10 Best Shops in Manila for Birria Tacos

Quesabirria, too.

birria taco
PHOTO BY Facebook/Onlypans PH, The Grid Food Market ILLUSTRATION Warren Espejo

(SPOT.ph) There are tacos, and then there are birria tacos. No, we’re not trying to bring down other tacos here—we’ll always have a soft spot for good ol' carnitas tacos—but the birria kind has grown in popularity lately, and it deserves all the fame in the world if you ask us. Birria itself refers to a stew of meat (usually beef, goat, or lamb) with chilis, aromatics, and spices, which all come together to deliver deep, resounding flavor.


Birria becomes birria tacos when you take tortillas (flour or corn; the former is more common in these parts), dip them into the stew liquid, then stuff it with the shredded stewed meat and other ingredients. Some even add cheese, to make the more modern quesabirria. They're then pan-fried for a slightly crisp exterior that makes way to a tender and meaty interior—which is a drool-worthy proposition in itself, but birria tacos are also served with the rest of the stew liquid for dipping, giving you juicier and more flavorful bites. If you’re looking for great birria tacos in Manila, these spots have you covered.

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These birria taco and quesabirria spots have your cravings covered:

Los Tacos MNL

birria taco
PHOTO BY Instagram/lostacosmnl
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This home-based shop makes truly amazing birria that’s spiced, complex, and concludes with a good touch of fruity heat. You can have it a couple ways—including Birria Tacos (P180), which comes with onions, cilantro, lime, and a fruity chipotle hot sauce; and the Quesabirria (P220), which gives it a gooey spin with melted cheese, onions, cilantro, and a mozzarella crust! You can also go for also the Tostada (P240) with sour cream, avocado, salsa roja, and queso fresco for a creamy-meets-tangy mix; and the amped-up Mulita (P270) that's got gooey mozzarella cheese and sour cream plus heat from chipotle hot sauce and jalapenos. Los Tacos make their own tortillas using both flour and masa harina, and one dip into their flavor-bomb birria broth and you’ll see how all the different elements come together into one cohesive, potent bite. You can hit up their Instagram DMs to try these tacos yourself.


For orders, send a message to Los Tacos MNL’s Instagram page.


birria taco
PHOTO BY Facebook/Onlypans PH

Onlypans is a known seller of sushi bake, but their Quesa Birria Tacos With Consomme Sauce (starts at P269/two pieces) is well worth a try, too. Picture this: USDA beef that’s tender as can be (just look at it) and creamy melted cheese huddled together in a tortilla, plus cilantro for zest, a rich consomme that soaks up beautifully into the tortilla as you dip, and salsa and lime on the side if you’re looking for tang. Go ahead and send them a message on social media to place an order.


For orders, send a message to Onlypans on Facebook or Instagram.

La Chinesca

birria taco
PHOTO BY The Grid Food Market

La Chinesca’s Quesabirria (P234) stands out from many other local versions in that it uses their house-made corn tortillas, which contribute a distinct, soft-yet-sturdy bite all on their own. Elsewhere, it stays fairly close to tradition, with beef that’s slow-cooked until ultra-tender, along with creamy and gooey Monterey Jack and mozzarella cheeses. The consomme part of the equation is an excellent guajillo chili-infused broth that’s hearty and a touch gritty, making for a rustic feel with a welcome kick. It’s also served with La Chinesca’s signature sauces—there's the zesty Salsa Verde, the smoky-spicy Chipotle Hot Sauce, and the deep and tangy Salsa Roja. Just place your orders through The Grid’s website.


For orders, visit La Chinesca on The Grid Food Market’s website. You can also check out their Facebook page.

Cochi Loco

birria taco
PHOTO BY Instagram/cochilocomanila

You probably know Cochi Loco from the Salcedo Market—yup, they’re the taco stall that you’ll occasionally find manned by their Mexican chef wearing a luchador mask—and the good news is that they take online orders for delivery, too. Ttheir Birria Quesa Taco (P370/three pieces) definitely deserves a spot in your order list, thanks to its combo of tender slow-cooked beef and ooey, gooey cheese in between their own fresh-made corn tortillas. And with the prerequisite consomme on the side, it’s all a peppy party once you dip and take a bite. They’re on GrabFood and Foodpanda, but you can also send them a message for orders.


For orders, find Cochi Loco on GrabFood or Foodpanda. You can also send them a message on Facebook or Instagram.

Señorito PH

birria taco
PHOTO BY Facebook/Señorito PH

Based in Quezon City, Señorito PH makes different types of tacos with global influences, including ones with sisig and jerk chicken. The most popular taco could well be their Birria Taco (starts at P500/box of six). They’ll tempt you in with their gleaming, yellowish-reddish tortillas and keep you hooked with their rich, fork-tender beef filling punctuated just a touch with cilantro, plus consomme for dipping. Simply message them on social media to get your fix.


For orders, send a message to Señorito PH on Facebook or Instagram.

Al Pastor Taqueria

birria taco
PHOTO BY Instagram/alpastortaqueriaph

Prefer to go the DIY route? Al Pastor Taqueria is your best bet, as they sell taco kits that come with everything you need to assemble your own. The Birria kit (starts at P780/good for six tacos) comes with succulent pulled beef and soul-soothing broth that’s got balanced amounts of spice, as well as shredded cheese, tortillas, salsa, garlic sauce, onions, and lime. You can message them on social media one to two days ahead to get your own.


For orders, send a message to Al Pastor Taqueria on Facebook or Instagram.

La Guada

birria taco
PHOTO BY Facebook/La Guada

La Guada’s got a short-but-sweet menu with just three items, the star among which is the Beef Birria Tacos (P440/four pieces). Each taco generously comes with juicy slow-cooked beef that’s made decadent with mozzarella cheese, fresh and tangy with tomatoes, and herby with cilantro. It’s the kind that’s great by itself but even better paired with their flavorful consomme—and it sure doesn’t hurt that an order comes with nacho chips! In case you’re avoiding beef, La Guada also makes Chicken Birria Tacos (P380). Just message them on Facebook or Instagram.


For orders, send a message to La Guada on Facebook or Instagram.


birria taco
PHOTO BY Facebook/Guajillo.PH

If you’re looking for the distinct kick of Mexican chilis, get your fix from Guajillo.ph. They employ real guajillo chili (which explains their name) for their birria, resulting in a fruity, smoky, robust bite! In the Birria Tacos (P275/two pieces, P395/three pieces), you can enjoy the stewed beef with onions and cilantro in a tortilla, along with the deeply spiced broth for dipping. You can send them a message on social media to get your fix.


For orders, send a message to Guajillo.ph on Facebook or Instagram.

House of Birria

birria taco
PHOTO BY Facebook/House of Birria PH

Located at the Devour Food Stand in Quezon City, House of Birria's version (starts at P520/four tacos) is on the relatively mellow side—not necessarily a bad thing, in our book, as this helps highlight the taste of the beef. It’s also a tad different from others in that they include shredded lettuce inside the taco for a crisp and fresh counterpoint against the rich and juicy beef with just a touch of cheese. All orders also come with a hearty consomme, salsa, and a lemon wedge. You can message House of Birria for orders.


For orders, send a message to House of Birria on Facebook or Instagram.

Hola Birria

birria taco
PHOTO BY Facebook/Hola Birria

For birria tacos that tickle the taste buds, Hola Birria’s version (starts at P499/four pieces) is one to try. Their take has ultra-succulent meat paired with thinly sliced radishes and chopped onions for crunch, plus a burly, brawny consomme to make every bite sing. Just send them a message for orders; they deliver from Fridays to Sundays.


For orders, send a message to Hola Birria on Facebook or Instagram.

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