Is Nips' Newest Flavor the Strawberry-Chocolatey Candy of Our Dreams?

We tried the new Nips Strawberry Delight.

nips strawberry delight
PHOTO BY jack & jill nips ILLUSTRATION Warren Espejo

( We love chocolate, we love strawberries. But something especially magical happens when these two flavor elements come together! You've likely had the combo in treats like flavored milks, chocolate-covered strawberries, candies, and other confections—and Nips is joining the fun with the newest flavor of their signature candy-coated dragees, dubbed the Nips Strawberry Delight. We got to try the candies for ourselves and here's what we think.

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nips strawberry delight
There's a new flavor of Nips in town.
PHOTO BY Mia Rodriguez

Don't miss the newest flavor of Nips candies:

Nips' Strawberry Delight (P16/40-gram pack, SRP) are described to be "luscious candy-coated strawberry flavored chocolate" and said to be made with "ruby cocoa"—likely referring to the cocoa beans used for ruby chocolate, the so-called "fourth chocolate" (alongside dark, milk, and white variations) that's famed for its reddish look and natural berry-like flavor. Cracking into a piece indeed reveals a pinkish hue similar to ruby chocolate, and fruity aroma. As with all their stuff, are coated with a crackly candy shell—dyed dark brown in some pieces, and candy-bright pink in others—and somehow seem larger than the Nips of our childhood.

Taste-wise, we're definitely into these treats. You can opt to pop them in your mouth and chew away, which lets you savor the soft yet satisfying crispness of the shell before getting to the chocolate. Alternatively—if you have the patience to spare—you could, of course, melt them in your mouth. Either way you get to an interior that delivers the tiniest hint of tartness before slightly milky (but not overly sweet) chocolate comes through. Well-played, Nips—you get a good balance of the creamy-meets-bittersweet and fruity profiles of chocolate and strawberries, respectively.

nips strawberry delight
The interior of these candies have a pinkish hue, similar to ruby chocolate. 
PHOTO BY Mia Rodriguez
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It is in fact similar in flavor to what you get from higher-end ruby chocolate bars, perhaps with just a touch less tanginess—but that very softness of the flavor (not to mention the nature of Nips itself) makes it real addictive, and fast. After a while, the milkiness of the chocolate and that signature Nips taste gets more powerful, with the strawberry tartness lingering on.

What we're not so sold on is the slightly greasy feel it leaves on the tongue—and a peek into the ingredient list reveals the likely culprit: hydrogenated vegetable fat, listed as the second ingredient. This is often used in cheaper candy bars and compound chocolate as a sub for the more expensive cacao butter, though it comes at the expense of mouthfeel and flavor.

But it's also understandable in this context. This is Nips we're talking about after all: the well-loved, nostalgic Filipino brand that's on the affordable rather than high-end or craft end of the chocolate spectrum. Still, if that waxiness is something you can look past (pro tip: crunching down the candies, rather than having them melt in the mouth, makes it less discernible), you get a great-tasting fruity-chocolatey treat that satisfies for under P20 a pop. You can find these candies at most major supermarkets (we found ours at Puregold!), or even get it delivered from selected shops on GrabMart (e.g. Ever Supermarket).

Nips—not to be confused with the hard candy makers of the same name in the States—is a brand of candy-coated chocolate dragees from the Universal Robina Corporation.


For more information, check out Nips Philippines' Facebook page.

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