10 Awesome Memes Inspired by Catching Fire

From funny to cool to OMG-so-true! Because we can’t get the movie out of our heads.

(SPOT.ph) The Hunger Games: Catching Fire proves why Katniss Everdeen is the girl on fire. The sequel is just as good as the first movie, which isn’t always the case. We got a sense of déjà vu watching the tributes fight to the death in the arena, but Catching Fire provides plenty of new twists and turns. And we’re glad to see new characters on board (hello Finnick Odair!). For fans of The Hunger Games trilogy, here are 10 memes that pay tribute to Catching Fire.



This perfectly illustrates the roller coaster of emotions we felt while watching the trailer, as well as the movie.




Catching Fire is like a game of chess, with the players making moves and counter moves.



Yes, we’ll take Oreos over poor odds.



It was CPR, but we’re just glad they had that "kissing" scene. Bring on the fan fiction!




Our two favorite guys in one meme, with a funny pun to boot.

Now we know why they’re meant to be.



Words of wisdom from Haymitch.




This is going to be our new phone alarm too.



No one can resist Peeta’s puppy dog eyes. Save him, Katniss!



This isn’t in the movie, but it reminds us of how much we’re looking forward to Mockingjay - Part 1 next year.

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