Oyo Boy Sotto and Kristine Hermosa’s Wedding and Pre-Nup Videos

Did you love their pre-nup photos? Watch their videos and bring on the bliss just in time for V-Day.

A few weeks ago we gave you a glimpse of newlyweds Oyo Boy Sotto and Kristine Hermosa’s stylish engagement photos shot by fine art wedding photographer Nelwin Uy. The photo album showed the very blissful, chic couple, and received more than 300,000 page views (and counting) on SPOT.ph. This time we bring you their pre-nup and wedding videos to add to the pre-V-Day mush.

Oyo and Kristine’s pre-nup video

The pre-nup video shot by wedding video company Threelogy shows Oyo and Kristine during their pre-nup photoshoot.

Oyo and Kristine got married on January 12 at Club Balay Isabel in Batangas. The wedding video, also shot by Threelogy, gives us a peek at the day’s events: the couple putting on their matching white sneakers (yes, Kristine wore them, too), their family and friends in tears, the radiant bride walking down the aisle, and the new couple dancing after sharing a short but sweet ceremonial kiss.



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