These Superb Filipino Chocolate Bars Get a Boozy Boost From Top-Tier Rum

Auro Chocolate x Don Papa Rum chocolate bar
PHOTO BY Auro Chocolate

( We've come a long way from the old notion that imported is always better—and thank heavens, because the Philippines is home to a good number of local players that make excellent versions of different goods and eats. In the food world, for example, you've got Auro Chocolate and Don Papa—both well-established players known for their topnotch chocolate and rum, respectively. So we couldn't be more excited that they'll be collaborating to make a special chocolate bar, which will be available only until supplies last!


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Auro Chocolate x Don Papa Rum chocolate bar
Auro Chocolate and Don Papa Rum have teamed up to make one truly special chocolate bar. 
PHOTO BY Auro Chocolate

Don't miss this limited-edition chocolate bar from Auro Chocolate and Don Papa Rum:

Dubbed the Auro x Don Papa: 70% Dark Chocolate Rum Infused bar (P295/60 grams), this small-batch chocolate is a powerhouse that pairs the robust, earthy character of Auro's 70% dark chocolate (made with fine cacao beans from Saloy Estate, Davao!) with the fruity, subtly vanilla-tinged note of Don Papa's premium aged, single-island rum. Add to that the silky-melty characteristic of Auro's bars, with just a hint of tannin toward the end, and you've got a truly special bar that bridges the worlds of chocolate and liquor into one harmonious treat! You'll want to savor this slowly and mindfully—this the kind of chocolate that just about takes you on a bit of a journey, as the flavor notes slowly unfold and develop as it melts. It also makes a great gift for that food-loving friend of yours who takes their chocolate or liquor real seriously—or just anyone up for exploring how truly amazing our local cacao and sugarcane can be, especially when in the hands of skillful artisans.

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Auro Chocolate x Don Papa Rum chocolate bar
This is the kind of chocolate that takes you on one heck of a flavor journey.
PHOTO BY Patricia Baes
Auro Chocolate x Don Papa Rum chocolate bar
Plus points for the superb packaging!
PHOTO BY Auro Chocolate

Drooling yet? You can place your orders for this treat through Auro Chocolate's website. Note that they've only got 1,000 bars on hand and will not be producing another batch after that.

Auro Chocolate is a Filipino company that was launched in 2015. They make bean-to-bar chocolate with cacao beans sourced directly from farming partners in Mindanao. Don Papa Rum, on the other hand, is a brand of premium aged, single-island rum made on the foothills of Mt. Kanlaon, using sugarcane from the Negros Island Region.

For orders, visit Auro Chocolate's website. You can also check out the Facebook pages of Auro Chocolate and Don Papa Rum.

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