's Top 50 Pinoy Sex Films You Shouldn't Watch During Holy Week

Shame on you if you click on this.

( Sex-unless it’s used specifically to "create new life"-is viewed as the gateway to Hell. At least, that’s what hardcore Church people will tell you. If we take that definition to heart, we’d end up classifying anything that’s remotely suggestive of down and dirty, non-procreational intimacy as a sin.


That being said, movies that that revolve around sex are definitely not what your parish priest ordered to cleanse your soul. So, we thought we’d help ensure that you don’t stray from the righteous path with a list of 50 Pinoy sex flicks that you really shouldn’t be viewing this Holy Week. This list features titles that range from legit art house fare, campy creations, sleazy comedies, cheeky commentaries, and forgettable quickies.


By the way, don’t take this list seriously. Doing so would be the most damning sin of all.



Check out the films that have supposedly led many into temptation. Click for more. (You know you want to.)



Art by Warren Espejo, with screenshots from various video clips and film stills issued by film producers.

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