Marriage Proposals, Nicole, and Bananas: What You Missed at the Harry Styles Concert

harry styles concert
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( Yesterday, March 14, the Philippine Arena was Harry’s House, with the world’s largest indoor arena littered with a whole lot of hot pink, glitter, and feather boas. You best believe the main event was just as busy.

There was a fair share of Filipino words spoken, like kumusta and maraming salamat, by the superstar, but those weren't the only moments that made this night of  the Love on Tour concert truly one of a kind. Case in point: beyond the music, a Harry Styles concert isn’t complete without fan interactions and his impromptu singing and dancing. Heck, even a proposal.

Nevermind that it took two hours to get out of the parking lot after the show; the Harries were already busy reminiscing in the car ride home. We go back to three moments that stuck out the most at last night’s concert.

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The best moments of Harry Styles’ concert at the Philippine Arena

A marriage proposal

Getting proposed to in concerts has become somewhat of a common occurrence, but this one involved a duet with a fan—and Styles even made a parody of “Sign of the Times” to celebrate the proposal! Let's take a look at how this unfolded.

Styles saw someone in the barricade with a sign that read: “Harry, my boyfriend said he will propose if you duet with him!!! Make it happen pls.” Said fan's name was Michelle, and she was with her boyfriend, Jeff.

Styles was happy to take the bait and invited Jeff to pick a song to duet with him for the proposal—he chose “Sign of the Times,” which was supposed to be part of Styles’ encore performance.

Although Styles couldn’t sing the whole song with Jeff for that reason, he was quick to pass Jeff the microphone, and the latter just as quick to belt out the lyrics. Jeff enjoyed his rendition so much that Styles had to butt in and ask, “At what point do you ask her to marry you?”

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Jeff popped the question, and Michelle said yes!

Styles continued to sing “Sign of the Times,” this time changing the lyrics to the chorus to fit the situation: “Just stop your crying, it’ll be alright. Why? Because Michelle is gonna marry Jeff. Michelle is gonna marry Jeff!”  

Nicole’s comeback

Remember our now-viral Filipino representative at the Love On Tour concert in Bangkok, Nicole Uy? ICYMI: She was also there for the Manila show—and Styles went looking for her in the barricade.


“First of all, where are you, Nicole?”

Uy screamed her loud scream then had a brief chat with him.

“Nicole, we met in Bangkok, didn’t we?” Styles said. “If we can get it as quiet as possible in here...How are you, Nicole? She’s so good!”

Prior to this interaction, Styles’ face also lit up the moment he first spotted her in the crowd during his performance of "Woman."


Banana song

Styles took the arena by surprise when he started singing about bananas in the encore. Yes—bananas, specifically ones with people in them. 

Later fans might not be aware that “She’s Dressed as a Banana” was actually birthed as an impromptu song in October 2021, but it wouldn’t be until March 2023 in New Zealand when he would revive the song in concert. Since then, the inside joke has the fans wearing banana costumes in hopes to get noticed by the superstar. Manila was no exception.

Multiple fans in banana suits were featured on the big screen—and as per Styles’ count, there were six bananas in the arena that night.


“It’s a shame we wait until the encore for that one—it should really be in the main set!” Styles said, then teasing “It’s a little preview of Album Four.”

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