The Drool-Worthy Eats to Order for Lunch This Week

From flavorful rice bowls to sandwiches and more.

PHOTO BY The Grid Food Market, Facebook/Sarariman ILLUSTRATION Warren Espejo

( Picture this: It’s a busy work day, and you grind away all morning to get through all your scheduled tasks—until you feel your stomach grumbling and realize it’s already 12 noon. Of course, this means it’s time for lunch; after all, there’s nothing like a good mid-day meal to fill you up and keep you going through the rest of the day! And though your first instinct might be to call up your nearest fast-food chain, it’s well worth treating yourself to a special bite from one of Manila’s many amazing restaurants and online sellers. If you need some inspiration, we’ve rounded up a couple of meals that make for great lunch options all throughout the week.

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These rice bowl, sandwiches, and other savory meals are great options for lunch:

Gyudon from Sarariman

PHOTO BY Facebook/Sarariman

The thought of savory-sweet stewed beef is swoon-worthy in itself, but it becomes a whole different beast when it’s served over steaming-hot rice, with or without an egg, to make the Japanese dish known as gyudon. One online seller that makes an excellent version is Sarariman—their take (starts at P220/regular) has tender and flavorful beef yakiniku, soy-glazed carrots and bean sprouts for an added crisp counterpoint, an onsen egg, nori for added umami, and tangy pickled red onions on Japanese rice. Just pierce open the egg and watch as the runny yolk flows over the other components, and dig in! You can visit their website to place an order.

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For orders, visit Sarariman’s website. You can also check out their Facebook page.

The No. 9 by Gang Green Falafels

PHOTO BY Facebook/gang green FALAFELS

We’re of the belief that salads don’t have to suck; when done right, they’re a happy party of varying colors, tastes, and textures in a bowl, and they make fantastic lunches that’ll fill you up without filling you out. One that exemplifies this is Gang Green Falafels’ The No. 9 (P330), a vegan salad of their chickpea falafels (which are crisp on the outside and tender and nutty on the inside); veggies like lettuce, cucumber, tomato, and onions for crispness; spiced peaches for a sweet-tangy bite; and a lush and creamy tahini dressing to tie everything together. Just send them a message for orders.


For orders, send a message to Gang Green Falafels on Facebook or Instagram.

Panino Spinaci Zola from Cibo


Filed under: Why didn’t we think of this before?! Cibo’s spinach dip, of course, is an all-time crowdpleaser for its creamy and tangy profile—and they’ve ingeniously used it to make what might be one of their best sandwich yet. In the Panino Spinaci Zola (P385), it’s spread generously along with mozzarella and butter on their rustic bread, then pressed for a lightly-browned exterior. The spinach dip melts just slightly, giving it an even more decadent feel—and the way the toasty crust makes way to an ooey-gooey interior is drool-worthy beyond words. You can get your fix by calling their hotline or ordering through Cibo’s website.

For orders, call 8891-1111 or visit Cibo’s website. You can also check out their Facebook page.


Build Your Own Bowl from Mongolian Knockout Bowls

PHOTO BY Mongolian Knockout Bowls

For lovers of choice, Mongolian barbecue—the setup where ingredients like meats, veggies, starches, and sauces are laid-out buffet style for you to choose from, then a chef stir-fries them all together into a flavor-packed bowl—are a godsend. While we’re still staying at home, you can get your fix via Mongolian Knockout Bowls, a new website from the folks behind Champion Hotpot that lets you do all that online and delivers to your doorstep!

Though they have a couple of pre-made combos, you can go the personalized route with the Build Your Own Bowl (P380) option. As with restaurant Mongolian barbecue, you can choose a base (egg noodles, rice noodles, or white rice), sauce (Mongolian sweet soy, Champion peanut sauce, and more), protein (pork, chicken, beef), vegetables (carrots, green cabbage, shiitake mushrooms, and more), and toppings (including spring onions, tempura bits, and even chicharon!)—and they’ll cook them all for you into your own umami-packed meal. Just visit their website to get your own.


For orders, visit Mongolian Knockout Bowls’ website. You can also check out Champion Hotpot’s Facebook page.

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Blue Cheese & BBQ Bacon Jam Burger from Lazy Oeuf by Metronome

PHOTO BY Facebook/Lazy Oeuf by Metronome

Looking to lunch on a decidedly indulgent note? Lazy Oeuf’s Blue Cheese & BBQ Bacon Jam Burger (P550) definitely fits the bill. This flavor-bomb of a sandwich brings together a juicy, 1/3-pound 100% Angus beef patty with creamy, pungent blue cheese, tangy dijon mustard, and a smoky-sweet BBQ bacon jam that brings each bite to even meatier heights. Sandwiched in between a buttery and house-made brioche bun, it all comes together for an explosive bite. You can reach out to their mobile number for orders.

For orders, contact 0917-147-3776 via text, WhatsApp, or Viber. You can also check out Lazy Oeuf by Metronome’s Facebook page.


Seafood Bagoong Caulirice from The Cauli Stop


Caulirice (a.k.a. cauliflower that’s blitzed into fine “grains” similar to rice) gives you a fun and novel way to get your veggies in for the day. Online store The Cauli Stop turns it into all sorts of eats—including sushi, pizza, and caulirice bowls—and the Seafood Bagoong Caulirice happens to be our favorite. It delivers big on umami, with assorted seafood cooked with punchy bagoong served on top of nutty caulirice that balances out the seafood mix’s brawny flavor. You can visit their Cococart website to place an order.

For orders, visit The Cauli Stop’s Cococart website. You can also check out their Facebook page.

Red Egg Chili Pasta from The Black Bean

PHOTO BY The Black Bean

Up for a fiery experience at lunch hour? Give The Black Bean’s Red Egg Chili Pasta (P240) a try. European and Asian elements come together here, with al-dente spaghetti noodles dressed with olive oil, their homemade chili garlic, and a good helping of umami salted egg on top—think of it as the love child of aglio olio and good ol’ chili pancit canton with extra funk from the salted egg. You can visit The Black Bean’s website to get your fix.

For orders, visit The Black Bean’s website. You can also check out their Facebook page.

Lox Sandwich from Booya Bagels

PHOTO BY Instagram/booyabagels

Bagels and lox (a.k.a. the brined salmon) is a classic combo that’s especially loved among the American-Jewish community, and locally, you can get your fix via Booya Bagel’s Lox Sandwich (P536). Booya is known for their freshly-baked New York-style bagels; for this sandwich, they use their Everything Bagel and give it a generous filling of house-cured lox, a schmear of herb-garlic cream cheese, onions, capers, and dill that make for a buttery, tangy, creamy, brined, and herby whole. You can message them on social media for orders.


For orders, send a message to Booya Bagels on Facebook or Instagram.

Tofu Teriyaki Rice Bowl from Ohana Bowls

PHOTO BY The Grid Food Market

Ohana Bowls is one of the newer brands under The Grid’s virtual kitchen Off-Grid, and they marry Hawaiian and Japanese flavors into umami-filled rice bowls that make great lunch options any day of the week. The Tofu Teriyaki Rice Bowl (P250) is one to try—it’s got fried tofu that’s given a sweet-savory teriyaki glaze, plus tender eggplant, crisp bok choy, and sweet corn kernels on fried rice. Served with extra teriyaki sauce and a nutty furikake on top, it’s all a happy luau as all flavors come together. You can visit The Grid’s website to place an order.

For orders, visit Ohana Bowls on The Grid Food Delivery’s website. You can also check out Ohana Bowls’ Facebook page.


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