Handumanan: Some Kind of Awful

What a week. Full moon plus lunar eclipse. Typhoons. Cory Aquino's funeral. And now John Hughes is dead. I was just watching Some Kind of Wonderful which always makes me cry. Kris Aquino's eulogy for her mom made me cry, too. It was storming like mad on the day of Cory's funeral, but Roxas Boulevard was lined with cars and people, all waiting for the cortege to pass. I'm suffering from a bit of 80s nostalgia on these past few gray days. Honestly I'm kind of enjoying it.

Unfortunately, watching Hadumanan (Remembrance) jarred me out of my lovely lachrymose mood. I thought this Seymour Barros-Sanchez film starring Chin-Chin Gutierrez about a writer struggling with a tragic secret might suit my current mindset. So I went to see it at Indie Sine in Robinson's Galleria on a rainy Thursday afternoon. It was just me and three elderly gentlemen, and one of them walked out midway. Can't blame him.

The story revolves around Soledad Miranda (Chin-Chin), a writer of Pinoy romance novels who decides to quit her job because her boss wants her to write "erotica." Sol goes back to her home town of Dumaguete where she meets and befriends a boy named Lean (Jason Abalos). She starts an online correspondence with Brazilian model Carlos, (Brapanese hottie Akihiro Sato) who is in the Philippines to search for the mother he never knew. Sol, Lean, and Carlos become fast friends, seemingly bonded by their deep personal issues. Sol is sick. Lean wants to be a writer. Carlos wants to find his mother. I was waiting for the story to develop into some kind of life affirming ménage a trios–something like Y Tu Mama Tambien–but it doesn't. It just descends into a messy melodramatic affair that collapses like a failed soufflé full of clichés about life and love and remembrance. Ugh.


Anyway. I'm not going to let it ruin my week. Also, I caught the Silent Film Festival last night and it was amazing. But more on that later.

Now I'm off to the faux funeral of the National Artists Awards at the CCP. Hmm. What does one wear on such an occasion?









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