Top 10 Must-Watch Wedding Movies

To help chase away wedding jitters, lists 10 must-watch wedding movies.

It's that time of year again, when two become one and single girls and guys get hounded to get hitched.   Blame it all on the Roman goddess Juno, whom the month is named after.    She's supposed to be in charge of unions and all things matrimonial.   To help chase away wedding jitters, lists 10 must-watch wedding movies.   Some will make you laugh, some will will horrify you, and others will actually help you put things in the right perspective.

1. Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo (2006)

Couplehood: Angie (Judy Ann Santos) and Jed (Ryan Agoncillo) are polar opposites. She comes from a humble home, while he's well-off.

Iffy issues: As Angie and Jed plan their wedding, both their families get way ahead of themselves. Each party wants the wedding to go their way. The clash of the clans escalates and the wedding gets postponed. Though the couple manages to go on with the wedding, married life does not prove to be easy. Angie and Jed have to adjust to each other's habits, good and bad.


Sweet spoiler: While on the verge of giving birth, Angie is still furious at Jed. But when their little boy comes out on the very day of their first anniversary, all hate and hurt are set aside with a promise of a better married life awaiting the couple.

Life lesson: The family ties that bind you may also choke you.

2. Bride Wars (2009)

Couplehood: The perfectionist lawyer, Liv Lerner (Kate Hudson) and sweet school teacher, Emma Allan have been best friends for 20 years. Both are engaged to their respective boyfriends: Liv to Daniel Williams (Steve Howey) and Emma to Fletcher Flemson (Chris Pratt). Together, the two best friends blissfully plan their June weddings at the Plaza Hotel, their dream location.

Iffy issues: Due to an unexpected glitch, Liv and Emma's plans go haywire. Their weddings are booked on the same date and at the same time–and a double-wedding is just not an option. Thus, Liv and Emma launch an all-out war against each other, executing plans to sabotage each other's wedding. While the pre-wedding stress draws Liv and Daniel closer, Emma and Fletcher's relationship turns sour.


Sweet spoiler: On the day of their weddings, both brides grow tired of all the scheming and realize that friendship is bigger than any ideal wedding.

Life lesson: Bridezillas will never be extinct.

3. 27 Dresses (2009)

Couplehood: Jane Nichols (Katherine Heigl) is the most romantic and selfless woman on earth. Too busy organizing other women's dream weddings, she neglects her own. Reporter Kevin Doyle (James Marsden), on the other hand, scoffs at marriage and devotes his time to his job.

Iffy issues: Jane is secretly in love with her boss George (Edward Burns). On the night Jane decides to confess her feelings, her sister Tess (Malin Akerman) steps into the scene and snags George. Still, Jane agrees to plan her sister's wedding. On top of that, Jane has to deal with Kevin who used her "27 dresses" story to snag a promotion.


Sweet spoiler: Exasperated by her sister's pretentious shenanigans, Jane decides to draw the line. The wedding gets called off. When George becomes an eligible bachelor again, Jane realizes she has deeper feelings for Kevin who, in turn, rids himself of all cynicism. In the end, Jane walks down the aisle, not as another bridesmaid, but as the bride.

Life lesson: Ugly bridesmaids dresses could happen to anyone.

4. My Best Friend's Wedding (1997)

Couplehood: Julianne Potter (Julia Roberts) and Michael O'Neal (Dermot Mulroney) have been best friends for nine years. All is well until Kimberly Wallace (Cameron Diaz) steps in as Michael's wife-to-be.

Iffy issues: Three weeks before Julianne's 28th birthday, she receives a call from Michael, who reveals that he's getting married. She realizes that she wants to be more than just Michael's BFF. So, she flies to Chicago to join the wedding party. She, of course, has plans to stop the wedding and prove herself better Michael's fiancée Kimberly Wallace (Cameron Diaz).


Sweet spoiler: Julianne eventually comes clean to Michael. But her friendship and honesty can't trump the love that Michael and Kimberly have for each other. Nevertheless, she has another best friend, George Downes (Rupert Everett), who'll help her recover from her heartbreak.

Life lesson: Good things come to those who wait, but shit happens to those who wait too long.

5. The Hangover (2009)

Couplehood: Tracy Garner (Sasha Barrese) and Doug Billings (Justin Bartha) are all set to get married. Little do they know that a bachelor's party in Las Vegas would come very close to ruining their wedding day.

Iffy issues: Doug celebrates his Vegas bachelor's party with his good friends Phil Wenneck (Bradley Cooper ) and Stu Price (Ed Helms), as well as his fiancée's brother Alan (Zach Galifianakis). At some point, Alan slips some pills into their booze. Unfortunately, the pills were not Ecstasy pills but rohypnol, which causes some memory loss. The morning after, they suffer the worst hangover of their lives. And, oh, they see that there's a tiger (which is actually owned by boxer Mike Tyson, who plays himself in the movie) in their hotel bathroom and a bouncy baby in the closet. They have no idea what happened the night before. Plus, Doug is missing.


Sweet spoiler: The three retrace the past night's events. Along the way they uncover the various troubles they got into and they try to rectify each one. Eventually, they remember leaving Doug in the rooftop of Caesar's Palace. The four men rush to the wedding and make it just a few minutes late.

Life lesson: It's not a good idea to steal Mike Tyson's pet tiger.

6. Sukob (2006)

Couplehood: Sandy (Kris Aquino) and Dale (Wendell Ramos) are too excited to get married. They follow the rules, observe traditions, and respect superstitions. But, for some reason, things start to go horribly wrong.

Iffy issues: A series of unexplainable and chilling events happen to Sandy and her loved ones after the wedding–a ghost keeps appearing before Sandy, their loved ones mysteriously disappear after accidents and their faces get blurred in photos. At the same time, somewhere far from Sandy and Dale, a woman named Diana (Claudine Barretto) experiences the same misfortunes.


Sweet spoiler: Sandy's niece Joya (Maja Salvador), a psychic, helps the couple to uncover the mystery behind the curse. They figure out that their marriage is under sukob with the marriage of Sandy's half-sister, Diana. The sisters search for each other and do everything they can to break the curse and save the ones they have left.

Life lesson: It pays to know your family tree's hidden branches.

7. The Wedding Singer (1998)

Couplehood: Robbie Hart (Adam Sandler) is the most romantic and sought-after wedding singer. Julia Sullivan (Drew Barrymore) is a sweet and beautiful waitress, fully-devoted to her boyfriend, Glenn Gulia (Matthew Glave).

Iffy issues: Robbie's career plummets after a terrible heartbreak. Suddenly, the romantic turns into a relationship cynic. Julia, on the other hand, is excited about her upcoming wedding. The only thing she's missing is the fact that her fiancé's a two-faced player. Robbie and Julia develop feelings for each other after working on pre-wedding preps. Thus, Robbie has to stop Julia from marrying Glenn.


Sweet spoiler: Robbie jumps into a plane bound for Vegas, sings "Grow Old With You" and the rest is lovely movie history.

Life lesson: Don't judge a guy by his horrible hairstyle.

8. The Wedding Banquet (1993)

Couplehood: Wai Tung Gao (Winston Chao), a Taiwanese businessman and Simon (Mitchell Lichtenstein), an American physical therapist, make up a happy gay couple in New York.

Iffy issues: Wai-Tung's parents, unaware that their son is gay, continue to demand that he get married as soon as possible. To get off the hook, Wai Tung hires one of his tenants, Wei Wei (May Chin) to marry him. The seemingly brilliant idea is Simon's. This way, they figured, Wai Tung could get his parents off his back and Wei Wei could get the green card she needs. After the lavish wedding banquet though, things seriously start to go wrong. Wei Wei gets pregnant and the Simon-Wai Tung tandem starts to fall apart.,


Sweet spoiler: After all the crazy role-playing, Wai Tung tells his mother the truth about his sexuality while his father figures it out for himself. Both parents show acceptance and welcome Simon to the family.

Life lesson: A life that's lived inside the closet is no way to live.

9. Four Weddings and a Funeral (1998)

Couplehood: American beauty Carrie (Andie MacDowell) catches the eye and heart of British bachelor Charles (Hugh Grant) at a wedding. The attraction is undeniable and the universe seems to be on their side as they unexpectedly meet again and again.

Iffy issues: Carrie and Charles would make the perfect couple except for a couple of setbacks–Carrie is engaged and Charles is non-committal. He is described by his friends as a "serial monogamist" or a man who is content to just hop from one relationship to another. Despite this, the two are clearly perfect for each other. Unfortunately, they hold back their feelings because of their hang-ups.


Sweet spoiler: Surprisingly, Charles ends up almost marrying one of his ex-girlfriends. On the wedding day (which is wedding number four), Carrie appears with news that she's separated. Finally, Charles follows his heart. He cancels the wedding and does the classic "kiss under the rain" with Carrie.

Life lesson: Cussing tends to sound better with an English accent.

10. Here Comes the Bride (2010)

Couplehood: Stephanie (Angelica Panganiban) bags the "Maria Clara" award–shy, sheltered and conservative. Her fiancé, Harold (Tom Rodriguez) is her perfect match–good-looking, willing to wait and comes from a respectable family.

Iffy issues: On the way to her beach wedding, Stephanie gets involved in a car accident along with other people headed for the ceremony. The accident, in sync with the solar eclipse that day, displaces the souls of five people. The souls end up going back to the wrong bodies. The bride finds herself in the body of her ninang (Eugene Domingo), an uptight and assertive lawyer. The ninang is transferred into the body of the yaya (Tuesday Vargas) who is extremely passive and always abused by her ward. The soul of the yaya shifts to the body of the lolo (Jaime Fabregas), a 69-year old rich man. The lolo finds himself in the youthful body of the gay beautician (John Lapus). And finally, the soul of the gay beautician takes over the body of the bride. Naturally, the mix-ups create chaos.


Life lesson: At times, life feels like an out-of-body experience. wants to know: Which wedding movie would you watch?

Art by Warren Espejo.

Image credits: (27 Dresses), (Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo), (Four Weddings and a Funeral), (My Best Friend's Wedding), and (The Wedding Singer).

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