Passive-Aggressive Fashion: 10 Celebrity Statement Shirts

Talking is for commoners.


( When you can’t say it and you really want to: Wear it. Statement shirts are a great way to invite conversation about something really important to you...and they’re also great for instigating speculation. Our eyes usually give people we see on the streets wearing one a quick glance (remember that time "Certified Sex Instructor" was everywhere?) and when celebs throw one on-well, what else are we if not the target market for their personal drama?


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Kris Aquino

Statement: "How beautiful it is to stay silent when someone expects you to be enraged."

Passive-aggressively said to: People criticizing her brother and faulting her for lumping the valid arguments with ad hominem ones.

Is this a shirt for you? If you’re anything like Kris Aquino, people are probably waiting for you to truly value the virtue of keeping silent.



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Photo posted by Renato Reyes Jr. on Facebook


Juana Change (Mae Paner)

Statement: "How beautiful it is to be enraged when everyone begs you to be silent."

Passive-aggressively said to: Kris Aquino.

Is this a shirt for you? Without context, this shirt doesn’t carry as much weight.


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Angelica Panganiban

Statement: "Tell your boyfriend to stop calling me."

Passive-aggressively said to: Say Alonzo, who was then weathering a rocky breakup with JB Magsaysay.

Is this a shirt for you? During a very specific instance when someone’s boyfriend is being a creepy flirt, wear this. Women, sometimes your boyfriend is really malandi.


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Senator Bong Revilla

Statement: "’The Lord is on my side; I will not fear: what can man do unto me?’ Psalm 118:6."

Passive-aggressively said to: People present during his arrest for allegedly misappropriating his PDAF.

Is this a shirt for you? We can’t imagine needing to declare this, unless there’s a mountain (or a "truckful") of evidence against you. However, you can always cheerfully declare your love for the divine being of your choosing.



Photo posted by Gardo Versoza on Facebook


Nora Aunor

Statement: "Proud to be Filipino, ashamed of my government."

Passive-aggressively said to: No one in particular, but the shirt was procured from Gardo Versoza after President Benigno Aquino III didn’t name Ate Guy a National Artist for Film.

Is this a shirt for you? If you’re ashamed of your government, yes.

Photo from @OnlyVHONGsters


Hoax: Celebrities for Vhong Navarro

Statement: "Justice for Vhong Navarro."

Passive-aggressively said to: This was the handiwork of a very dedicated fan, who Photoshopped a shirt (that was never made) onto different celebrities to make it seem like they’re absolutely behind Vhong Navarro after he was implicated in a strange incident in a condo.

Is this a shirt for you? The fact that the authorities are on this case like they’re on a CSI Philippines special renders this shirt, fake or not, unnecessary.



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Showtime Hosts

Statement: Pro-LGBT messages, e.g. "Bakla ako. May angal?"

Passive-aggressively said to: Everyone.

Is this a shirt for you? If you believe in a better world, yes.


Photo posted by @BoxingHype


Hoax: Manny Pacquiao

Statement: An image of Pacman eating money.

Passive-aggressively said to: "Money" is Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s nickname. So Manny is practicing cannibalism? What? Fortunately, this shirt doesn’t actually exist.


Is this a shirt for you? Are you Manny Pacquiao?



Heart Evangelista

Statement: "Vote."

Passive-aggressively said to: People.

Is this a shirt for you? Yes and yes, you can add pants if you like.


Photo from dzMM Teleradyo Facebook Page


Pen Medina

Statement: "Kapal N’yo! Puknatan na N’yo!"


Passive-aggressively said to: Those thieving bastards in power. Well, alleged thieving bastards.

Is this a shirt for you? Could be. Did anyone do you or your friends wrong? If yes, then... Puknatan na N’yo!

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