SPOT-Q: What's your dream summer vacation?

Bamboo, Solenn Heussaff, and more tell us where they'd love to go for the holidays.


( It's summer! While some people have the luxury of simply getting whisked away on their next vacation, a lot of us will just have to daydream about our getaways (for now). On April 14, we went to the launch of Axe's newest fragrance, Axe Black, and we asked some of the celebrities we bumped into to tell us about their dream summer vacation. Their unconventional answers may surprise you.


Photos by Mike Dee


"It's all about work. I'm recording an album right now, so in a sense, it's kind of like a dream vacation...because it's something I wanna do."

Bamboo, musician



"The places that I haven't been but I would love to go? Israel! I would love to go around Asia. Oh, and Coachella Festival! [laughs] I saw all the pictures and thought, 'Wow, I wish I was there.' And it's partly because I'm from Brazil, I've never been to other countries in South America. So I've never been to Peru. Machu Picchu is one of my favorite spots that I'd really like to go...Mexico [too]. I really like exotic places, so I've been to places like Cambodia and Vietnam. I wanna explore a little bit more of Europe. I've been to London and Amsterdam, but more of Europe. Like a backpack kind of thing."

Fabio Ide, Brazilian model and actor




"My dream destination? It has to be in the Philippines. I really want to explore and get to learn a lot about the local culture."


Victor Basa, model, actor, and host




"I'd love to go back to Europe. Where in Europe? Not quite sure yet, because I've been to a couple of places there. I'd probably like to go back to Austria. Maybe Spain, but maybe not in the areas where all the guys are screaming at my girlfriend. I heard that they're very catcall-y there. I know someone who just went to Machu Picchu, and that looks like a nice place to go."

KC Montero, VJ, host, and actor




"Iceland! Or maybe Greece and Spain."

Frank Magalona, actor and rapper




"I'd like to go to Tibet and Greece. I've been planning that for three years, and it's never happened. So hopefully, it does now. Oh, and Iceland."

Solenn Heussaff, actress, model, and host



Photo via Slick Rick's Instagram account

"My dream vacation would be a month in Paris or New York. Beautiful!"

Slick Rick, radio DJ



Photo via Tony Toni's Instagram account

"South Africa, Seychelles, and the Caribbean are my top three destinations. But my dream vacation is this tour by Abercrombie & Kent, where you go around the world in 26 days!"

Tony Toni, radio DJ

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