WATCH: This New Netflix Show Is Already Streaming—in Outer Space

Lost in Space is set to premiere on actual planet Earth in April.


( While we may still be light-years away from traveling all around the galaxy (not to mention universe), it's probably a good head start that astronauts who are legit in actual outer space, can still Netflix and chill—the PG-rated kind, of course. While they're not busy floating around in their space suits, tracking asteroids, and observing planets—that's what astronauts do, right?—they're probably watching the first episode of Lost in Space. Netflix, with the help of the National Aeronotics and Space Administration a.k.a. NASA, transmitted the pilot episode of the new show to the astronauts aboard the International Space Station earlier this month. How cool is that?!



Lost in Space is a modern retelling of a story based on a '60s sci-fi series of the same name. In a future where colonization of outer space is a thing, the Robinson family has been selected to test out life in a new planet.



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The family consists of dad John (Toby Stephens), mom Maureen (Molly Parker), son Will (Max Jenkins), and daughters Penny (Mina Sundwall) and Judy (Taylor Russell).



But they're not over the moon just yet. While on the way to their new home, they suddenly veer off-course and they find themselves in an alien planet far, far away from where they were originally supposed to go.




Stuck in the same strange environment with the Robinsons are two other people who are as mischiveous and roguish as they are charismatic and charming: Don West (Ignacio Serrichio), a blue-collar worker who didn't even want to be a colonizer, and Dr. Smith (Parker Posey), who looks like she has a few problematic tricks up her sleeve. 




While the astronauts have been treated to a first look at the series, we mere mortals back on planet Earth will have to wait until the series launches on April 13.


For more information, check out Lost in Space on Netflix.


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