Circus of the Stars: 10 Celebs Running for Office in 2010

Will these stars get your votes–or just get your goat?

We've seen it before, entertainers foraying into the world of politics, and it looks like the 2010 elections will be no different. Here's's rundown of the famous names you might be seeing on those ballots in May.


Why he's running: He's always dreamed of serving the public.
What he's running for: Quezon City Councilor
What he's running away from: Unless people count the numerous, overtly fake scandal videos of him on the web, this guy's had a clean showbiz record.
Why he's qualified: With a Management Economics degree under his belt from Ateneo, he oversees two farms, two restaurants, and chain of Vente stores, proving he has the management skills.
Why he might win: His looks, sex appeal, and charisma might get the ladies, and a few gentlemen, swooning to the polls.
Why he might lose: His looks, sex appeal and charisma might box him in as another one of those all-looks-no-brains types.


Why he's running: He wants to boost the status of his home province.
What he's running for: Governor of Bohol
What he's running away from: A less than stellar attempt at making it big in Hollywood. (Ever since typhoon Juliana Palermo almost ravaged his family in 2004, he's been private with his personal life.)
Why he's qualified: He said that he's willing to sacrifice life's comforts in order to help his countrymen in his own way, a mission he's already started through his own Panaghoy Children's Foundation.
Why he might win: His new-found career in hosting the Singing Bee might get him some extra points.
Why he might lose: His outspokenness in the past, including his MMFF double-edged speech in 2002 against rival film, Yamashita, to his Bagong Buwan, might come off as egotistical to some.



Why he's running: He accepted the offer to be Gilbert Teodoro's official running mate on the basis that he believes in the Defense Secretary's capability to lead.
What he's running for: Vice President
What he's running away from: A hopeless fight against film pirates, maybe?.
Why he's qualified: He has the experience, being Makati's Vice Mayor in 1998 and the fierce but charismatic chairman of the Optical Media Board.
Why he might win: Any man who can make dancing to the "Papaya" look not so embarrassing will definitely garner votes.
Why he might lose: Lined up against other formidable candidates, he might prove to be the weakest link.


Why he's running: Initially aiming for the Vice President's seat, he's settling for re-elections to give in to his father's wishes.
What he's running for: Senator Re-elect
What he's running away from: A tightly sealed can of worms composed of his past exploits and illegitimate lovechild.
Why he's qualified:
Hmm. We might have to get back to you on this.
Why he might win again: His name.
Why he might lose: People might (hopefully) prefer to see more fresh episodes of Kap on TV than another rerun in the senate.


Why she's running: She wants to help the people in her community.
What she's running for: Congresswoman in Cavite
What she's running away from: A tightly sealed can of worms composed of her husband's past exploits and illegitimate lovechild.
Why she's qualified: She's partnered with the local government in several projects.
Why she might win: Her outreach work as a politician's wife might have warmed up the people to vote for her.
Why she might lose: Congress seems a little too high an ambition for someone with no political background whatsoever. Even Ate Vi started with local government.



Why he's running: He sees a bright future for Ormoc and thinks that he can make that happen.
What he's running for: Congressman in Ormoc
What he's running away from: He's lived a fairly scandal-free life ever since he tied the knot, but his awkward hip swings and two left feet aired nationwide on his wife's TV show will haunt him forever.
Why he's qualified: He was a founding member of the MAD party and appointed to the Youth and Sports Commission by former President Estrada.
Why he might win: His frequent personal visits to Ormoc might actually sway its citizens to vote for him.
Why he might lose: As in 2007, the voters might still see him unfit for a serious government position.


Why he's running: He's seeking re-election to continue the work he has done in his past three terms.
What he's running for: Vice Mayor Re-elect of Manila
What he's running away from: Constant reminders of his short stint in the soft porn industry, spurring B-movie flicks such as Explotation and Siya'y Nagdadalaga.
Why he's qualified: His hard-knock past, coupled with formal education, and nine years in city politics make a worthy candidate.
Why he might win again: Aside from his good track record, the Vice Mayor's humble beginnings make him a man of the people.
Why he might lose: People might wake up one day, wanting a change of face for the position.


Why he's running: He's more comfortable serving his province than being a senator.
What he's running for: Governor of Pampanga
What he's running away from:
Constant criticism from the media on his language preference in the senate; graft charges filed against him and his son early this year
Why he's qualified: He's already served in the government for 18 long years, English or no English.
Why he might win again: He's had the position before, thrice. If people liked him then, then they might still like him now.
Why he might lose: His no-profile performance.


araminaARA MINA

Why she's running: She wants to continue her family legacy by getting into politics.
What she's running for: Quezon City Councilor
What she's running away from: From skirmishes with her little sister, to a supposed secret love affair with the People's Champ, she's always chased by gossip and intrigue.
Why she's qualified: Political blood runs through her veins as both her grandfather, Mel Mathay, and father, Chuck Mathay, have had respectable runs in politics.
Why she might win: We're pretty sure that a lot of men would flock to her miting de avance.
Why she might lose: We know of few sexy starlets who've made a successful crossover from show business to politics.


Why he's running: We're not really sure why, but he's expressed that he'd love to, you know?
What he's running for: Congressman in Sarangani
What he's running away from: Manny Pacquiao does not run away, he fights.
Why he's qualified: Aside from the fact that he can beat the living daylights out of anybody, and the fact that he's constantly snapped with powerful political figures, his training ethic, discipline and determination make him a suitable man for such a high-stress job.
Why he might win: If fans confuse politics with boxing, then he actually might have a fighting chance.
Why he might lose: He's a Guinness world record-holder in the ring, but the general consensus sees him as a complete novice in the political arena as evidenced in 2004. wants to know: Which stars deserve your votes?


Photos courtesy of (video screen grab of Ara Mina), crimson skies (Isko Moreno), gamespot (Manny Pacquiao), (Cesar Montano), (Richard Gomez), Universal Records (Edu Manzano) and (Alfred Vargas, Lani Mercado and Bong Revilla).

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