10 Places Where You Can Get the Best Lechon in Carcar

We lay down what makes this lechon one you can't miss.

Inday Lita's Lechon, JCT's Carcar Lechon
PHOTO BY Inday Lita's Lechon/JCT's Carcar Lechon ILLUSTRATION War Espejo

(SPOT.ph) Every region has its own take on lechon, but Cebu has made a name for itself by perfecting the pig that doesn’t need any dips or sauces. There is a place in Cebu that’s getting recognized as the place to get lechon: Carcar City. While it is located around 90 minutes away from the city center, both locals and tourists make the journey to have a taste of that special inasal (lechon in Cebuano) What makes it different from the lechon on the rest of the island is that Carcar’s take is served “with sabaw” or in fancy culinary terms, au jus. This sabaw comes from the drippings of the lechon, so none of the flavor is wasted.

Find the best Carcar lechon here:

Arlene’s Special Lechon

Arlene’s Special Lechon
PHOTO courtesy of Arlene’s Special Lechon ILLUSTRATION War Espejo

If you ever find yourself in the Carcar Public Market, Arlene’s Special Lechon is one of the first lechon stalls you’ll see. Their version is cooked with the signature ingredients of lemongrass, garlic, and onions, but what sets it apart is the choice of the sabaw. If you like spicy food, you’re in luck. Customers can choose between regular or spicy jus. A kilo is P500.

Arlene’s Special Lechon is at Stall 7, Carcar City Public Market. For more information, contact 0932-296-0549 or visit their Facebook page.

Oca Paraz Native Lechon

Oca Paraz Native Lechon
PHOTO courtesy of Oca Paraz Native Lechon ILLUSTRATION War Espejo

Oca Paraz is known for lechon that’s juicy inside but with super crispy skin. They even let us in on a secret. The best part to get is the belly, because it’s stuffed with pasyotes and pineapple juice. The herb imparts an earthy flavor, while the juice gives it brightness and sweetness. This unique combination gives their lechon a distinct flavor. A kilo is P500.

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Oca Paraz Native Lechon is at Stall 2, Carcar City Public Market. For more information, contact 0923-942-1353 or visit their Facebook page.

Carcar Lechon Baboy

Carcar Lechon Baboy
PHOTO courtesy of Carcar Lechon Baboy ILLUSTRATION War Espejo

Carcar Lechon Baboy might not have a physical presence, but they more than make up for it by being extra responsive on Facebook and their cellphone, especially if you want lechon ASAP. If you have a last-minute party with a hundred guests (what a concept in 2021!), Carcar Lechon Belly is the one you should call. The Jumbo Lechon (P12,000) weighs 50 to 60 kilos and can feed, that’s right, a hundred people.

To sweeten the deal, they even throw in a free order of Denugoan Laman Loob Adubo. It’s pig’s intestines marinated with soy sauce and vinegar and fried with a mixture of onions and garlic. Another perk? Free delivery to Cebu City! 


For more information, contact 0907-185-3235 or visit their Facebook page.

Inday Lita’s Lechon Carcar

Inday Lita’s Lechon Carcar prides themselves on recipes that have been passed down for at least 3 generations. On top of that, they’re very involved and oversee every stage of the process, even the raising of the pigs! Like other Carcar mangangasal (lechonero), Inday Lita’s uses pasyotes to flavor their lechon. It gives off a heavy, savory aroma that triggers a mouth-watering smell. You’d have to try lechon that’s been given that level of attention. 

Inday Lita’s Lechon Carcar is at Baha-Baha Liburon, Carcar City. For more information, contact 0995-928-2659 or visit their Facebook page.

Bebie's Special Lechon

Bebie’s Special Lechon
PHOTO courtesy of Bebie’s Special Lechon ILLUSTRATION War Espejo

Bebie’s Lechon has been a Carcar Public Market staple since the 1950s. But they’ve been so tight-lipped about their recipe that all we know is that they use different herbs and aromatics, like tanglad and white and red onions. What also sets them apart is how they have perfected their technique of cooking lechon skin. If you’re in the mood for lechon with extra crispy skin, ask them how old the pig was. They say the older the pig, the crispier its skin gets! A kilo is P500.

Bebie’s Special Lechon is at Stall 3, Carcar City Public Market. For more information, contact 0906-854-2008. 

Apo ni Bebie’s

Apo ni Bebie’s
PHOTO courtesy of Apo ni Bebie’s ILLUSTRATION War Espejo

Apo ni Bebie’s is quite literally the grandson of Bebie’s Lechon. So aside from the slight difference in the name, you’ll be getting the same quality lechon. The family recipe has survived generations, and with this comes the mastery of making sure the entire pig is perfectly seasoned. They boast of calibrating their recipe against the weight of the meat with precision. The result, tender lechon with perfectly crispy skin. Their bestseller is their 35-kilo Whole Lechon (P9,000, P500/kilo).


Apo ni Bebie’s is at Diversion Road Poblacion II, Carcar City. For more information, contact 0927-037-7616. 

Lita and Joel’s Lechon

Lita and Joel’s Lechon
PHOTO courtesy of Lita and Joel’s Lechon ILLUSTRATION War Espejo

You’ll know if you’re in the vicinity of Lita and Joel’s Lechon, because, like a siren song, the aroma will instantly draw you in. The source of the powerful fragrance is the spice mix they use. Like most lechonero, they keep their cards close to their chest and only reveal to us the Filipino staples, onion and garlic. Lucky for you, they already have two branches in Carcar and are planning to open another one in Naga City, Cebu. A kilo is P500.

Lita and Joel’s Lechon has branches at Stall 9, Carcar City Public Market and near Carcar City Hall. For more information, contact 0951-193-2572.

L&M’s Lechon

L&M’s Lechon
PHOTO BY courtesy of L&M’s Lechon ILLUSTRATION War Espejo

L&M’s Lechon is another litsonan you don’t want to miss as they’re one of the few places that use pasyotes. This herb is actually well-known in these areas as it only grows in Carcar in this region. To add another layer of flavor to the lechon, dip it in suka sa Lumboy, which is coconut vinegar infused with duhat (Java plum) and maybe even some chilis. What’s interesting is that, once you can get past the aplod (mapakla) taste of the fruit you’ll find that it’s actually sweet. And it’s signature dark purple color turns the vinegar an orange, almost coral hue.

They also sell their lechon cheaper than the standard kilo price (P450/kilo), and can conveniently service Carcar City and Cebu City, as both owners are from there.

For more information, contact 0918-395-4830 or visit their Facebook page.

JCT’s Lechon Baboy


JCT’s Lechon Baboy uses traditional lechon flavors. But unlike most of the other brands on this list, they place their lechon as part of a bilao package. This is party food if you’ve ever known it. The sets with lechon belly, rice, grilled honey glazed baby back ribs start at P2,399. They even come with a choice of side dishes—dilis, ginisang uyap (sauteed shrimp paste), or even kamatisang pinikas na buwad (a type of dried fish, which gets its name from its butterflied form, cooked in tomatoes, onions, and vinegar). You can even upgrade your bilao to include dessert—coconut macaroons or budbud (suman), anyone?

For more information, contact 0999-408-9950 or visit their Facebook page.

Wowie’s Lechon Belly

Wowie’s Lechon Belly
PHOTO courtesy of Wowie’s Lechon Belly ILLUSTRATION War Espejo

Wowie’s Lechon Belly has been in the lechon business for five years. Their lechon has gained such a reputation that even Manileños want to bring this back home. Because of this demand, their team has learned the best ways to pack lechon to make sure it can survive the flight. They pride themselves on marinating the pig overnight to be sure the flavor seeps in every part of the meat. Wowie himself compares the tenderness of the meat to marinated barbeque and the crunchiness of the skin to a tortilla chip. 


Wowie’s can also accommodate your preferred spice levels. If you purchase a minimum of three whole lechon, they’ll send you a complimentary chicharon-topped palabok

Wowie’s Lechon Belly is at N. Bacalso Avenue, Lagang, Carcar City. For more information, contact 0977-816-1589 or visit their Facebook page.

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