Top 10 Most In-Demand Celebrity Endorsers

Which star reigns in the world of product endorsements? ranks tinseltown's most commercial celebs.

With their smiling faces plastered all over our streets and highways, and on TV, magazines, and newspapers, it's impossible for our consciousness not to be permeated by the sight of stars forming a constellation of advertisements with one common aim: to persuade you, the consumer, to choose them. Or, at least, the products that they're endorsing. Here are the ten most in-demand and most popular celebrity endorsers, with their ranking based on the number of new brands they endorsed in 2009.

Winning endorser quality: Aside from his good looks, Gerald has a good image, on and off camera, that can add value to any brand–reliable, sincere, and credible. Plus his strong following can only mean stronger sales.

Why advertisers like him: "Even before his Typhoon Ondoy heroics, Gerald had great appeal among young audiences, though he has a large collection of admiring fans of all ages too. The reason for this, apart from the classic, matinee idol, tisoy good looks, is that he plays the perfect match to Kim Chiu as 'the perfect girlfriend.' Gerald is seen as loyal, home-centered and principled. People believe him because he is seen as the classic good guy that they can trust." -Mon Jimenez of Woo Consult

New on his list: Enervon Multivitamins, Smart Buddy, Smart Sandbox, Fit 'n Right, Voice Combo Sandwich, Bench

Past endorsements: Close-up, Nescafe, Jollibee, Whisper Sanitary Napkins

Winning endorser quality: The female counterpart of Aga Muhlach, Sharon Cuneta is perhaps the most expensive and effective product endorser in the country. And that's because the Megastar has it all–the legacy, the image, the credibility. The three magical features that would make people believe and trust you.


Why advertisers like her: "The choice of having Sharon Cuneta endorse Maggi MySabaw is based on: one, her universal appeal.   She also cuts across all demographic segments. Two, Sharon has the credibility to embrace change and espouse new or revolutionary ideas… she knows that change is necessary to keep her image current, fresh and relevant across all demographics. Sharon's attitude exemplifies the mindset of today's homemakers, who look for new ideas and new ways of thinking and doing things… Undeniably, Sharon is an icon to many." -Cecile Gabutina-Velez of McCann Erickson

New on her list: Lucky Me Noodles, Nido Fortified Milk, McDonald's, Nestle Ice Cream, Tempra Syrup for Kids, Smart Communications

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Past endorsements: Del Monte Pineapple Juice, Alaska Milk, Lux Soap

Winning endorser quality: Even before Piolo Pascual, John Lloyd Cruz, and Dingdong Dantes were born, there was Aga Muhlach–the quintessential Pinoy dream boy whose cute, dimpled smile and almost hypnotic appeal makes everyone, man and woman alike, buy the products he endorses–either hoping to be closer to him, look like him, or be like him.

With the highest asking price per product endorsed for local male celebrities, Aga's effectiveness goes beyond boosting sales: with his charm, he also has the ability to improve a product's image.

Why advertisers like him: "May slight pagka-washed up, so may nostalgia factor. Cuteness na nga all by himself, may halong yumminess pa ng idealized 'good old days,' as if these days were any better. Hinaluan pa ng charity angle, [thanks to] Jollibee, so [reinforced] ang babyface quality niya ng kawanggawa sa mga tunay na babyface by way of donating toys to children: Cherub ang appeal niya, malaanghel." -Angelo Suarez of Ace Saatchi and Saatchi


New on his list: Sun Cellular, Solmux Cough Medicine, Quaker Oats, Promac Appliances, Bobson Apparel

Past endorsements: Argentina Corned Beef, Selecta, Jollibee

Winning endorser quality: Dubbed in the '90s as "The Bad Boy of Philippine Action Movies," Robin Padilla is now clearly considered the opposite–focused, spiritual, and determined. In a way, he symbolizes hope and second chances.

This ultimate Pinoy macho man has gained and regained, through the years, the kind of credibility and charisma that would make consumers trust in his product choices.

Why advertisers like him: "Machong makinis, bargas kahit pogi: relatable at the same time aspirational. May Muslim angle pa, so game na game ang ibang taong i-exoticize siya… Puwedeng analogy dito ang sitwasyon ng Filipino artist na kumukuha ng grant sa ibang bansa, na binibigyan ng ibang bansa ng grant precisely para gawing spectacle ang pagka-Pinoy niya: automatically hip siya dahil may inherent postcolonial slant ang trabaho niya, at lalong nararamdaman ng mga institusyon na hip sila pag sumuporta sila ng isang artist na may postcolonial flavor." -Angelo Suarez of Ace Saatchi and Saatchi

New on his list: Trust Condoms, Liveraide Capsules, Lee Jeans, Revicon Forte Multivitamins, Lungcare Plus Food Supplement, Talk 'N Text, Rexona Deodorant

Past endorsements: Islander, Beer na Beer, Argentina Corned Beef, Dutchboy Paints

Winning endorser quality: Said to be the highest earning young female star today–in terms of talent fee and endorsements–KC Concepcion undeniably has that "endorser factor" that enthralls and piques the curiosity of the consumers. Blessed with the genes of her "Mega" mom Sharon Cuneta, KC has that wholesome image and the beauty-and-brains quality that makes her a precious rarity in the advertising industry.


Why advertisers like her: "Her first and most obvious draw is her connection to Sharon Cuneta. It is assumed that she is accustomed to only the best (educated in Paris, no less). As she is the prized daughter of a wealthy and glamorous parent. KC is tinseltown 'royalty.' To emulate her is to share in that magic." - Mon Jimenez of Woo Consult

New on her list: Globe Telecom, Garnier, Bayo, Enervon Multivitamins, Ph Care Feminine Wash, Palmolive Shampoo, Sara Lee

Past endorsements: Sony Cybershot Camera, Human Clothing Line

Winning endorser quality: He has the brains, the body, the looks, and an untainted image that is a sure magnet for attention and of course, improved sales.

Why advertisers like him: "Dingdong in general has high popular appeal which cuts across socio-economic groups. He exudes a strong masculine air, which makes him suitable for certain brands which either have a strong male or high potency/efficacy image. He is likewise suitable for brands which play up sex appeal targeted towards women." -Mon Garcia of McCann Erickson

New on his list: Bench, San Marino Corned Tuna, San Mig Light Beer, Gran Matador Brandy, Medicol, TM Mobile Network, My Phone, National Bookstore

Past endorsements: Johnson&Johnson, Pond's Pinkish White Cream

Winning endorser quality: With her legions of fans, Kim Chiu is sure to bring in a great deal, in monetary terms as well as publicity, when endorsing a brand. Besides, what's not to like about her? She is young, well-mannered, famous, gorgeous, and arguably the brightest star of her generation.


Why advertisers like her: "Kim is a direct beneficiary of the rise of the soap opera stars of the 'Korean/Chinese' genre. Her special appeal is that she is immediately associated with the beautifully fragile, vulnerable yet determined girl/woman. She has a powerful appeal among young romantic types because she is seen as being the epitome of the perfect girlfriend. If you are like Kim, you will always end up on the bright side of life." - Mon Jimenez of Woo Consult

New on her list: Enervon Multivitamins, Rejoice, Whisper Sanitary Napkins, Ph Care Feminine Wash, Smart Buddy, Smart Sandbox, Voice Combo Sandwich, Bench

Past endorsements: Jollibee, Close-up, Nescafe, Coke

Winning endorser quality: As scientific studies show, attractiveness is an important indicator of effectiveness.

Why advertisers like her: "In our choice, for instance, of Marian Rivera for a petroleum company client we handled, she provided the excitement, fresh look and instant recognition the brand needed… The market understood the product and was able to relate to it because she embodied the values the brand stood for.   As could be expected, she motivated purchase because of her appeal across all classes and gender." -Christine Marie Leido of AB Communications, Inc.

New on her list: SM Development Corporation, San Marino Corned Tuna, San Mig Light Beer, Jag Jeans, Nesvita Cereal Drink, MaxiPeel, Fit 'n Right, Sunsilk Shampoo, Gran Matador Brandy, PLDT Landline Plus, PLDT Reloadable Card, Natasha Beauty Cosmetics, Jag Jeans, Laserlight Hair Removal

Past endorsements: Blue Water Day Spa, Skin White Lotion


Winning endorser quality: Adding to her already impressive resume, Sarah Geronimo is now becoming one of the more sought-after endorsers of her time. No surprise, since her marketability is currently up as she remains one of the most consistent, talented, and in-demand artists today. But ultimately, it's her down-to-earth and clean image that makes her rise above the rest.

Why advertisers like her: "She is an effective endorser because she is able to sell products by virtue of her testimony. The masses identify with her and thus patronize the same things she does. Sarah is also multi-talented, which allows variety in terms of commercial executions." -Anna Perez of Aspac-Law Advertising

New on her list: Globe Tattoo Youniverse, Unica Hija, Lucky Me Pancit Canton, Sunsilk shampoo, Cebuana Lhuiller, Vaseline Healthy White Lotion, Lady's Choice Mayonnaise, AMA Medical, Nursing, and Computer Schools, Careline, Mr. Clean

Past endorsements: Hapee Toothpaste, HerBench

Winning endorser quality: The "Queen of all Media," Kris Aquino is arguably the favorite among endorsers in the Philippines. In fact, in 2008, she was named top celebrity endorser by YES!, the country's leading entertainment magazine, competing against the likes of Sharon Cuneta, Aga Muhlach, and Robin Padilla.

As one of the most visible stars in tinseltown, Kris's credibility and gift of gab have become the winning endorser qualities that give consumers the confidence to go for her brand of choice. More often than not, getting Kris as endorser is a good deal for advertisers.


Why advertisers like her: "Anak ng dating pangulo 'tapos may gall maging gano'n ka-annoying: that's actually a bit impressive, a feat. May subtle charm din ang irony ng panay niyang pagpapa-self-important sa konteksto ng supposed selflessness ng magulang at utol niya… [Compared to the perceived impenetrable quality of the Aquinos], refreshing naman ang apparent transparency ni Kris dahil non-stop siya sa kanyang pagdaldal 'to speak her mind when she feels like it.'" -Angelo Suarez of Ace Saatchi and Saatchi

New on her list: Maggi Mix, Goldilocks, Kashieca, Eight o' Clock, 555 tuna, Pantene Shampoo, San Miguel Beer, Pampers Diapers, Smart Communications, Gynepro Feminine Wash, San-San Cosmetics, Eurotiles, Philip Stein Watches

Past endorsements: Purefoods Chunkee Corned Beef, Casino Femme Rubbing Alcohol, Heartvit Food Supplement, Oishi Prawn Crackers, Magnolia Chicken, San Miguel Supremo Vinegar, White Cat Detergent

Gallery images by Warren Espejo, photographs by Noel Orsal of

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