Ria Limjap on Babe, I Love You: pros and cons

SPOT.ph blogger Ria Limjap lists why you should or shouldn't watch Star Cinema's <em>Babe, I Love You.</em>

babeiloveyou_posterI'm going straight to the point here. Star Cinema's latest romantic comedy Babe, I Love You starring Sam Milby and Anne Curtis is cutesy, clichéd, and cheesy. But what were you expecting? Anyway, Sam plays a straight-laced professor of architecture who falls in love with a boozy promo girl. Anne Curtis is adorably doe-eyed even as a young woman of questionable morals, but unfortunately Sam Milby cannot seem to break the beefcake barrier and transition into a true leading man of consequence. Maybe it's all that blandness. I don't know. I realized that somewhere between watching the deathly serious Nico (Sam) fall in love with the zany and beautiful Sasa (Anne), I lost the plot. Sorry.



And the rabid fans can start hating on me–as per usual–but I don't care.

In all honesty, one cannot blame these young stars when they make movies for sheer commercial value. After all, they are not writing the lines or planning the camera shots or editing the movie or writing the score or making creative or logistical decisions. They are actors merely fulfilling the work duties outlined in their contracts with the studio. But a perfunctory performance from everyone involved in making a movie will show.

Anyway, here are my pros and cons. You decide if you want to throw your hard earned money at Star Cinema.

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Why You Shouldn't' Watch Babe, I Love You:
1)       The garish makeup. Anne Curtis in fire engine red lipstick. Yikes. Too much.
2)       Sam Milby delivering lectures on architecture. Zzzzzzzzz.
3)       Awful action sequence where Sam gets mugged. He punches like a girl.
4)       Blatant Greenwich pizza endorsement in a scene where Anne (a Greenwich pizza endorser) and her girlfriends discuss her love life. It looked like a TV commercial spliced into the movie.
5)       The distinct balikbayan accent of Sam Milby. It grates on my nerves, but some people might find it cute.
6)       The stupid theme song. (Hint: Styx. 1979. "Babe, I'm leavin'…")
7)       Dialogue that isn't remotely funny or romantic.
8)       The uneven cinematography.
9)       Throwing up in the car scene with fake puke. Ugh. It's never tasteful.
10)   The super predictable plot: boy meets girl, they hate each other first, then they fall in love, they fight and then break up. Time passes and they get back together again. The end.


Why You Should Watch, Babe I Love You:
1)   Anne Curtis in a bikini.
2)   Sam Milby in a towel.
3)   Tetchie Agbayani as Anne's cougar mom. She can wear short shorts beside Anne and still hold her own.
4)   The formidable Laurice Guillen as Sam Milby's emotionally distant and highly successful mother. She's still the ultimate Power Mom. Remember her as the malevolent step mother in Flor de Luna?
5)   Leo Rialp at Sam Milby's mentor. Perfect gravitas and delivery. He's the only believable character in the movie.
6)   Shamaine Buencamino as Sam's tita. Her scene is less than five minutes long but she's wonderful, as always.
7)   Decent production design.
8)   Someone in wardrobe was smart enough to put Anne Curtis in a classy white gown during the question and answer portion of the beauty pageant. Although, it was slightly out of character.
9)   Oh yeah. The happy ending.
10)   And if you're watching in a proper theater: an hour and a half of air conditioned bliss in the middle of this ridiculously hot summer.


Check to see where the movie is showing.

Photographs from Star Cinema.

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