Basque Burnt Cheesecake and Bibingka Just Had a Baby and It's Heaven

Filipino flavors meet the Spanish style of the dessert.

basque burnt cheesecake
PHOTO BY Deli by Chele

( With its creamy, decadent character, you'd think cheesecake is already perfect as it is. But things took a surprising turn around last year, as the Basque-burnt style of the dessert became quite the trend that remains well-clamored for to this day. Now imagine the charred top and lush, crustless insides of Basque burnt cheesecake—but with the smoky, salty-sweet character of our own bibingka. Check out the new bibingka-style Basque burnt cheesecake of Deli by Chele.

Basque Burnt Cheesecake Meets Bibingka

basque burnt cheesecake
In this cheesecake, Filipino flavors meet the famed Spanish style of the dessert. 
PHOTO BY Deli by Chele

Dubbed the Chika (P960/6.5 inches)—i.e., cheesecake plus bibingka—this swoon-worthy dessert brings together the best parts of each treat. As you open the box, you're greeted with the smoky aroma from the banana leaves lining it, as well as a browned top with golden-yellow shavings of cured egg yolks and pili nuts for a salty, umami contrast. Slice inside and you get a pale yellow interior that's slightly molten at room temperature (which is how it usually arrives), yet can be refrigerated for a firmer but still creamy-AF consistency. Taste-wise, it's a dream, with savory, tangy, sweet, and smoky worlds synchronizing in each forkful.

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basque burnt cheesecake
The use of banana leaves as lining lends this cheesecake a welcome earthy, smoky character—just like bibingka
PHOTO BY Deli by Chele

The Chika was developed by Deli by Chele's Co-Executive Chef Carlos Villaflor, who himself loves bibingka and sought to pay homage to that while incorporating his experience traveling to and training in the Basque region. If you're curious to try it, here's your sign to go for it—simply head to Deli by Chele's website to place an order.

basque burnt cheesecake
You can conveniently place an order via their website.
PHOTO BY Deli by Chele

Deli by Chele is an online deli launched in 2020 by Chef Chele Gonzalez and the folks behind Gallery by Chele. They make and sell everything from charcuterie to preserves to breads and cheese made in-house, using responsibly sourced (and as much as possible, local) ingredients and zero preservatives. 

For orders, visit Deli by Chele's website. You can also check out their Facebook page.

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