Get Ready: Netflix Is Dropping a Squid Game Reality Show in November

Its winning prize is the biggest in television history.

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The Squid Game reality show is real—and it's arriving on Netflix this November.

After the momentous success of Squid Game, we expected a Season 2 (which is also currently in the works), but no one in their right mind thought a reality show would actually happen. What began as a joke on Twitter became actually reality-and the irony of this entire situation is not lost on us.

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What to expect from Squid Game: The Challenge

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PHOTO BY Netflix

Dubbed Squid Game: The Challenge, the reality show will mimic the original series as much as it can (without the cold-blooded murders, of course). The competitions will narrow down the contestants from 456 players to just one.

The jackpot of the original series was a whopping 456 billion won ($34.4 million), but the reality show's jackpot will just be $4.56 million. It might be small in comparison, but the winning prize is actually the biggest in television history.

Unlike the original series, the reality show's elimination rounds won't actually eliminate the contestants in that way, but there have been accusations of inhumane treatment. Losing contestants went on record to call it "cruel," "mean," and "rigged." Netflix even went so far as to defend itself, claiming these accusations were lies and contestants were being cared for.

With all of this pre-release controversy, we can't help but suspect there's something bigger going on. After all, isn't the actual Squid Game all about corruption, greed, and the very worst of human nature? We wouldn't be surprised if the reality show finale revealed that the preposterous competition was a giant social experiment to begin with.

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We'll find out soon enough later this year with Squid Game: The Challenge drops exclusively on Netflix in November.

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