Top 10 John Lloyd Quotes to Put Magic To Your Valentine’s Day

Bring on the mush with these killer quotes from everyone’s favorite leading man.

( Much has been said about his boy-next-door charm, but we can’t seem to stop gushing over John Lloyd Cruz. His endearing Pinoy features, disarming smile, and effortless acting make one magical combo. With every JLC flick we get the privilege of watching, we can’t help but root for his character-whether he’s goofy, brooding, or even douchey. And the lines! There will always be quotable quotes to tug at your heartstrings, releasing all those feels. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we list down JL’s top movie quotes. So grab your fave Magic Flakes and ready yourselves, ladies! This is not for the faint of heart.

10. "Today, I realized I won’t be making any vows in my wedding because this is not the day for promises. Today, I stand here in front of you in complete surrender. I have no worries. I have no fear because I know. I am sure I’m yours."

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- Miggy Montenegro, It Takes a Man and a Woman



Imagine a man as dreamy as John Lloyd Cruz saying these saccharine sweet lines to you on your wedding day. The words are reassuring; it makes you believe love can survive the good, the bad, and the crazy.


9. "This is the man I wanna be. For the first time in my life, I wanna be the last. I wanna be the last man you’ll ever love, Laida. Can I be that man?"

- Miggy Montenegro, It Takes a Man and a Woman


Must you even ask? A plea so sincere and so vulnerable cannot be turned down. Plus, a man willing to leave his comfort zone for his lady sure deserves to be the last.

8. "I’m tired of flirting with you. I like you, you like me. Ba’t nga ’di ko pwedeng makuha yung gusto ko?"

- Eric "JD" Torres, The Mistress




Sometimes, being blunt is the way to go. No beating around the bush, no sugarcoating needed. Who doesn't like a man who's confident to say what he wants straight up?

7. "E pano kung pinatunayan ng isang pinili mo na higit pa siya sa isang libong tinanggihan mo?"

- Macky Galvez, Unofficially Yours



Here’s something to mull over. Like the movie proves, one night stands may be fun (at least for a while), but nothing compares to finding someone who's worth sticking with for the long haul.

6. "I cannot change the last two years. And I cannot take the pain I’ve caused you. But if you just let me, I’m going to spend the rest of my life making it up to you."

- Allan Alvarez, Miss You Like Crazy



Two years of heartache after being dumped for another is a serious offense, but we’ll forgive him in a heartbeat if it means he spends a whole lifetime making it up to you.


5. "Naniniwala ka ba sa ’love at first sight?’ (Toni: Hindi.) E ’at second sight’? Pwede!"

- Apollo, My Amnesia Girl



Serious or silly, we love John Lloyd just the same. And when he throws cheesy pickup lines like this one, his pogi points shoot up.

4. "I'm just not sure if love is enough."

- Popoy, One More Chance


That hesitation is killing us! Popoy, though a control freak, is the ideal man. For someone so devoted, to say such a thing is a tragedy.

3. "Baka kaya tao iniiwan ng taong mahal natin kasi baka may bagong darating na mas okay, na mas mamahalin tayo, yung taong hindi tayo sasaktan at paaasahin."

- Popoy, One More Chance



He makes a valid point, but we're all still rooting for Basha. We all know how this love story ends, but why are we still so affected?

2. "Hindi mo alam kung gaano ka-gusto kong sabihin sa ’yo na sana tayo na lang, sana tayo na lang ulit."


- Popoy, One More Chance

One of the most unforgettable lines in Pinoy movies, we dare say. With such raw emotions in John Lloyd Cruz’s delivery, tears easily flow whenever we watch this scene. Plus, that kiss was all kinds of perfect!


1. "She loved me at my worst. You had me at my best."

- Popoy, One More Chance



This hit us all hard. We can feel Basha’s pain and regret and we want to join her in her tears while saying, "Sana ako pa rin. Ako na lang. Ako na lang ulit". But we can’t help but feel kilig at the same time.

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