The Best Strawberry Cakes You Can Order on GrabFood and Foodpanda

Including fresh strawberry shortcakes and a swoon-worthy cheeesecake!

strawberry cakes
PHOTO BY Instagram/honeyboncakes, Facebook/Patisserie BEBE Rouge ILLUSTRATION Warren Espejo

( Tangy, naturally sweet, and juicy as heck, strawberries are definitely a top-tier fruit—and as amazing as the fresh stuff can be, their signature flavor also makes for amazing cakes! Thankfully, Manila’s got no shortage of strawberry cakes in different forms—from light and ethereal strawberry shortcakes to rich and tangy cheesecakes. We’ve got our fair share of faves that are available for preordering, but we get it: Sometimes the hankering strikes and you need your fix, stat. Enter these swoon-worthy strawberry cakes that you can easily order right as you need them, thanks to delivery apps like GrabFood and Foodpanda.

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Craving strawberry cakes right now? Go for these great-tasting versions that are available on delivery apps:

Strawberry Shortcake from Mary Grace

strawberry cakes: Strawberry Shortcake from Mary Grace
PHOTO BY Mary Grace Cafe

From deep and decadent chocolate cakes to nutty-creamy sans rival, Mary Grace slays just about any kind of cake. Their Strawberry Shortcake (starts at P278/slice) is no exception. You get a great balance of fruity and creamy worlds here, with juicy strawberries mingling with whipped cream and a plush sponge cake. Note that the amount of strawberries on top varies per season—but that doesn’t stop this cake from being so dang irresistible.

Available on GrabFood.

Strawberry Mango Bloom from Park Avenue Desserts

strawberry cakes: Strawberry Mango Bloom from Park Avenue Desserts
PHOTO BY Facebook/Park Avenue Desserts

Strawberries and mangoes are some of the most popular fruits to turn into cakes, and if you’re torn between the two, you can always go for Park Avenue Desserts’ two-for-one Strawberry Mango Bloom (P979/six inches, P1,540/eight inches)! It’s got fresh strawberries and mangoes that contribute their telltale tangy and tropical flavors, respectively, plus sweet cream and a vanilla-scented sponge to balance out their vibrancy. And with chocolate meringue sticks embellishing its sides, it’s definitely a looker, too.

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Available on GrabFood and Foodpanda.

Strawberry Shortcake from Patisserie Bebe Rouge

strawberry cakes: Strawberry Shortcake from Patisserie Bebe Rouge
PHOTO BY Facebook/Patisserie BEBE Rouge

The Japanese are known for their take on strawberry shortcake that’s relatively minimalist, but delivers impactful results with the use of great-quality ingredients. And here in Manila, one of the best places for this dessert is Japanese-French pastry shop Patisserie Bebe Rouge! Their Strawberry Shortcake (starts at P876/12 cm) is as simple as it is stellar, with marinated strawberries, billowy whipped cream, and sponge cake, plus more fresh chilled strawberries on top—but take a forkful and you’ll see how all elements come together into a light and harmonious whole that’s not too sweet. Note that on GrabFood, this pastry shop goes by the name Bebe Rouge Patisserie.

Available on GrabFood.

Strawberry Shortcake from Honeybon

strawberry cakes: Strawberry Shortcake from Honeybon
PHOTO BY Instagram/honeyboncakes

Love classic cakes that are on the lighter end of the taste-and-texture spectrum? Honeybon gives you just that—and their lineup, of course, includes the Strawberry Shortcake (P1,350). Their version of the dessert has got more than just an glossy exterior that catches the eye with its deep red hue; it also boasts a happy marriage of tangy and aromatic, with layers of vanilla cake, a white shortcake cream, and real strawberries! Talk about a win-win.

Available on GrabFood.

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Strawberry Cheesecake from Dylan Pastry

strawberry cakes: Strawberry Cheesecake from Dylan Pastry
PHOTO BY Instagram/dylanpastry

Strawberries make a great topping for cheesecakes, too—just imagine the fruit’s juiciness against the cheesecake’s richness and creaminess! Dylan Pastry’s Strawberry Cheesecake (P1,690) is definitely one of the most swoon-worthy we’ve seen. Here, the Makati-based dessert shop tops their silky-smooth signature cheesecake with fresh strawberries for a fruity bite, plus they decorate the edges with crushed pistachios for a pop of green and crunch, too! Add their crumbly graham crust to the mix, and you get a dreamy dessert that’ll sweep you off your feet with every forkful.


Available on GrabFood and Foodpanda.

Strawberry Shortcake from Cafe Macaron

strawberry cakes: Strawberry Shortcake from Cafe Macaron
PHOTO BY Cafe Macaron on GrabFood

Fairmont Makati’s resident pastry shop Cafe Macaron makes more than just, well, great macarons. Don’t miss their cakes, which are executed with great attention to detail. The Strawberry Shortcake (P385/mini cake, P1,975/whole) is as stunning to look at as it is to dig into, with chiffon cake, a vanilla cream, and fresh strawberries intricately arranged to form a dainty dessert that’s perfect as part of an afternoon tea spread.

Available on GrabFood and Foodpanda.

Strawberry Heart Cake from Tous Les Jours

strawberry cakes: Strawberry Heart Cake from Tous Les Jours
PHOTO BY Tous Les Jours

More than tempting with its heart shape and sweet shade of pink, Tous Les Jours’ Strawberry Heart Cake (P998) gives you fruitiness through and through. It pairs together a strawberry sponge cake and strawberry buttercream for a good dose of berry-on-berry action! And then there’s the finishing touch—vanilla-buttercream rosettes piped on top that contribute creaminess and, of course, make for an even prettier dessert.

Available on GrabFood and Foodpanda.

Strawberry Shortcake from Marriott Cafe

strawberry cakes: Strawberry Shortcake from Marriott Cafe
PHOTO BY Facebook/Manila Marriott Hotel

Small in size yet impactful in flavor, Marriott Cafe’s Strawberry Shortcake (P300) is a great option when you’re feeling fancy. It goes for a sleek and elegant look, where a sheet of red chocolate conceals layers of a lemon-roll sponge, strawberry jelly, and vanilla whipped ganache, plus strawberries that peek out of the top. Every forkful merges together bright, fruity, and creamy worlds, and that hint of lemon does wonders to bring out the flavor of the berries.


Available on GrabFood and Foodpanda.

Strawberry Cupcake from M Bakery

strawberry cakes: Strawberry Cupcake from M Bakery
PHOTO BY Facebook/M Bakery PH

Sometimes you just need a small, personal-sized sweet treat, and cupcakes well fit the bill! And you can totally count on M Bakery—a.k.a. the famous Magnolia Bakery from New York—for great versions of the dessert, in different flavors. The Strawberry (P205) is one to try; it’s got a cake made with strawberry purée, given extra berry power and tanginess with a strawberry-coulis center. And then there’s kicker—a generous swirl of a strawberry meringue buttercream that makes every forkful (or bite, no shame) all the more creamy and lush! Note that M Bakery’s cupcake selection changes regularly, so you’ll want to check the app if it’s in stock.

Available on GrabFood and Foodpanda.

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