Top 10 Hottest Moments at FHM’s 100 Sexiest Victory Party

Missed the party? See this year’s sexiest: Angel Locsin, Eula Valdez, Jean Garcia, Daiana Menezes and more!

FHM’s 100 Sexiest Victory Party: Click for more photos.

1. The steamy carnival opening number. After 10 glorious years of bikini-clad babes, FHM still holds the title of throwing parties that can shock, awe and scintillate sexy all in one go. This year, the men’s magazine fired up the festive vibe with its carnival-themed party.

2. Models, models and more models on the runway. It seemed like the parade of runway beauties--barely-clad models flaunting perfectly-shaped bodies-- would never end.

3. The Wowowee Dancers wow-wowed we. The tireless dancers of noontime show Wowowee led by Saicy Aguila brought their act to the FHM stage. Without the kitschy set and the controversial host, the dancers proved that their appeal was certainly not limited to geriatrics, foreigners, and kids.

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4. Entertainment was non-stop. Beat drummers, pole dancers, belly dancers, hula hoop dancers, and contortionists, you name it, FHM had it. It certainly helped that one of the belly dancers was named Daiana Menezes.

5. Cougar alert: Eula Valdez and Jean Garcia! Jean and Eula still have what it takes to make men of all ages drool. These two cougars appear to be in this for the long haul.

6. Bangs Garcia did her own stunts. When Bangs said that she would be "doing something different" at the party, no one could have guessed that it involved a harness and 20-foot lunges. The sight of someone as dazzling as Bangs being hoisted in the air was kind of scary, to say the least. Perhaps that is why the audience was titillated and agitated at the same time.


7. Sam Pinto brought out her magic. The magician at the party did the greatest magic trick ever: turning a yellow dress into Sam Pinto. As a first-time FHM cover girl (for July) and a new entry in the 100 Sexiest list, the stunning Sam has officially enchanted us all. Now, Mr. Magician, about that magic trick...

8. Jackie Rice was all spice. Although the entrance of Jackie Rice did not draw the loudest cheers (that honor goes to Julia Clarete), you could almost feel the weight of the stare of the whole World Trade Center shift towards her direction when she walked down the runway. Jackie has the kind of fresh face that you could just stare at for hours.

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9. Katrina Halili is back. A list of the sexiest women without Katrina Halili just wouldn’t be right. It was still refreshing to see her work her magic. Even if she has been in the top 10 sexiest list since, like, forever.


A sneak peek into the rehearsals taken earlier that day.


10. Angel Locsin soared. The grandest theatrics were reserved for the FHM’s sexiest babe. Just when everyone thought that the show was over, Angel, complete with angel wings, hovered down to the stage for us mere mortals to have a glimpse of her undeniable beauty. Angel’s victory was very much deserved. She garnered more votes than three Presidential candidates combined, after all.


Photographs by Warren Espejo.

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