Forget Pineapples, This Soon-to-Open Diner Tops Their Pizza With Peaches

Opening soon in Quezon City!

Diner 55 and Peaches on pizza
PHOTO BY Diner 55

( Polarizing as Hawaiian pizza can be, its fans would know that the idea of fruit on pizza makes for a fantastic combo that plays on contrasts—think sweet meets savory, crisp-chewy meets juicy. Pineapples, of course, are a popular option—but there's no reason you can't explore that same idea with other fruit! One upcoming establishment is doing just that with their one-of-a-kind version, which instead uses lush, tangy peaches. Check out the Yo! Fernando pizza by the soon-to-open Diner 55.

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Peaches on pizza from Diner 55
Peaches on pizza is the combo you never knew you needed.
PHOTO BY Diner 55

This unconventional pizza is a surprising, sweet-savory treat:

With double-smoked ham, caramelized onions, mozzarella , peach slices, and a balsamico reduction, the Yo! Fernando pizza gives you a novel way to enjoy the fruit-pizza tandem. Unconventional as it might sound, it totally works—every bite brings together vibrant and meaty worlds, with a BBQ-esque profile plus the balsamico adding a pop of brightness toward the end. And then there's the pillowy crust that's lightly charred on the outside, crisp on the bottom, and chewy through and through.

Yo! Fernando pizza from Diner 55
We say it works!
PHOTO BY Patricia Baes

At the helm of the upcoming diner is Chef RJ Ungco, whose culinary experience includes training at the Les Roches School of Hotel Management in Switzerland and opening restaurants like Café Enye and Spatzle. And at Diner 55, the chef explores the genre of good ol' reliable comfort fare, given ingenious twists with inspiration from all over the world. With dishes like the diner-inspired Ooh-Beh! Waffle and Chicken (with ube waffles!) served alongside the Asian-leaning Garlicky Beef Bowl and Western faves like the 5-5 Burger, it's the kind of place where you can treat yourself to familiar faves while going beyond your comfort zone.

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Diner 55
Diner 55 is opening soon in Quezon City.
PHOTO BY Diner 55
5-5 Burger from Diner 55
They'll also be serving this loaded 5-5 Burger, or their take on a Smash Burger. 
PHOTO BY Diner 55

Ready to get your fix? Diner 55 opens their doors on November 4.

Diner 55 will be at 1-i Dr. Garcia Street corner Mother Ignacia Avenue, Barangay Paligsahan, Quezon City. For more information, check out Diner 55's Facebook page.


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