The 10 Wonders of Wonder Woman

Find out what's so wonderful about the world's most popular female superhero.


( After making quite the impression in her first cinematic appearance ever in Batman V Superman in 2016 and with all the trailers building up the anticipation to her solo movie’s release, Wonder Woman aka Diana is now finally getting her chance to shine. Decades in the making, many longtime fans are hoping that the movie will do the comic-book icon justice and show movie audiences over the world what makes her the best superhero, regardless of gender. It’s a true testament to the character’s appeal that she’s top-of-mind when people think of a female superhero. Here are 10 facts that prove that when it comes to superheroes, this power princess packs a punch.



Fact #1 Female Empowerment Personified

Wonder Woman’s an Amazon princess but she doesn’t need any prince to save hershe saves the prince. Her love interest Steve Trevor may be a military man who can hold his own but when faced with super villains, it’s Wonder Woman who usually pulls his ass out of the fire. The United Nations proposed her appointment as honorary ambassador for the empowerment of women and girls in 2016, though the move was later dropped.



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Fact #2 Timely Core Beliefs

Batman believes criminals can be prevented from committing crimes through his fearsome and mythic persona. Superman follows “Truth, Justice, and The American Way!” Both beliefs can be conveniently distorted. Wonder Woman spreads a straightforward message of peaceful co-existence among all mankind. Yes, she’s a warrior but her instinct before getting into any fray is to find a peaceful solution.



Fact #3 Powerful Enough to Defeat Superman and Batman

She is in the same strength class as Superman and is as skilled in combat as Batman. She has all of their strengths and none of their weaknesses. That makes her a very formidable person to mess with. In the comics, Diana stood toe-to-toe with a mind-controlled Superman and got Batman to say “Uncle!” when they tussled (actually he said “You win” while Wonder Woman pinned him down).



Fact #4 Awesome Weapons

Diana’s magic armor, sword, and shield are recent add-ons to further emphasize that she is a warrior rather than some swimsuit model in an American motif. Yet it’s her classic weapons—the Lasso of Truth and her metal bracelets that reveal the brilliance of her character. The bracelets are indestructible and watching her block gunfire with them is a sight to behold. The lasso is not just a formidable weapon, but also a device that forces people to tell the truth. In this world of “alternative facts,” Wonder Woman is the appropriate hero who can literally bring truth to power.




Fact #5 Card-carrying LBQT Member

Diana was born and raised in Themiscrya, an island filled with only immortal women who have lived for centuries with nary a man in sight. For as long as she’s existed, the question of her true sexual orientation was either swept under the rug or dismissed to prioritize “politically correct” heterosexual romances with Steve Trevor and Superman. It is only now that comic book writers are writing the character as bisexual, having engaged in physical relationships with women in Themiscrya before arriving in the world of men.



Fact #6 Greek Mythology Background

Wonder Woman has a deep well to tap into for all her stories thanks to a backstory rooted in classic Greek myths. Her best stories tend to resonate in the same way that these age-old stories do. Whether it is discovering that she’s Zeus’ daughter, her battles with archenemy Ares, God of War, or a murderer performing an ancient Grecian rite that compells Wonder Woman to protect her from Batman, it all makes for smart storytelling and high drama.




Fact #7 Her Creation

While her origin is interesting, the story behind her conceptualization is fascinating, too. She was created as the feminine answer to Superman in 1941 by Harvard-educated lawyer, psychologist, and polygamist William Moulton Marston who also invented the machine that was the precursor to today’s lie detector (which explains why the Lasso of Truth is one of Diana’s weapons). During an interview with comic historian Coulton Waugh, he envisioned his creation as “psychological propaganda for the new type of woman who should...rule the world.” Now that seems like a movie in itself.



Fact #8 The Love Life

Remarkably, Diana has actually had only one real romantic partner throughout her long existence. She is part of a select group of female characters that are not defined by who their romantic partners are; they prioritize their life goals over love. Yes, Steve Trevor and a few other characters have been around to create romantic tension, but nothing that’s ever amounted to a real relationship until she finally got involved with Superman (which can be considered quality over quantity). Theirs was a romance that is the ideal—two partners who are equals, working together to achieve mutual objectives.



Fact #9 Enduring Popularity

It is quite impressive that even after 76 years, several controversial makeovers to keep her contemporary, and the emergence of newer female superheroes, Wonder Woman is still considered the most prominent among them. Characters like Batgirl and Supergirl are forever in the shadow of their male counterparts. Captain Marvel (the Marvel version), Black Widow, and Storm have their appeal yet Diana’s iconic look and what it represents is so universal in its essence that it’s hard to surpass.




Fact #10 The New Movie

Many critics have touted Wonder Woman's stand-alone film as the "best DC movie since The Dark Knight." (It currently stands at a Rotten Tomato score of 96%!) That's high praise that's well-deserved; Diana's origin story might have somewhat strayed from her origins, but there's no mistaking her fierceness and genuine fight for peace. You won't be disappointed! 

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