The Spotty Awards for the Best Body Parts in Cosmo Men 2013

We take a closer look at the 79 <em>Cosmo</em> men this September.


( Looking sexy and appealing at the same time is a skill. And, here at, we're still trying to figure out how to do it. We took a closer look at the 79 Cosmo Men (that's 69 bachelors and 10 centerfolds for you) who graced the glossy pages of Cosmo's September issue. We know, we know. It's pretty rude to stare, but when you're faced with men, abs, and smolder, well...we’re just appreciating God’s good work.


We don't mean to be superficial, but since the annual Cosmo Bachelor Bash is coming up (September 24), wanted to get to know the 79 men.  Read on to know whose pages you should be bookmarking in the magazine.



Best Abs Award goes to Vic Sy

Though they’re not as out there as Derek Ramsay’s (who once was a Cosmo bachelor himself). Vic’s subtle washboard bod of steel still makes us take a second look. And a third, and a fourth...



Best Eyes Award goes to Ali Khatibi

Ali has the kind of eyes that don’t even try to impress. They just do it effortlessly! They’re sweet and warm, like a delicious piece of apple pie that would have you asking for seconds.



The "Eye Sex" Expert Award goes to Pierre Trintignant

One look into Pierre’s eyes, and we’re swooning.



Best Boyband Lookalike Award goes to Jeremy Blake

Jeremy’s boy-next-door charm, perfectly coiffed jet-black hair, and innocent-yet-aggressive peepers give him the qualities of a boyband member! He also reminds us of One Direction’s Harry Styles.




Best Arms Award goes to Chris Lutz

His abs may get your attention, but it’s those arms that are cut in all the right places that will make you remember him.



Best Nose Award goes to Kevin Coté

Just the right proportions for this guy who has one heck of a body.



Best Boy-Next-Door Looks Award goes to Donovan Prince

He may not have the smolder of a bad boy complete with the leather jacket and aviators, but that’s okay. He has the looks that would make you want to hold his hand, and maybe take him home to meet your family.


Best Smile Award goes to Jules Aquino

Sweet and subtle, Jules’ grin gives off an approachable vibe that we like.



Mr. Dimples Award goes to Alden Richards

Alden’s come-hither look doesn’t really show it, but trust us, when he smiles, it shows in all the right places.



Sexy Lips Award goes to Jorge Nicolas

Jorge has sexy written all over him, right down to that kissable pout.



Handsome Hands Award goes to Marco Yulo

It’s probably the way he’s holding that equipment, but we’ll let you decide on this one.


Photos courtesy of Cosmopolitan

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