Coming Soon: A Local Coffee Venture From the Folks Who Brought Us % Arabica

Opening in BGC!

( We're sure you heard about % Arabica's sudden departure just a couple of weeks back—and if you were a fan of the famed Japanese coffee shop, it was a real sad thought that you could possibly never get to have your fix of their cups of joe in Manila again, at least for the time being. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel, Spotters, as % Arabica's former partners are opening a new coffee brand very soon!

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The former Philippine partners of % Arabica are starting a new coffee venture soon:

In an update posted February 1, former % Arabica franchiser Allue Hortaleza of See the World through Coffee Corporation posted a statement on her personal Instagram account. "Though our partnership with % Arabica has come to a close, our efforts to deliver warm, inviting, and high-quality coffee shops continue," it reads—and the post mentions that it's been a dream of theirs to build a brand that's "proudly Filipino." Hortaleza also hints at something upcoming, telling followers to "stay tuned while we finish brewing something good."

PHOTO BY Screenshot/@alluehortaleza on Instagram

Enter Angkan Coffee Company, a photo from the Instagram page of which was reposted to Hortaleza's Instagram account on February 10. It is said to be a "100% local coffee brand", which aims to "[bring] you the best beans and brews from around the [Philippines] and around the world" according to their social media pages. In an exchange with, Hortaleza shares that Angkan would go the proudly local route, but also give us a taste of great coffee you can get around the world, by having a range of both Filipino and international coffee beans on their lineup.

"If you think about % Arabica for example, you of course know that it is a coffee shop homegrown in Japan that showcases different beans from all over the world (except from Japan), but at the same time has a very distinct Japanese feel given its locally-inspired aesthetic," says Hortaleza. At Angkan, they seek to go the similar route by "blending modern Filipino aesthetics and traditional Filipino hospitality that we as a people are very much known for"—as well as "showcasing locally-sourced coffee beans as well as the people involved in their farm-to-cup journey."

Angkan Coffee Company
Philippine coffee, represent!
PHOTO BY Facebook/Angkan Coffee Company
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"I can’t begin tell you how many of my friends within the Philippine coffee industry were interested in pursuing partnerships or collaborations with us while we were running % Arabica [Philippines], and it was unfortunate that our partners at % Arabica had our hands tied in this regard, especially given how incredible these different sorts of ideas and propositions could have been," Hortaleza laments. "Now that we’ve moved on to Angkan, I’m very excited to be finally entertaining these different avenues that really stay true to our 'proudly Filipino' vision."

"Lastly, the cornerstone of our accomplishments in running %Arabica PH definitely lies within the team we’ve built and nurtured over the years, without whom I truly believe the franchise would not have had the success it did in the country, and I am so fortunate to be able to keep on working with these same amazing individuals to bring Angkan to life. I’m so impressed by how far our team has come and how they continuously strive to elevate their 'coffee game' so to speak, and [as an] ode to this, we will be rotating novel drinks on the menu made by our very own baristas in order to demonstrate how the creativity of our homegrown talent is more than able to compete on the global stage."

Hortaleza also confirms that Angkan Coffee Company will be open a café in Bonfacio Global City. "Let me put it this way: all previous customers of all % Arabica PH branches, especially die-hard ones, won’t have to deviate very far from their previous routines in order to get a taste of the ANGKAN experience very, very soon." Shortly after, you can also expect them to launch a subscription-based direct delivery option—"great for coffee lovers who won’t ever have to worry about having our coffee always within reach in the comfort of their own homes."


For more information, check out Angkan Coffee Company's Facebook page.

UPDATE (February 22, 12:46 p.m.): has been able to confirm the location and get additional insights in an exchange with Ms. Allue Hortaleza. The article has been updated to reflect that development.

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