Smackdown: Annabelle Rama vs. Annabelle the Doll

Which scary team are you on?


( They share the same name and they both elicit fear among the people around them. One is a creepy and possessed doll, hell-bent on haunting an unassuming newlywed couple and stealing their baby’s soul. The other is a creepy and possessed doll...oh, wait. The other is the feisty and controversial matriarch of the Gutierrez household who would protect her children at any cost. Only one Annabelle can win. Whose side are you on? Or rather, whose bad side would you avoid?


Warning: Possible spoilers for Annabelle.


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Annabelle Rama Annabelle the Doll
Notorious for... Her infamous feuds with Nadia Montenegro, Amalia Fuentes, and Gloria Diaz, among others. This year, she butted heads with Esther Lahbati, Sarah Lahbati’s mom. Ruthlessly tormenting John and Mia Gordon in their new home. She even follows them after they move out of their first house.
Best Moment The incident at Dolphy’s wake. Some say that she followed showbiz reporter Chito Alcid in the bathroom...with a bread knife. She claimed it was the other way around, which was why she hit him with a walking stick. Riveting stuff.
The incident when she actually "stands" and wreaks horrifying havoc on Mia and her baby.
Unforgettable Line Her interviews and Twitter account are a treasure trove of quotable quotes, so it’s pretty hard to choose just one. Her run-in with Amalia Fuentes is worth a mention, just because she dubbed the actress a "demonyita."
She doesn’t actually utter a word but she does write terrifying messages on walls with a red crayon.
Worst Enemy Anyone who dares to cross her. Literally. Anyone.
Herself. All she wants is a soul, but this is also the very thing that could stop her-at least until some unfortunate fellow stumbles upon her again.
Scare Factor If you want to avoid verbal lashings, you do not want to get on her bad side or do anything against her family, because she will protect her children at any cost.
If you want to avoid getting your soul stolen, you do not want to get anywhere near her because she will try to get what she wants at any cost.


Winner: Annabelle may take your soul or drive you mad with all the paranormal activity, but let’s not forget she’s fictional. Annabelle Rama, on the other hand, could slap you with a very real, biting insult in her trademark Bisaya. Or just a very real, hard slap on the face...and ego. Annabelle the doll may be ruthless but Annabelle Rama has the capacity to make your life a living hell-if you mess with her family.

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