10 Ridiculous Pinoy X-Rated Movie Titles

"Masarap ang Unang Kagat."

10 Pinoy X Rated Movies with Ridiculous Titles


(SPOT.ph) As if the genre of "bold movies" weren’t enough to draw viewers in, filmmakers just had to go and come up with the most creative titles. How these suggestive titles passed the censor board, we just don’t know. Sure there are classic, on-the-nose ones like Lollipop and Talong, but we looked around for the really creative titles that made us laugh and go "WTF."


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Diligan ng Suka ang Uhaw na Lumpia

Photo via Video 48


Diligin ng Suka ang Uhaw na Lumpia (1987)

Stars: Irma Alegre, Lampel Cojuangco, and Orestes Ojeda

Literal translation: Pour Some Vinegar on the Parched Spring Roll. Metaphorical translation? Well, you already know.



Patikim ng Pinya


Patikim ng Pinya (1996)

Stars: Rosanna Roces, Natasha Ledesma, Leandro Baldemor

Clever word play. (By the way, Rosanna Roces actually plays a fruit vendor.)



Bibingka: Apoy sa Ilala, Apoy sa Ibabaw


Bibingka: Apoy sa Ilalim, Apoy sa Ibabaw (2002)

Stars: Via Veloso, KC Castillo, Francis Enriquez

We will never look at this Filipino dessert the same way ever again.



Batuta ni DrakulaPhoto via Video 48

Batuta ni Drakula (1971)

Stars: Eddie Garcia, Panchito, Marilou Ver

Why yes, that is movie legend Eddie Garcia. And yes, that batuta does look...er, phallic.



Masarap ang Unang Kagat


Masarap ang Unang Kagat (1998)

Stars: Karla Estrada, Alma Soriano, Jojo Abellana

Sabi mo eh.


Masikip, Masakit, Mahapdi


Masikip, Masakit, Mahapdi (1998)

Stars: Rita Magdalena, Jaclyn Jose, Joel Torre

Ang alin?


Pag Dumikit, Kumakapit


’Pag Dumikit, Kumakapit (1998)

Stars: Margarita Milan, Anton Bernardo, Gino Lustre

We don’t exactly know what sticky substance this title is referring to.



Angkinin Mo Ako

Photo via Video 48

Angkinin Mo Ako (1983)

Stars: Stella Strada, Celia Rodriguez, Ernie Garcia

Fun bonus tagline: Masakit ang may karanasan, pero ayos ang kasunod.


Kapag Ang Palay Naging Bigas May Bumayo


Kapag ang Palay Naging Bigas...May Bumayo (2002)

Stars: Rose Valencia and Lara Morena

It involves pounding. Apparently.



Balahibong Pusa


Balahibong Pusa (2001)

Stars: Rica Peralejo, Joyce Jimenez, Jay Manalo

Alam mo na ’yan.


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