Sheeeesh! Soya Beancurd Frap, Goodbye Cibo Grape Shake + More of Today's Most Shocking Food News

Before you panic, check the calendar.


( It's that time of the year again, and no, we're not talking about Christmas. With the dawn of April comes all things humorous as we "celebrate" the yearly occasion (if you can call it that) known as April Fool's Day—the day where it's almost tradition for folks around the world to play jokes, gags, and pranks for sh*ts and giggles, and get away with it too. And with that air of general despair (to put it very lightly) plaguing the past few years (or really, what feels like forever), we are happy to report that the country finally has a few, very limited, brain cells spare enough to joke around. Not excluding ourselves. Not every headline needs to lead to a spiral anymore! 

A number of dining establishments in Manila have decided to join in the fun this fool's day with their own share of what has to be prank announcements and social media posts. We round up the ones that had us gasping—or drooling—before looking at the calendar and remembering what day it is anyway.


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These are the wildest things we've seen from Metro Manila restaurants this April Fool's 2022:

Flavored Rice from Potato Corner

potato corner
PHOTO BY Facebook/Potato Corner

More than the arguably no-fail premise that is fried potatoes, what makes Potato Corner so darn loved among the local crowd is the powdered seasonings you can opt to have flavoring their fries. Now imagine those seasonings with rice—yay, or nay?

Our take: We say it'd probably depend on the flavor variant—the tangy-creamy Sour Cream or zingy Chili BBQ might work as those are on the more savory or spicy end of the spectrum. On the other hand, sweeter flavors like the Cheese seem a tad too offbeat to have with rice.

Phaseouts of Signature Sips from Cibo

PHOTO BY Screenshot/CIBO's Facebook page
watch now

Cibo ain't just so well-loved for their pasta and other casual Italian fare. They're one of the few spots well worth trooping over even just on the basis of their drinks—two especially famous ones being their iced tea and grape shake! The restaurant pulled quite a gag as they posted about phasing out these drinks due to "supply concerns"—but smart folks who clicked or tapped on "Read more" would see that this was really just an April Fool's joke.

Our take: NGL you had us there, Cibo. Well-played. (But next time, maybe ease of playing with our hearts like that. We get enough of that elsewhere.)

Soya Beancurd from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, cbtl

Sheeeeesh! (Raise your hand if you get the reference.) Who needs frappuccinos and milk tea when you've got the the O.G. of the dessert-esque drink genre for us Filipinos—good ol' taho? (You could argue it's more of a sweet soothing soup meant to be taken with a spoon, but most of us take it by sipping through the cup anyway. Close enough.) The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf had us doing a double-take with their Soya Beancurd Ice Blended—a proposed drink that would come with tapioca pearls and your choice of sinkers, and even your preferred arnibal sweetness level. Taho, but make it fancy.


Our take: PLEASE MAKE THIS REAL. We'll order 20.

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