On the Spot: Ruffa Gutierrez, Annabelle Rama, and Richard Gutierrez

The family chats with us on Season 3, their family drama, and more.

(SPOT.ph) They're back and they're bringing a lot of drama with them! The fun yet controversial Gutierrez family is returning to your TV with the third season of It Takes Gutz to be a Gutierrez. We sat down with three members of the family, Ruffa Gutierrez, Annabelle Rama, and Richard Gutierrez, to talk about the new season, Ruffa and Anabelle's reconciliation, and...Raymond's alcohol problem?



What can fans expect from the third season?

Richard: For me, it's going to be the best season yet. We're more comfortable now doing a reality show; the cameras are there, we're more open. I think we really delved into our stories...

Annabelle: 'Yong proposal ni Elvis, and 'yong wedding. Marami pa.

Richard: Raymond's alcoholic problem. [Annabelle laughs]

Ruffa: I think this season is more exciting because we're more comfortable with each other and for the cameras. Season 1, nangangapa pa kami. You can still see the lights and the wiring. I think for now, in terms of production, it's much glossier. It really looks like an E! Hollywood show, because you can see the glossiness of the production. And each season, we have a new director so it brings something new to the table.



You guys travel a lot. Did you travel anywhere for this new season?

Annabelle: We went to Bali, Indonesia.

Richard: We went to Malaysia also.

Annabelle: Pumunta sila ng Los Angeles. Hindi ako kasama diyan. Maraming happenings sa third [season]. 

Richard: We went to L.A. and Vegas. We visited the E! Studios in L.A. and we had an interview with...

Annabelle: 'Wag mo na sabihin lahat, 'di na sila manonood.

Richard: Nakasama namin si Jason Kennedy [host of E! News].


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The family answers questions during the show's press launch on July 14

How much has changed for you and your family since Season 1? Are you used to all the cameras now?

Annabelle: Actually, wala na kaming [kaba]. Lalo na ako, naging natural na. 'Di ko na iniintindi 'yong camera. Minsan, nakakalimutan ko na. Dati kasi, takot ako mag-react, mag-voice out. Ngayon, sanay na ako. Gusto kong sumigaw, sisigaw ako. Noong second season na, lalo na third, bahala na [ang] camera. I don't care.


Ruffa: I think we're more well-known in Asia. Everywhere we go, people know us and they're not Filipinos. I have fans coming up and they're like, "Oh, can we have a photo?" and they're from Thailand or Indonesia or Malaysia. So it's just great how so many people watch our show. Even like, sosyal people or husbands of my sosyal friends. We've received a lot of offers, as well. It's opened a lot of opportunities for us around Asia, so hopefully, tuloy-tuloy. We're still babies when it comes to our counterparts in the States because we're only in Season 3.


What's one thing you learned about each other doing the show?

Ruffa: It's hard to be together. [laughs] There's always something happening.

Richard: I think the show really made us more open with each other.

Ruffa: [To Richard] You're very private. Now he has an Instagram account, and he only posts like once a week. [Richard laughs]

Richard: Before the show, I didn't want to be part of it. So now, I'm more open about my life. I think it brought the family to more of an understanding about each other. Even when we watch the solo interviews of each other. We learn a lot about each other through the show.

Ruffa: It's really not easy to gather the whole family. Some are reluctant stars. Sometimes, we get mixed signals. It's like, "Do you want to be on the show or not?" Because you have to be professional. If you don't want to be on the show, we'll just remove you completely. It's a reality show about our family but at the end of the day, it's also a business. You have to show up.


Annabelle: Noong second season, 'yong eldest tsaka 'yong youngest, hindi kasama. Lagi kasi kaming nag-aaway. Parang ayaw nila, kaya laging late. Ayaw nila magsalita talaga. 'Pag may camera sa bahay, hindi lalabas ng kuwarto. Minsan, tumatakas. Kaya 'di na pipilitin.

Ruffa: In Season 1 and Season 2, Mom yells at them for being late. So if she yells at them again in Season 3, it's going to be so redundant. So now, she yells at me. [laughs]



What holds the Gutierrez family together?

Annabelle: Siguro dahil sa akin. [laughs] Ako kasi, every day I have to call them and check their schedules.

Ruffa: Mom, you haven't called me in two months.

Annabelle: Siyempre Ruffa, may kasalanan ka. Pero kasi diba, kung ang head of the family, wala nang pakialam sa mga anak nila kasi malalaki na sila...ako hindi, eh. Sa akin, hangga't buhay ako...hindi naman ako nakikialam, pero advice lang. Kaya nagagalit, nag-aaway kami lagi.



Would you say the marriage of Elvis and Alexa [Uichico] started your reconciliation?

Annabelle: Actually, 'di ko nga alam 'yon eh. 'Yong director kasi, gusto niya may scene kami ni Elvis...congratulations [scene] daw. Sabi ko, "Can we do it some other time na lang? I'm so tired." Sabi sa akin ni Elvis, "Sige na, mom. One scene lang naman eh." So lumabas kami, tapos biglang andiyan na si Ruffa, yumayakap-yakap na sa akin.

Ruffa: 'Yong anggulo nga, pangit. Sabi ko, "Direk, make sure I look skinny in the bati-batian." Diba, kapag pelikula, naaalagaan lahat ng anggulo. [Kapag] reality show, oh my God, I look so fat. So when we watch the show, everyone has a complaint. Sarah's like, "I have a pimple" and Mond's like, "I have a double chin." That's the beauty of it, seeing it in the raw and there's no take two or three. We actually hired new cameramen, kasi they were all so short. Lahat ng anggulo, [galing sa] baba! [laughs]

Richard: We found them naman.




Are you aware of what comes out in the final product?

Richard: We see the final edit, 'yong director's cut.

Annabelle: May napanood ako na isa. Nakalimutan ko na may camera, so para akong bruha. Sabi ko, "Paano i-edit 'to?" Ang higpit ng director, ayaw. Wala, lumabas din.

Richard: We just see it all in the final edit.


How do you react when you see each other's solo interviews, and maybe one of you said something that wasn't so nice?

Annabelle: Maso-shock na lang. Si Ruffa, nagagalit. "Why do you have to say that? Grabe naman!" Kasi napanood na lang niya, sa mismong final showing na. Sabi ko, "Wala ka nang magagawa. Dahil nasabi ko na." [laughs]


Any upcoming movies or projects?

Richard: We're working on the script for a movie. I have a TV show on TV 5 right now, it aired last Saturday, actually. 

Annabelle: [It's titled] KisPinoy.

Ruffa: I have so many businesses I'm focusing on outside of showbusiness. But with showbiz, I have Misterless Misis. It's gonna launch...it's a comedy show that's sort of like Gossip Girl-slash-Desperate Housewives-slash-Sex and the City. Ang dami, 'no? [laughs] It's with Lorna Tolentino, Mitch Valdez, Gelli de Belen. So it's gonna be 13 episodes sa TV 5 and it's gonna launch a day before our show. July 26. And I'm going to come up with my own book, which will be soon. It's still too early to talk about but we're in the process of doing it now.



Season 3 of It Takes Gutz to be a Gutierrez airs July 27 at 9 p.m. on E!

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