These Are the Standout Local Ice Cream Brands on GrabFood and Foodpanda

Get your cool, creamy dessert fix with a few taps on your phone.

ice cream on grabfood and foodpanda
PHOTO BY Papa Diddi’s Handcrafted Ice Cream, Instagram/

( No dessert screams “beat the heat” like a cool, creamy scoop of ice cream—and there’s something especially comforting about the thought of having a pint (or two, or twelve) in your freezer for whenever the craving strikes. What’s great is that you can easily stock up the goods without leaving the house! You can find a number of homegrown ice cream brands and purveyors from shops on delivery apps GrabFood and Foodpanda—and if you’re torn on where to go, we’ve rounded up some of our top picks that you can rely on for stellar scoops.


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Get ice cream for delivery from these restos and brands on GrabFood or Foodpanda:


PHOTO BY Instagram/

Japanese flavors get classic and contempoporary treatments over at Kurimu. Purists will be happy to know that they make great versions of classic Japanese scoops like Matcha (P420/pint) and Black Sesame (P420/pint), while those looking to go out of their comfort zone can make space in their freezers for variants like Shoyu Caramel (P420/pint) and even Guacamiso (P450/pint) a.k.a. avocado plus miso.


Available on GrabFood and Foodpanda.

Merry Moo

merry moo
PHOTO BY Merry Moo

One of the OGs of the local artisanal ice-cream scene, Merry Moo employs local milk and cream to craft up star scoops in a range of fun flavors. They’re best known for their sultry Sea Salt Caramel (P135/cup, P385/pint) but don’t miss their other gems—which include the doubly-dusky Black Sesame and Cookies (P145/cup, P435/pint) and nutty Buko Pie (P145/cup, P435/pint).


Available on GrabFood and Foodpanda.

Super Scoops

super scoops
PHOTO BY Facebook/Super Scoops Dairy-Free

Vegan, not into dairy, or simply looking for ice cream with a nuttier taste and silkier mouthfeel than other versions? Superscoops—available via the store ODD Food and Beverages—makes frozen scoops that are smooth, velvety… and coincidentally dairy-free! In place of the usual milk or cream is coconut milk, along with unrefined coconut sweeteners, real fruit, and local chocolate where applicable. The Vanilla Caramel Pecan (P135/mini cup, P395/pint) is a no-fail with how it pairs real vanilla with caramel for depth plus bits of pecans for crunch, while the Strawberries & Cream (P115/mini cup, P365/pint) has a great balance of creaminess and tartness.


Available at ODD Food and Beverages on GrabFood and Foodpanda.

Tomoni Cafe

tomoni cafe, strawberry shortcake, soft-serve
PHOTO BY Instagram/tomonicafe

A fairly new kid on the block that’s well worth paying attention to, Tomoni peddles soft-serve—regular ice cream’s lighter, whippier cousin—in pints, and the flavors are to-die-for! The Vanilla Bean Cream (P380) highlights the taste of milk, heightened just a touch with the distinct sweet-woody note of Madagascar vanilla; you can also go for the Kyoto Matcha (P420) that’s rightfully earthy thanks to its namesake ingredient, as well as the lush yet fruity Strawberry Shortcake (P420) with a strawberry soft-serve base, vanilla sponge cake, and housemade strawberry puree.


Available on GrabFood.

Papa Diddi’s

papa diddi's
PHOTO BY Papa Diddi's Handcrafted Ice Cream

It’s all about loving local over at Papa Diddi's, and they’ve got a wide range of playful variants that highlight the best of Filipino ingredients and elements. For instance, famed Davao bean-to-bar chocolate brand Malagos makes sweet love with Barako coffee in the doubly robust Malagos Dark Choco Espresso (P350); meanwhile, there’s the Strawberries & Cream (P350) that highlight berries from Cordillera.


Available on GrabFood and Foodpanda.

Alt Scoops

alt scoops
PHOTO BY Alt Scoops

Another well-loved dairy-free purveyor, Alt Scoops crafts up ice cream using oat milk—and the resulting dessert is notably on the light side but no less dreamy in its own right. The Dark Chocolate (P375) is properly deep and dark, with a cacao-forward profile thanks to their use of Auro chocolate. We’re also fans of the Bananas Foster (P400) with a banana base infused with rum; and the Cappuccino Crunch (P400) with Italian Arabica espresso in the base plus cacao nibs coated in Auro 64% couverture chocolate.


Available on GrabFood.

Tipsy Cream

Tipsy Cream
PHOTO BY Tipsy Cream

Your inner child wants ice cream, your adult side wants alcohol. Enter Tipsy Cream, which lets hit these two birds with one stone with their line of boozy frozen treats! We’re talking devilish flavors like the Vanilla Beer (P449) with vanilla and Filipino lager; the Hot Chocolate Brandy (P449) that’s also got a spicy kick; and the Lychee Gin Sherbet (P449) that’s—get this—six to seven percent ABV. Not looking to get intoxicated? They do also have non-alcoholic options like the Cookie Dough (P419) and Latte Crumble (P419).


Available on GrabFood and Foodpanda.


farmacy ice cream
PHOTO BY Instagram/farmacyicecream

If their winning chocolate cake, buko pie, and other bakes and pastries are to go by, it's that the folks that brought us Wildflour have a great hand at dessert—and they extend that to the frozen-treat realm via their resident ice-cream leg, Farmacy. Available through Wildflour's page on delivery apps, Farmacy is all about classic and nostalgic flavors like Chocolate (P822/quart), Coffee Almond Fudge (P863/pint), and Mint Chocolate Chip (P863/quart), along with a couple of distinctly Filipino entries like the Ube (P822/quart).


Available from Wildflour on GrabFood and Foodpanda.

Mad Mark’s

mad mark's
PHOTO BY Mad Mark's Creamery & Good Eats

Mad Mark’s may be a steak place first and foremost, but their ice cream game is sure on point with their line of premium scoops. Expect great takes on classic flavors, with signatures that include the Half-Baked Madagascar (P406/pint) with cookie bits in a Madagascar vanilla ice-cream base; the Javan Hot Choco (P406/pint) that highlights dark, high-quality chocolate; and the Walnut Cinnamon (P406/pint) with bits of walnut praline and warming aroma of Ceylon cinnamon.


Available on GrabFood.


PHOTO BY Facebook/Elait

Dessert shop Overdoughs may be best known for their cookies, but there's more to them than that; they also sell a line of ice cream under the moniker Elait and the flavor lineup ranges from the nostalgic to the novel. The Champorado Ice Cream (P349) presents the Filipino meryenda as a crisp-creamy frozen treat with a bittersweet chocolate base, rice crispies, and a topping of milk powder; there’s also the clever MGCQ (P349) which the mango-graham combo a savory-sweet twist with caramel and cheddar cheese.


Available from Overdoughs on GrabFood and Foodpanda.

The Lost Bread

the lost bread
PHOTO BY The Lost Bread

Hailed among the 50 best ice-cream parlors in the world by travel website Big 7 Travel, The Lost Bread churns out frozen treats in whimsical flavors that’d appeal to your inner child. There’s the 90s Kids Mix (P275), for one, with a milk ice-cream base plus iced gems, sprinkles, and mini marshmallows to help you relive the ‘90s nostalgia; alternatively, there’s the Campfire S’mores (P275) with chocolate ice cream, torched marshmallows, and graham crackers.


Available on GrabFood and Foodpanda.

Moonsky & Sunny

moonsky and sunny
PHOTO BY Instagram/moonskyandsunny

This ice-cream brand hails from Cagayan de Oro and takes deceptively simple flavors to great heights with the use of quality ingredients. Their so-called Basic (P345/235 ml), for one, highlights the telltale taste and aroma of Madagascar vanilla. Also deserving a spot on your must-try list are the High Tea (P249/235 ml), made with TWG 1837 black tea, and the Chocolate Orange Bitters (P249) which takes the chocolate-orange combo to grownup heights with candied orange peels and angostura bitters.


Available on GrabFood and Foodpanda.

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