Top 10 Picks for the Perfect Summer Soundtrack

Add to your playlist ASAP: The 10 hottest jams to get you into a cool summer groove!

Summers deserve a sizzling soundtrack. We list down the best tunes to listen to as you laze at the beach, sip on a cold drink and soak in the sunshine:

10.   "Edge of the Ocean" by Ivy
Welcome the scorching hot season with a hopeful spirit. The opportunities for summer fun are endless as long as you're willing to take a risk. Play this positive track as you learn to let go of your inhibitions for the next two months!
Slick Lines: "Ohhh, we can begin again/Shed our skin, let the sun shine in/At the edge of the ocean/We can start over again"

9. "Wish You Were Here" by Incubus
Spin this carefree tune when you're marooned on an idyllic beach but no one to share the peaceful experience with. The powerful imagery created by the lyrics will add to your natural high, not to mention make your stuck-in-the-city friends green with envy.
Slick Lines: "The world's a roller coaster/And I am not strapped in/Maybe I should hold with care/But my hands are busy in the air saying/I wish you were here"

8. "Tik Tok" by Ke$ha
Be sure to play a couple of pop hits at your next summer shindig. Party like there's no tomorrow and dance along to this fun, high-energy track from music's latest "it" girl. Could she be 2010's Lady Gaga because of her raunchy image and outspoken lyrics?
Slick Lines: "Don't stop, make it pop/DJ, blow my speakers up/Tonight, Im'ma fight/Till we see the sunlight"


7. "Steal My Sunshine" by Len
Back in 1999, a Canadian hip-hop group churned a smooth hit about teenagers in love. The band has broken up since then, but their melodious one-hit wonder lives on with its lazy beats and relaxing rhymes alternately sung by siblings Marc and Sharon Costanzo.
Slick Lines: "And of course you can't become if you only say what you would have done/So I missed a million miles of fun"

6. "Kickin' With You" by Jason Mraz
Every girl dreams of being serenaded at least once in her life, and with easy repetitive lyrics that mostly say–you guessed it!–"I'm kickin' with you," this laid-back song won't be too hard to master. However, the wooer must perfect the art of singing/rapping/strumming the guitar without looking or sounding like the little boy performing "I'm Yours." (Side note: Replace this with your favorite Mraz or Jack Johnson track, and this list will still work just as well.)
Slick Lines: "Every day can be a Saturday evening/Celebration especially when/Every day is just another good reason to keep on kickin' with you"

5. "Kokomo" by The Beach Boys
If you could make a list of all the exotic islands you'd like to sunbathe on, no doubt most of them would already be mentioned in this popular summer tune from the '80s. Since a trip to these hot spots would undoubtedly put a dent in your savings, why not close your eyes and imagine falling in love with a gorgeous bartender–who may look like a young Tom Cruise in Cocktail–as this song plays in the background?
Slick Lines: "Bodies in the sand/Tropical drink melting in your hand/We'll be falling in love/To the rhythm of a steel drum band/Down in Kokomo"

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4. "Summerboy" by Lady Gaga
The kooky chameleon knows how to pay homage to this scorching hot season–especially when it allows her to ogle sweat-glistened torsos and have noncommittal flings with men sporting bronzed bodies.  
Slick Lines: "Don't be sad when the sun goes down/You'll wake up and I'm not around/You've got to go, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh/We'll still have the summer after all"

3. "Summer Girls" by LFO
Made up of Rich Cronin, Brad Fischetti, and Devin Lima, this American pop-rap trio paid tribute to some of their likes–the color purple, actor Kevin Bacon, R&B act New Edition, and girls dressed in Abercrombie and Fitch–through a catchy song. And while some summer loves can last forever, the boys are quick to admit that "some are worthwhile and some are so-so."
Slick Lines: "In the summertime girls got it going on/Shake and wiggle to a hip-hop song/Summertime girls are the kind I like/I'll steal your honey like I stole your bike"

2. "Pure Shores" by All Saints
Hypnotic–the perfect word to describe this track written for Leonardo DiCaprio's movie, The Beach. This electronica-heavy masterpiece produced by William Orbit captures the thrill of dipping your toes in the water then diving deep to experience a fascinating world under the sea.
Slick Lines: "Take me somewhere I can breathe/I've got so much to see/This is where I want to be/In a place I can call mine"

1. "Holiday" by Madonna
The Queen of Pop has always worked hard, but she parties even harder! In her 1983 classic hit, Madonna urges everyone to take constant breaks and learn to celebrate life. If you can't follow her advice about taking a holiday, just play this tune to instantly uplift your mood.
Slick Lines: "It's time for the good times/Forget about the bad times, oh yeah/One day to come together/To release the pressure/We need a holiday"


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