Epy Quizon laments confused remarks on Apolinario Mabini

Some people asked him why his 'Heneral Luna' character was always seated


(SPOT.ph) Here's something that will likely have older folks shaking their heads...or even facepalming. (We totally did.)


It comes as no surprise that historical biopic Heneral Luna's critical acclaim and valuable message of patriotism and national identity has everyone talking and running to the nearest cinema. Some people, however, left the theater with more questions than answers. And boy, were they frustrating.


See what we mean?


The tweet has since spread like wildfire, and spawned a handful of memes in its wake. Even Epy Quizon, who played Mabini in the movie, had a few words to say on his Facebook page:




For future reference, if you encounter someone who still doesn't get it, this post from the actor should sum it up quite nicely. Or, you know, they can also retake a couple of History lessons.


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