Focaccia Is the Bread du Jour and You'll Want to Try Wildflour's

...or should we say "bread del giorno"? Anyway, one of them has mascarpone!

PHOTO BY Wildflour ILLUSTRATION Warren Espejo

( We've seen sourdough bread and babka—now it's focaccia's time to shine. The classic flat Italian bread has become quite the darling of local social media lately, and rightfully so. It's loved for a slightly crusty exterior that makes way to a soft, pillowy interior, and it's set apart from other breads with its lightly grassy hint from the use of olive oil. What's especially great about focaccia is that it goes well with so many toppings and fillings, and Wildflour is exploring just how versatile it can be: Though they've long had plain focaccia on the menu, they recently introduced new focaccia flavors under Wildflour Italian, and you can order them for delivery!

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Say it with us: Focc yeah.
PHOTO BY Facebook/Wildflour Restaurant

Check out the new focaccias at Wildflour:

Baked fresh upon order, each focaccia is nine inches in diameter and has its own distinct character. The Tomato Focaccia (P450) comes topped with basil, rosemary, and roasted tomatoes with lightly charred outsides and tangy insides; the Garlic Focaccia (P450) on the other hand comes with naturally sweet roasted garlic and thyme for an herby undertone.

The heat of the oven brings out the natural sweetness and juiciness of tomatoes in the Tomato Focaccia.
PHOTO BY Wildflour
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Those creamy, naturally-sweet cloves of roasted garlic on the Garlic Focaccia are everything.
PHOTO BY Wildflour

For a carb-on-carb situation that highlights the naturally nutty taste of spuds, the Potato Focaccia (P450)—with paper-thin slices of shaved potatoes and fruity-hot Calabarian chili—is your best bet. You can also go for the sweet-meets-earthy Onion Focaccia (P450), which comes with red onions that turn crisp-tender in the oven, plus ever-aromatic thyme. And for an indulgent bite, don't miss the Mascarpone Focaccia (P450); it's stuffed with creamy, dreamy mascarpone cheese and gets a just-right helping of truffle salt and a port reduction that bring each bite to aromatic, full-bodied perfection.

Nutty spuds and Calabrian chili come together in the Potato Focaccia.
PHOTO BY Wildflour
Love onions on pizza? The Onion Focaccia highlights the allium in all its earthy glory.
PHOTO BY Wildflour

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You can eat these breads plain, dip them in olive oil, or use it in sandwiches—they're quite the all-arounder, really. You can get your fix sent straight to your doorstep via their delivery website, Wildflour To-Go—just add to cart and check out! You can also download the Wildflour PH app and get your fix with a few taps on your smartphone.

Wildflour is a homegrown bakery and restaurant that first opened in 2012. They’re known for their pastries as well as their brunch and dinner specials that take inspiration from cuisines all over the world. Wildflour was also among the first to bring the Cronut—the trendy croissant-doughnut hybrid pastry created by pastry chef Dominique Ansel—to our shores.

For orders, download Wildflour PH for Android or iOSor log on to Wildflour To-Go's website. For more information, check out Wildflour Restaurant's Facebook page.

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