On the Spot: 10 Questions for Enrique Gil, on Staying Fresh and Confident

Wardrobe malfunction while dancing? Enrique Gil has it under control.

(SPOT.ph) Enrique Gil has the kind of face that you can stare at all day, but unfortunately, he refuses to keep still. Aside from being in perpetual motion as a dancer, he also sings, raps, and acts. Adorable as a lovesick puppy in She's the One and absurdly charming as no less than Senator Juan Ponce Enrile in Maalaala Mo Kaya, we don't doubt that he's someone we have to get used to seeing on TV shows, movies, and billboards. Well, at least the ones Anne Curtis isn't currently occupying.


We were lucky enough to sit down with this busy celebrity, and he cheerfully answered our questions about where he gets his confidence, how he stays fresh, and how to handle awkward situations.



Can you share with us a personal awkward moment and how you stayed fresh after it?

Hm... oh, I was talking to somebody, tapos I had Mentos in my mouth...tapos lumabas yung Mentos, nahulog sa table. This was in high school (laughs), and nag-sorry ako...and then pinulot ko yung Mentos at sinubo ko ulit. Fresh pa rin kasi mint! Okay lang naman, they were all my friends (laughs again).



Have you ever danced your way out of something?

Oh, there was this time in a club! I think may tinamaan ako-boom!-it was a girl! Nagkatinginan kami ng awkward and then I said (in a loud whisper), "Sorry!" Nakatingin lang siya sa akin, hindi siya nagsasalita. I kept saying sorry but the music was still playing so I also kept on doing this dance (demonstrates a fist pump). That was so awkward.


What would you do if your pants rip during a performance?

Wow, that actually happened before! What happened was-ang daming beses nangyari nito sa ASAP because the pants are so tight. When my pants rip, I just keep going. I just dance. Isang beses, I had to roll, and I was wearing a coat-tapos pag-front roll ko, it was so tight that the entire back ripped! Nakita ng mga tao, pero ako wala akong pake, I just kept on dancing.

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What would you do if one of your shoes flies off while you're dancing?

Hindi pa nangyayari...pero I guess I'll keep on dancing. But it depends on where you're dancing, because it might be slippery if you're just wearing socks. Baka habulin ko yung shoe and then continue!


What would you do if the music stops in the middle of a dance routine?

This happens! Usually, we get the tech guys to take care of it, and then I just shout to the crowd, "Let's do it one more time! Let's go!" Usually, mas hinahype ko pa lalo and I try to keep the energy alive.



What's your favorite dance movie?

Favorite dance movie of all time? It has to be...Step Up 3D, with Flo Rida's "Club Can't Handle Me." That for me is the most solid Step Up movie.


What song do you dance to in the shower?

Whatever is my favorite at the moment! Right now it's "The Other Side" by Jason Derulo


What about your power dance song-that song that gives you confidence every time you hear it?

"Feelin' Myself" by will.i.am.


What's a special item that you always have or a ritual that you do before you leave the house that boosts your confidence?

I love my necklaces! I always have necklaces on, and I always wear a watch. And my rings! I need my bling!


Best tip for staying fresh for teens?

Just be confident about who you are and take care of your body. Para kapag nakita ka nila, they go whoa!

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