10 Great Shows to Watch While Stuck in Traffic

The hours will melt away once you press "play."


(SPOT.ph) There was once a time when our lives were dictated by the TV schedule. You knew network timeslots like the back of your hand, and the concept of binge-watching was limited to DVD boxsets (if you were lucky enough to find one). These days, however, technology has allowed for our watching schedules to fit our lifestyle.


For instance, Netflix’s latest campaign, Netflix New Rules, analyzed streaming habits from 20 countries and it found some pretty interesting patterns. For one, people enjoy watching comedies in the morning, balancing out the day’s headlines with some much-needed laughs. Over lunch, people tune out the real-life drama to focus on some fictional ones. Evenings are spent with exciting thrillers, with a bit of comedy in between. For the night owls who are awake till the crack of dawn, documentaries are the way to go.


Then again, if you live in Manila, the days aren’t always that organized. Instead, we spend too many hours stuck in traffic when we should already be at work or chilling at home. So whether you’re on the road as early as 5 a.m. or stuck along EDSA as late as 10 p.m., we list 10 great TV shows that range from addictive dramas, fascinating documentaries, and side-splitting comedies. Your commute will feel like a breeze.



Man to Man

Episode length: 60 minutes

Stream it on: Netflix


If you loved Park Hae-jin in 2016’s Cheese in the Trap, this action-thriller will show you a whole other side to him. Here, he plays an elite black ops agent who goes undercover as the new bodyguard to a long-time celebrity (Park Sung-woong). If you needed more reason to give this K-Drama a shot, it’s written by Descendants of the Sun co-writer Kim Won-seok.




Parks and Recreation

Episode length: 22 to 45 minutes

Stream it on: iflix


Need something easy to watch while on your 30-minute commute? This sitcom revolves around the small team of the Parks and Recreation department in the fictional Indiana town of Pawnee. Filled with a star-studded cast (including Amy Poehler, Aziz Ansari, Chris Pratt, Rob Lowe, and more), hilarious storylines, lovable characters, and political satire, this is a show that will leave you in high spirits—no matter how stressful it gets outside.



The Keepers

Episode length: 50 to 66 minutes

Stream it on: Netflix


Want something thought-provoking while on your late-night ride home? Netflix’s highly praised true-crime documentary series is a haunting and unsettling examination of systemic abuse, the frustrating failure of the justice system, and how we as a society treat women and victims. At the center of the unsettling story is Sister Cathy Cesnik, whose murder in 1969 remains unsolved to this day. It turns out that her mysterious death is part of a larger and far more disturbing crime.

Recommended Videos




Episode length: 23 to 26 minutes

Stream it on: Fox+


Rapper, actor, and show creator Donald Glover stars as Earn, a Princeton dropout who decides to manage his cousin’s rising rap career to hilarious consequences. Atlanta packs a wallop of Golden Globe-winning comedy in just a little under 30 minutes, so you can tune out the car horns, sit back, and laugh.



Master of None

Episode length: 26 to 57 minutes

Stream it on: Netflix



Parks and Rec alum Aziz Ansari writes and stars in this critically acclaimed comedy that is just as relatable as it is genuinely funny.  It follows the life of Dev, a 30-year-old aspiring actor, and his group of friends in New York City. Each episode is filled with witty and surprisingly honest observations about everyday life, including religion, breakups, coming out to your parents, and how to send the first text to someone you’re into.



Fresh Off the Boat

Episode length: 30 minutes

Stream it on: Fox+ and iflix


Loosely based on the life of chef and food personality Eddie Huang, this sitcom follows Eddie’s Taiwanese family in the ‘90s as they try (and even struggle) to achieve the “American Dream.” Many of the laughs are delivered by Eddie’s mom, Jessica (played by Constance Wu), whose overbearing yet endearing antics will remind you of your own mom.



Cable Girls

Episode length: 50 minutes

Stream it on: Netflix


This Spanish period drama will transport you to another world—and who doesn’t want that when it’s rush hour and your ride is going nowhere? Set in the ‘20s, it revolves around a group of women who must navigate their personal lives, as well as office sexism and working at a newly opened telecommunications company in Madrid.



You’re The Worst

Episode length: 21 to 26 minutes

Stream it on: iflix


Trust us when we say this dramedy in unlike any romance or drama you’ve seen, as it flips the script in the best way possible. You’re The Worst centers on two self-destructive and emotionally stunted people who try to have a relationship. They’re unlikeable on paper, but it features excellent writing, character growth, and genuine onscreen chemistry that makes you root for them, anyway.





Episode length: 42 minutes

Stream it on: Fox+


The hours will melt away the moment you press “play” for Empire. When you’re telling the story of a powerful family behind a massive hip-hop and entertainment company, there’s plenty of addictive drama and genuinely awesome music to go around. The Emmy-nominated musical drama also features a lot of star power, including cameos from Courtney Love, Mariah Carey, Naomi Campbell, Kelly Rowland, Marisa Tomei, and Mary J. Blige.



Terrace House

Episode length: 24 to 32 minutes

Stream it on: Netflix


In this Japanese reality show, six complete strangers move into a house for the summer, the cameras roll, and they can leave whenever they want. It sounds pretty mundane—kind of like a much-tamer Big Brother—but that’s why it has your Facebook feed hooked. None of it feels forced or fabricated for the sake of drama, and it all just feels wonderfully real and human.

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