Top 10 Most Brutal Game of Thrones Deaths So Far

Are you ready to relive them all?


( Is it even Game of Thrones if someone doesn’t die a horrible death? As of writing, the total body count on the HBO show is at a staggering 1,243...and counting. (This video compilation claims there are over 150,000 onscreen deaths, counting animals and large-scale battles.) The past six seasons have given audiences some of the most gruesome sequences ever seen on TV, and while some are heartbreaking, others are actually satisfying to watch.



We compile 10 of the most memorable deaths on GoT, ranked based on shock value and sheer brutality. Are you ready to relive them all?


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10. Tywin Lannister

Time of death: Season 4, Episode 10

How it went down: Everyone knows that you’re at your most vulnerable when you’re in the bathroom—so this villainous Lannister patriarch’s death is equal parts embarrassing and satisfying. Tywin spent years resenting his youngest son, Tyrion, for supposedly killing his wife in childbirth. So naturally, he spends many seasons torturing his son, even going as far as sleeping with the woman he loved then paying her to sleep with an entire group of guards. Tywin’s day of reckoning comes when he is casually seated on the toilet doing his business and Tyrion shoots him with a crossbow.


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9. Shae

Time of death: Season 4, Episode 10


How it went down: The show spent seasons building Tyrion Lannister’s relationship with the low-born prostitute, Shae, only to destroy it in the most painful way possible. The life of a prostitute in GoT isn’t easy by any means, and Shae must do what she can to survive—even if it means betraying Tyrion to sleep with his father. A confrontation eventually leads to Tyrion strangling her with chains in self-defense, but the most brutal part is watching the pain in his eyes when he realizes what he’s done.


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8. Joffrey Baratheon

Time of death: Season 4, Episode 2

How it went down: For many fans of the show, Joffrey Baratheon’s imminent death couldn’t come sooner. His dark and twisted tendencies were both terrifying and unpredictable, so it was only natural that his demise came because Olenna Tyrell didn’t want her granddaughter, Margaery, to be married to such a monster. During their wedding, Joffrey chokes on poison and the audience spends quite a long time watching him convulse, turn purple, and choke for air.




7. Meryn Trant

Time of death: Season 5, Episode 10

How it went down: After losing her loved ones so early on in the show, Arya Stark vowed to take revenge with a lengthy “kill list” that includes a monstrous and violent knight named Meryn Trant. The feisty little assassin carries out one of the longest onscreen murders yet, gouging his eyes out multiple times, then gagging his mouth with a cloth. After revealing her identity, she slowly slits his throat and we watch, horrified, as buckets of blood spill out.



6. Ramsay Bolton

Time of death: Season 6, Episode 9

How it went down: As far as fans of the show are concerned, the sadistic Ramsay Bolton could die a thousand different deaths and each one would still be utterly gratifying to watch. After enduring a shocking rape scene, Sansa Stark finally transforms into the badass queen we all know she is after reclaiming her home and setting off Ramsay’s beloved hounds to eat him alive as vengeance. The best part? She just casually walks away, completely unperturbed by what she's done.




5. Talisa Stark

Time of death: Season 3, Episode 9

How it went down: The Red Wedding remains one of the most infamous (and traumatizing) death sequences in GoT history. It’s an extremely tough and painful scene to watch, as we see fan-favorite Robb Stark stabbed and his mother, Catelyn, screaming as her throat is slashed. But nothing is as gruesome as when Robb’s clearly pregnant wife, Talisa, is stabbed multiple times in the stomach.



4. Walder Frey

Time of death: Season 6, Episode 10

How it went down: It took another three seasons for Arya Stark to avenge her family’s murders in the Red Wedding, but this demise is worth the wait. Walder Frey gets his comeuppance when Arya poses as a servant during a feast. The major plot twist? The meat pie she’s been feeding him actually contains his sons and right after realizing this, Arya slits his throat open and watches in satisfaction as he bleeds out.




3. Viserys Targaryen

Time of death: Season 1, Episode 6

How it went down: One of the show’s first horrific deaths, Viserys Targaryen’s demise is quite unlike the others on this list. Instead of just being stabbed or shot with an arrow, the “Beggar King” is finally given his crown in the form of boiling hot gold being poured on his head. To this day, we can still hear his tortured screams and his golden head clang as he falls on the ground.



2. Ned Stark

Time of death: Season 1, Episode 9

How it went down: By doing the unthinkable and killing off the main lead very early on, Thrones cemented itself as a show where no one is safe. Ned Stark, who establishes himself as an honorable and genuinely good man to root for, suffers a horrible fate after discovering that King Robert Baratheon’s children aren’t legitimately his—and therefore, the Iron Throne is pretty much up for the taking. After exposing his discovery, he is beheaded in front of his two daughters and a screaming crowd of onlookers, and his head is placed on a spike as a warning.




1. Oberyn Martell

Time of death: Season 4, Episode 8

How it went down: This is, hands down, the most brutal of the brutal—so much so that Oberyn Martell’s murder is almost too gruesome and squirm-inducing to watch in full. During a trial by combat, the cocky and immensely likable Oberyn makes the mistake of taunting his massive opponent, Gregor Clegane, to confess to raping and murdering his sister. The latter then proceeds to gouge Oberyn’s eyes out with his fingers then crushes his skull with his bare hands until it explodes. Oberyn’s death is especially painful, considering he’s an early fan-favorite that audiences didn’t even have enough time to get to know.


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