10 Life Lessons From Pinoy Teen Movies

Who says teen movies aren’t educational?


(SPOT.ph) The beauty of a Pinoy teen movie is that it captures all the angst, confusion, and kilig that defined our adolescent youth. If you look past the amusing hairstyles and questionable fashion of the decade, you’ll actually find that these movies give the best advice. And yes, it’s advice that you’ll take with you even when you’re way past the target market’s age.


This list is not ranked.



1. Never let another person get between your friendship.

Teen movie: Pare Ko (1995)

No matter how pretty the said person is or how smitten you are, it’s just not worth losing your friendship over. The easy solution? Date outside of your barkada.



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2. Don’t change yourself for anyone.

Teen movie: Jologs (2002)

You go, Iza.



3. Before jumping to conclusions, ask.

Teen movie: Trip (2001)

You know who did? Ram (Paolo Contis), and he nearly shot his friend (Marvin Agustin) because of it.



4. If you want something, go all out.

Teen movie: Bagets (1984)

Arnel took over an entire sports arena to belt out his love to Janice. Channel that same level of enthusiasm and dedication into pursuing something (or someone) you love.



5. Don’t let adulthood ruin important friendships.

Teen movie: Gimik: The Reunion (1999)

So and so are getting hitched. That other friend just got a new job. Adulthood may get really hectic sometimes, but that’s why you have friends to help you catch your breath every once in a while.



6. Your parents are probably doing their best.


Teen movie: Nagbibinata (1998)

They’re not perfect, but neither are you.



7. People are not always what they seem, so you might want to give someone a chance first.

Teen movie: Kuya (2004)

Also, there will always be drama during road trips.



8. Stop dwelling on the past, no matter how easy it is to do that.

Teen movie: The Reunion (2012)

No, the "mistakes" you made in high school are not the reason you’re having a rough time as an adult.



9. Be sincere with your intentions.

Teen movie: Oo Na...Mahal na Kung Mahal (1999)

These guys (among many other teen movie characters out there) found out the hard way.



10. Be yourself.

Teen movie: 14 Going Steady (1984)

It’s advice as clichéd as the movie it’s based on, but it’s something always worth remembering...and doing.

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