Derek Ramsay’s Seven-Point Valentine’s Day Guide for Regular Dudes asked for dating advice from Dunkin Donuts’ newest endorser

( Look at the way Derek is holding that rose. Look at the way he’s smiling not quite at the camera. Look at that finger, pointing right at the object of his desire. (Hint: it’s you.) If that’s not the look of a dude who knows his way around Valentine’s Day, then we don’t know what is.


Over a plate of doughnuts-he’s recently been tapped to be an endorser for Dunkin Donuts-Derek Ramsay, athlete, host, and one of the nation’s leading-est of leading men imparts his Valentine’s wisdom upon our waiting ears. May it serve the cause of mankind this coming February 14.


On forgetting Valentine's Day

There's no excuse: it's nearly impossible to forget. It's harder to remember an anniversary because you get reminded that Valentine's Day is coming up months before it happens.


On getting groomed for Valentine's Day

This is why I have a shaved head. You don't need any hassle, just get up and go. Just make sure you smell good. Your personal hygiene is your business.



On planning a Valentine's Date

It's kind of corny if you have to ask the girl what she wants to do on that day. For me, [men should] take charge on that day. Even if she doesn't like the place or it's not her favorite restaurant, the effort that you put in planning something that comes from the heart will be appreciated.


On changing it up a bit

If you had a dinner last year, do something a bit different, like maybe take her to a movie. It can be a simple change like that because what matters is you're with her.

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On more creative gifts

The best gift you can give someone that you're in love with or someone that you want to show your feelings to is the effort you put in. Make time for her. Maybe do something cheesy like make a haiku. A full blown poem might scare the girl, so go for a short haiku.


On picking the right location

Not Fort, Not Makati. Take her out of town. You could spend a lot of money eating in some fancy restaurant but that's not special. Do something specific, like go on a road trip if you’re outdoorsy like me. Go to the beach or go up to Tagaytay. Don't blindly copy what other people are doing.


Photo courtesy of Dunkin Donuts

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