10 Pinoy Indie Films for the Sawi

Broken-hearted? Or just really, really single? These movies will do the trick.


(SPOT.ph) When you're nursing an aching heart, the easiest solution is to hide in your room and have your fill of Adele's entire discography. But when you've watched Angelica Panganiban scream on Mt. Kiltepan one too many times, it's time to move on...to more sawi movies, duh! Break out the gallon of ice cream, and immerse yourself in these heart-wrenching indie films that will speak to your current love life.



Sakaling Hindi Makarating (2016)

Watch it when...you need an extra push to go about your day

There's nothing quite like a breakup to make you feel alone in this world. Suddenly, you don't have a plus-one for parties, no one to text all day, and you can't seem to go one day without seeing a sappy couple. In Sakaling Hindi Makarating, Cielo (Alessandra de Rossi) finds herself in a similar situation after her fiance ends their 11-year relationship. She starts to receive mysterious, hand-painted postcards from all over the country, which motivate her to get up and explore the Philippines.



Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa (2015)

Watch it when...your non-relationship fell apart

Everyone's experienced it; you know, that "kayo, pero hindi kayo" situation where you walk the fine, fuzzy line between friends and something more. Enter the bittersweet tale of Sam (Nicco Manalo) and Isa (Emmanuelle Vera), whose complicated love story faces an even bigger dilemma when they are forced to go their separate ways. Whether one of you was too afraid to take the plunge or things just didn't work out, this is a movie that will have you reaching for tissues.




Baka Siguro Yata (2015)

Watch it when...you're in need of a good laugh

This 2015 Cinema One Originals entry revolves around an odd-ball love story that spans three generations. At the center of it all is Carlo (Dino Pastrano), who resorts to a one-night stand after his long-term girlfriend dumps him. Meanwhile, his estranged parents rekindle their relationship by cheating on their respective partners. The film deals with a lot of complex situations in a hilarious and relatable way.



Sleepless (2015)

Watch it when...you're hopelessly single and in search for love

Sleepless perfectly depicts the unsure yet promising beginnings of a relationship between Gem (Glaiza de Castro) and Barry (Dominic Roco), who are drawn together by their shared insomnia and loneliness. Their blossoming romance slowly unfolds through a series of lighthearted conversations, and it's enough to give you a glimmer of hope after all the heartbreak.



Kasal (2014)

Watch it when...you're recovering from a tumultuous relationship

Relationships are never perfect, with some even rockier and more challenging than others. Kasal's gay couple, Paolo (Oliver Aquino) and Sherwin (Mike Liwag), have their fair share of infidelity and trust issues, but they resolve to work through their problems. When they attend a wedding together, the event re-opens old wounds and they must decide whether their relationship is worth fighting for.



1st Ko Si 3rd (2014)

Watch it when...you're still hung up on your first love

They say first love never dies and for some people, it's all too real—kind of like Nova Villa's character Cory in this touching love story. Her long-time marriage to Alejandro (Dante Rivero) has grown stagnant, but she finds a renewed love for life when she runs into her first love (played by Freddie Webb).




Ang Nawawala (2010)

Watch it when...you're struggling to find closure

Marie Jamora's touching film zeroes in on Gibson (Dominic Roco), who was left mute after witnessing a traumatic accident. He comes home for Christmas after three years, and finds that he struggles to reconnect with his family. When he decides to explore the local indie music scene, he meets a girl named Enid, who helps him on the path of closure.



Sana Dati (2013)

Watch it when...you're pining over the one that got away

Still crying about the ex you're still in love with? Thinking about that "one true love" you'll never be with because it's just too complicated? You can probably relate to Andrea (Lovi Poe), who's far too hung up on her late boyfriend (Benjamin Alves) to focus on marrying the kind-hearted Robert (TJ Trinidad). When a mysterious photographer (Paulo Avelino) shows up at her wedding, Andrea suddenly feels a deep connection with him.



Ang Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa (2011)

Watch it when...you're all too familiar with unrequited love

The premise of this story is simple, but it will hit home. Dennis (Rocco Nacino) is secretly in love with his friend Marlon (Paulo Avelino), who in turn, is in love with their dance teacher-slash-literature professor Karen (Jean Garcia). If their romantic situation isn't enough to have you hooked, its use of poetry and dance is beautifully profound and worth a rewatch (even when your heart isn't aching anymore).



Rome and Juliet (2006)

Watch it when...you're secretly in love with someone you can't have


Are you pining over your best friend? Or in love with someone who isn't your significant other? It's maddening, yes, but it's a situation many films have tackled over the years. One such film is this 2006 Cinema One Originals entry, which revolves around Juliet (Andrea del Rosario), who is set to wed Marc (Rafael Rosell). Naturally, she begins to develop feelings for her wedding planner Rome (Mylene Dizon)...so, you can probably guess what happens next.


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