Spot-Q: What Do You Do to Survive the Heat? asked "The Manliest of Men" what they do to deal with the scorching hot summer


( The last time the Philippine Volcanoes made a foray into big-brand advertising, their abs (and then some) caused some disturbance along EDSA.  While their muscles proved to be much too sinful for certain powers that be at the time, the Volcanoes are back with a vengeance (and more articles of clothing).

Their manly men image is being warmly received now, as proven during the launch of the partnership with Head and Shoulders in Urbn Bar, where one staffer sat on a Volcano’s back while he did push ups. We’d provide a photo but it falls on life’s Baket List; i.e. Baket ginawa ko yan?

That aside, Philippine National Rugby Union players were eager to promote the brand’s new line of hair products that promises to do what it can to keep your head from spontaneously combusting. Have we mentioned how hot it has been lately?

Of course, they want to shine the spotlight on the sport as well. Rugby truly is a brutal contact sport and we can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like to play during this preview-of-hell weather we’ve been enduring.

We defer to them to give us an insight on what to do to survive the heat.


Patrice Olivier (Position: Wing)

"I'm Filipino so I'm used to it!"


Justin "The Flying Jeepney" Coveney (Position: Center)

"Plenty of water, plenty of air-conditioning."


James Price (Position: Scrum-half)

"To beat this summer’s heat, go straight down to the beach for sure!"



Jake Letts (Position: Scrum-half)

"Obviously the beach is the way to go. You’ll usually find me down there every summer."


Jeff Gregson (Position: Wing)

"Relax in the pool. After training we have ice baths and we stay in the pool, under the shade to let our body recover from training so we’re ready to go the next day."


Kit Guerra (Position: Hooker)

"I go somewhere tropical, lay by the beach, grab a San Mig Light, or maybe take a dip in the pool. That’s about it."

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