10 Shops That Make the Daintiest + Prettiest Cakes in Cebu

Lifelike gumpaste flowers, ombré, naked cakes, you name it!

PHOTO BY Courtesy of Baked Cravings and Sweet Monkees

(SPOT.ph) We’ve always eaten with our eyes, so it just makes sense that we want a cake that’s as pretty as it is delectable. And thanks to new trends in baking—and let’s face it, social media—even home bakers have gotten more creative with their own spin on a long-time favorite dessert: cake. Entrepreneurs in the Queen City of the South are no exception, a great thing for the Cebuano public. Not only does it mean that the cakes we avail of for whatever occasion—birthdays, graduations, weddings, to name a few—are tasty; it also means they're sure to elicit more wows, oohs, and ahs from our guests even before they take that first bite.


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Planning a celebration or even a simple get-together where you really want to wow everyone when it’s time for dessert? These home bakers just might have what you need. 

These small businesses make the most #aesthetic cakes in Cebu:

Dee 'Sweets

PHOTO Courtesy of Dee 'Sweets
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One ingredient that bakers have gotten around to experimenting quite a lot with—practically turning it into an art form—is buttercream. Culinary artist Amanda Lourdes “Dee” Tan started Dee 'Sweets back in 2018 with cookies and pastries. After she took a private course on cake designing in Korea, however, Dee 'Sweets has since expanded its menu to offer floral buttercream cakes that are almost too pretty to eat (only you'd be missing out on an honest-to-goodess treat). Customers have a choice between Designer Floral Cakes (P3,000), a treat blooming with a variety of flowers and color choices, or the Regular Floral Cake (P2,000), which is decorated with meticulously hand-piped buttercream roses in two colors.

Dee 'Sweets is at Maria Luisa, Banilad, Cebu City. For more information, visit their Instagram page and their Facebook page.

Baked Cravings

PHOTO Courtesy of Baked Cravings

Baked Cravings has been around since 2015 and they specialize in customizable cakes. Their signature buttercream took some time to perfect according to proprietor Jessica Fernandez-Pelayo, and all that trial and error was definitely worth the effort. Not only does their buttercream hold just the right amount of sweetness but the consistency allows their cakes to be designed in more complex ways. Want a cake layered in icing that resembles a bed of flowers? They’ve done that. What about a cake that looks like a packet of instant noodles? They’ve done that too. Their largest cakes, which can serve between 10 to 12 people, are priced between P1,150 to P2,000, depending on the level of customization. First-time customers looking for a sampler can try out their petite cakes (P300 to P350), good for one to two people. All cake sizes are customizable, so whether it’s just you—no judgment here—or you and someone else, or with 10 other people, they've got your back.


Baked Cravings is at Forest Hills, Banawa, Cebu City. For more information, visit their Instagram page and Facebook page.

The Kitchen Project by Jackie

PHOTO Courtesy of the kitchen project

Reminiscent of your favorite childhood cakes, the Classic Boiled Icing Cake (P750) is covered in swirls of delicate and cloudlike white frosting. This custard-filled moist chocolate cake can be further customized to suit the occasion’s theme. If you’re planning an undersea-themed birthday bash, baker and owner Jackie Du-Imboy can whip up a Mermaid Cake (P1,500) that shimmers like the sea on a crystal clear summer day. What about a number cake to match the celebrant’s age? The Kitchen Project can do that too, with both single (P1,500) and double (P3,000) digits, topping your order with gold-wrapped chocolate balls and bars to boot.  


The Kitchen Project by Jackie is in Capitol Site, Cebu City. For more information, contact 0917-633-3235 or visit their Instagram page and Facebook page.

Sweet Monkees Bakery

PHOTO Courtesy of Sweet Monkees

Sweet Monkees boasts a staggering twenty-five flavors of cheesecake! Their JaMonkee (P1,350), for instance, is flavored with coffee while their LeMonkee (P1,350) is a tart and tangy lemony treat that’s a favorite among customers. If you want something for the ‘Gram and your tastebuds, you’ll be pleased with their Monkee Medley (P1,850), a cheesecake topped with assorted berries, including sliced strawberries and raspberries. There’s also the Monkee with Fruit and Blooms (P2,700) which has both a mixture of custom fruits and actual flowers.


Sweet Monkees Bakery is in Banilad, Cebu City. For more information, visit their Instagram page.

The Skinny Baker PH

PHOTO Courtesy of The Skinny Baker

Looking for a home baker who delivers signature cakes but is also able to put a creative spin on classic favorites? The Skinny Baker just might be your answer. Their three main flavors are Red Velvet, Carrot Cake, and Chocolate Moist Cake, all of which can be decked out to fit the look you’re going for. Their Chocolate Moist Cake, for example, can be upgraded to a Chocolate Overload Drip Cake (P2,500). A distinct offering, though, is their Red Wine Chocolate Cake (P600/six inches, P1,100/seven inches), which has red wine infused into both cake and frosting. It even has strokes of edible gold patching on top. These cakes can all be customized even further with prices depending on the design.


The Skinny Baker PH is at Forest Hills, Banawa, Cebu City. For more information, visit their Instagram page or Facebook page. 


PHOTO Courtesy of Bakeology

Tall cakes tend to be particularly pricey—especially if the client requests for intricate designs—but this shop keeps it friendly on your wallet. Bakeology offers three types of customized cakes, all of which are priced between P1,200 to P6,000, depending on the level of customization. Their Modern Cakes carry an elegant look with bright, colorful designs meant to match the motifs of occasions like weddings and debuts. Their Overload Cakes, which owner and baker Janelle Rae Untal humorously calls her “no theme” cakes, are stacked with any amount of toppings requested by the client: anything from chocolate bars to assorted berries and more.


Bakeology is at Gentle Breeze Subdivision, Hernan Cortes Street, Mandaue City. Visit their Instagram page or Facebook page.

Lucy’s Cakes and Pastries

PHOTO Courtesy of Lucy's Cakes and Pastries

There are those who are easily put off by sweetness so cakes loaded with sugar are a no-no for them. Lucy's Cakes and Pastries hits that sweet spot (pun intended) between having a rich flavor and subtle sweetness that makes cake the treat that it is. Their minimalist Chocolate Moist Cake with Buttercream Frosting (P550 to P1,000) is made with alkalized cocoa powder—giving it a dark look and depth of flavor—and buttercream derived from condensed milk. The customized Chocolate Moist Cake (P2,000) has proven to be one of their best-sellers. This cake is covered in the same condensed milk-based buttercream and is designed with maco paste flowers with a tasty fondant dedication plaque to top it all off.


Lucy’s Cakes and Pastries is at Barangay Capitol Site, Cebu City. For more information, visit their Instagram page and Facebook page.

Cakes by Mae Ko

PHOTO Courtesy of Mae Ko

Anyone with a fondness for mixing and matching, and looking to apply this habit in their cake ordering, would do well to shoot this home baker a message. Cakes by Mae Ko offers a total of six cake flavors (P2,000 to P3,500/six inches) that clients can choose to mix and match, even down to the filling. These six flavors are Vanilla Bean, Vanilla Bean with Lemon Curd Filling, Vanilla Bean with Caramel Filling, Mocha Espresso, Chocolate with Whipped Ganache, and Chocolate with Whipped Ganache and Caramel Filling. Their key ingredient is Italian Buttercream. If you’re someone who is particular with details, and you need to have the cake come out exactly as you imagined it (or maybe even prettier), then not to worry. Owner Mae Geraldine Ko makes sure she works very closely with clients so she can get all the instructions right.


Cakes by Mae Ko is in Banilad, Cebu City. For more information, visit their Instagram page and Facebook page.

Kristina’s Kitchen

PHOTO Courtesy of Kristina's Kitchen

Kristina’s Kitchen has budget-friendly cakes that don't scrimp on looks or flavor. All under P1,000, these customizable cakes are sure to suit any occasion. Their 4x3-inch Bento or Pocket Cakes (P220) make for a great solo gift for a birthday celebrant. Their Minimalist Cakes (P500/7x3 inches) can be designed more intricately and come in a whole range of unexpected colors that can match the personality of whoever the cake is dedicated to. Their tall Portrait Cakes (P950/8x3 inches) provide the most space to work with. 


You can choose between four flavors for all their cake types: Mocha, Ube, Mango, and the highly recommended Chocolate Moist. Owner and baker Anna Kristina Montecillo recommends the latter as it’s not too sweet but is still quite rich with homemade ganache, chocolate filling, and shavings.

Kristina’s Kitchen is at Barangay Sta. Cruz, Pelaez Extension, Cebu City. For more information, contact 0926-044-6430 or visit their Facebook page.

Love, Miss J

PHOTO BY Courtesy of Love, Miss J

Love, Miss J draws a lot of inspiration from Korean-style minimalist cakes but they can also do more intricate designs that taste just as good as they look. Their best-seller is their Strawberry Shortcake (P950), which, despite being cream-based, is surprisingly light and fluffy. The sliced strawberries and cream that top it only make it even daintier. Their Tiramisu Twist (P750), on the other hand, is a little more one-of-a-kind. A banana cake infused with coffee is used as a base, then layered in a rich tiramisu cream icing. Perhaps just as novel and interesting is their Tablea Yema Cake (P850) which carries a stronger tablea flavor perfectly balanced by a soft yema filling.

Love, Miss J is in Sitio Ylaya, Talamban, Cebu City. For more information, visit their Instagram page or Facebook page.

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