—like Basque Manila’s Dalgona Basque Cheesecake (P1,550)! It’s essentially dalgona coffee as a creamy cheesecake of the Basque-burnt sort—that is, with a decidedly burnt exterior that makes way to a smooth, lush interior. You can place your orders by filling out their order form.


For orders, fill out Basque Manila’s order form. You can also check out their Facebook page.

Jamocha Fudge Walnut Torte by Homemade by Roshan

Inspired by the famous Jamoca Almond Fudge ice cream of American brand Baskin-Robbins, Homemade by Roshan whipped up the Jamocha Fudge Walnut Torte—a celebration-worthy dessert with chocolate ganache, walnut meringue, and a generous lathering of espresso cream. You can place an order for this treat by giving them a call and booking a courier (ideally a car) for delivery.

For orders, contact 8631-7786, 8633-6286, or 0917-833-6286. You can also visit Homemade by Roshan’s website or Instagram page.

Mini Mocha Torte by Kumori

coffee cakes

Chocolate and coffee make sweet love in the Mini Mocha Torte (P570/five inches) of Japanese-style bakeshop Kumori. Don’t let the small size stop you from ordering—this is a rich dessert that’s got cashew meringue, choco coffee buttercream, and cream cheese frosting, plus toasted almonds and walnuts for extra crunch. Just visit Kumori’s website to get your fix.

For orders, visit Kumori’s website. You can also check out their Facebook page.

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