Champorado Ice Cream With Tuyo? Poison's Famous Doughnuts Have Been Transformed

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Champorado ice cream from Poison Doughnuts x Merry Moo
PHOTO BY Poison Doughnuts

( If your idea of a drool-worthy sweet treat involves pillowy doughnuts with flavors that are as ingenious as they are executed real beautifully, you're probably well-acquainted with Poison Doughnuts—a.k.a. the Filipino doughnut shop that churns out some of the best doughnuts you can find in the Metro. Among their standout (and often sold-out!) flavors is the Champorado, which captures the essence of the merienda classic by way of a combo of 42% Auro milk chocolate, rice crispies, and even tuyo flakes enveloping their signature sourdough-brioche doughnut base! Decadent as the Champorado Doughnut already is, Poison's taking it into cool and creamy new heights as ice cream! Yup, check out the new Champorado Ice Cream from Poison Coffee & Doughnuts, in collaboration with ice-cream brand Merry Moo.


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Champorado ice cream from Poison Doughnuts x Merry Moo
This creamy treat takes after Poison Doughnuts' famed Champorado flavor, itself based on the merienda classic of the same name.
PHOTO BY Poison Doughnuts
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Don't miss these drool-worthy ice creams from Poison Doughnuts and Merry Moo:

Like the original doughnut, Poison Doughnuts and Merry Moo's Champorado Ice Cream (P450) delivers the deeply chocolatey profile of champorado. It's got Merry Moo's dark Tsokolate ice cream as the base, studded with chunks of chocolate-coated doughnuts with toasted pinipig for crunch. And then there's the kicker: tuyo flakes that make for a salty, umami contrast to the deep, dark chocolate! Yup, just like what you get when consuming champorado the Filipino way—that is, with salted fish alongside the chocolate-imbued porridge.


There's more where that came from, Spotters—don't miss the other flavors under the Poison Doughnuts and Merry Moo collaboration, also based on other treats and sips Poison is known for. For a spiced and warming bite, try the Garam Masala (P450) that's got Poison Doughnut’s own garam masala sugar steeped into Merry Moo's velvety dairy base. Love yourself some fruit-on-cream action with Filipino flair to boot? The Mangga't Suman (P450) has your back, as it's got latik-coated doughnut pieces and toasted pinipig mixed into Merry Moo's mango ice cream. And for coffeeheads, the Cold Brew (P450) is an excellent take on coffee ice cream, with Poison’s cold brew steeped in Merry Moo's dairy base for a robust yet silky-smooth scoop.

Garam Masala ice cream from Poison Doughnuts x Merry Moo
The Garam Masala is based on another well-loved doughnut flavor at Poison, featuring the Indian spice blend for spiced, warming bites.
PHOTO BY Poison Doughnuts
Mangga't Suman ice cream from Poison Doughnuts x Merry Moo
Go for the Mangga't Suman for a fruity, creamy treat with Filipino flair.
PHOTO BY Poison Doughnuts
Cold Brew ice cream from Poison Doughnuts x Merry Moo
The Cold Brew is an excellent rendition of good ol' coffee ice cream.
PHOTO BY Poison Doughnuts

You can get a taste of these ice creams by heading over to Poison's website, or by coursing your order through the delivery websites of the Tasteless Food Group or The Grid. You can also head to Merry Moo's delivery website.

Poison Doughnuts is a local doughnut brand known for their handcrafted doughnuts in out-of-this-world flavors, made with great-quality ingredients. Merry Moo, on the other hand, is a local ice-cream brand that churns up premium ice cream using non-ultra heat treated dairy sourced from Laguna farmers.

For orders, visit Poison Doughnuts on, the Tasteless Food Group's websiteThe Grid's website, or Merry Moo's website. For more information, check out the Facebook pages of Poison Doughnuts or Merry Moo Ice Cream.

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